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Tomorrow is the 19th anniversary since his plane went missing, so I made two quick videos that I thought were interesting enough to share with everyone.
I watched this interview for the first time and my first thought was "Yeah that's definitely Q" aka Qanon, so I made a quick video to see what y'all think...?

I am in the process of making another video on the latest Q/R/JFK JR revelations and discoveries from anons and patriots on 8chan, should post it tomorrow night, with the latest.

*Apologies... Said he was on the show to promote "George" the magazine, but he actually is promoting "GEORGE" the book.

Q = JFK Jr. #Qanon

Can you believe that the Q team knew that a FF was coming to Parkland, 2 months before it actually happened? Don't believe it, watch the video. Most Q people don't know about this.

An anon posted as 'R' on infinity chan this past weekend, and so I connected the dots to Q and JFK/JFK JR. This is mind-blowing!

The Age of Aquarius will usher in the 4th dimension and a Golden Age are you ready? Adrian Hamburg joins me to talk about reading people's energy, and what to expect in the next 18 months. This is episode 34 of the mile high club podcast. We also talk about the Mandella Effect, Time Travel, and how Marvel films are disclosure movies, and of course the 4th and 5th dimension and how reality will differ from the old 3rd dimension.


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As we enter the 4th dimension and ascend towards a Golden Age, The Official Podcast of the Mile High(consciousness) spotlights the untold, the undiscovered, and matches the unknown with unfiltered discussions, dynamic interviews, zero agenda. This is reality without the chains of yesterday, we are all free now. Start living like it. Laughter & Love ~ Truth & Light to all!