Better set up, yes. Better lighting, yes. Louder vocals, I tried.

Clowzeen dyme, oh pen ull de doers in leet yuh oat into de woo raled

I couldn’t do every vid because my phone couldn’t hold all the clips. They’re floating around in a folder in my computer somewhere, I’m sorry!

Moth, Bee, Rad Moose

80% fake trumpets
20% voice almost cracking


Okay, I cheated. Barber shop quartets don’t have instruments involved but I couldn’t help myself.

Misses Fiona Charming

Almost threw this one away but decided to post it


A bit different than my other covers, lawl...

Omg, it's been 3 weeks since I’ve posted anything. My next upload was supposed to be an original but Spotify and iTunes still have to review everything. Here’s a little something until then! I also want to thank everyone for helping me get to 100 subscribers!! I hit 100 after my last video, and am now at 115. I cant believe I finally made it to 100 on YouTube!!!!!!! 😁😁
Instagram: @themusicalintrovert

Instagram: @themusicalintrovert

Instagram: @themusicalintrovert

Very sing songy

Chris Martin once said that this song was a Jeff Buckley rip off

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The creator of Spongebob (one of my favorites growing up) Passed away of ALS on November 26. He will be missed. Here is a tribute...

It’s been a hectic week and an even more hectic black Friday day at work. I present to you some Vince Guaraldi on a Wurlitzer setting whilst in my groovy work clothes. You are being supported by a speaker stand, speaker, broken VCR, and a cardboard box with a knife at an angle being held down by a kazoo to stay upright for my phone to sit on, my friends. Enjoy!

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The guitar is mixed kinda bad, I apologize. I'm not a sound engineer. I also say hypmotized instead of hypnotized. I don't know what happened, but my deepest regrets and apologies are with you at this time. Anyways, I hope my botched mixing job hasn't ruined your interest in this cover. Enjoy!

Instagram: @themusicalintrovert

Hey, everyone! I'm new to this website and joined today. I put a Youtube link on here somewhere. I upload to Youtube first before any other site. It would be appreciated if you could subscribe there. Thanks!!



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