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Now you know, what you all been jacking off to, lol.
What a filthy deviant Tranny!

Anders Björkman Website:
Evolette Channel, at this time, she has no videos showing:
Track 1: Hoverboard
**This track is Royalty Free and is free for anyone to use in YouTube videos or other projects, whether monetized or not. **
YouTube Link:
Ender Guny Music
Track 2: Silent Night
YouTube Link:

"I'll take you to the Outer Limits, I'll take you to a Distant Star, I can't afford...the Gasoline, but you can get there by car". lmao.

I am still busy with part 3. It is going to be a while.

A three part series, but part 3 is not finished yet, it is going to be a very long detailed look at many German Trannies.

Lots of Fucking Dirty, Masonic-Tranny, Cunts on this video.

Some Dirty T-Masonic scum.
If you are not prepared for real truth, then do not watch, live in your blissful ignorance.

Looking into German, I have found so many Dirty Masonic Tranny Beasts, I am still busy with Deutsche Transen 3, it has been on hold for about a year, but I have many German videos still to show.

The final in the Austrian series, so many Dirty Masonic Trannies.

News clippings from Dirty Masonic Tranny magazines and papers.

The second Austria video.

This is a four part series of Austria's Dirty Trannies.

Metal is covered in T-Beasts.
So this is it for the music section, later I have two very large videos to present. There is also Tranny Musicians and bands scattered throughout my videos.

So many Trannies, it gets tiring, lol. This one is an easy spot, some of those photos, lmao.

The only HERO this VERMIN was, was to MASONry!
This was the link video on YT to Part 1, which was deleted there, I have changed it a bit to be its own video. It is rather short, but still says plenty.
This video means we are a third of the way, through my videos.

The Death Faker, and fake space propagandist. The Dirty Masonic Vermin.
I only have about 130 videos, it's taken close to 4 years to make, they are damning. When they are all here, it'll be enough for me. I have covered all the important things that one should know, there is not much else I can do. Finishing the final edits will take time.

All famous Musicians, singers, bands, managers, etc. Are Tranny Beasts!

Always a lot to see and learn from my archives.

What did You expect? Of course IT is a Dirty Masonic Tranny.

I am busy with a very big video on Mylène Farmer, and Alizée is in it also. Alizée was brought to fame by Mylène.

Yes! ALL GENRES! Pick one, see for yourself!

Yes! A bunch of Dirty TRANNIES.

Mushroom Gods Channel:
I just needed to add the section with the Masonic V, it is informing those in the Dirty Masonic Tranny club what IT really is.
CO.AG Music
Track: Pusher
"All the music I produce on my channel (unless stated) is 100% copyright free and you're welcome to use if for your Youtube videos, film presentations or Documentaries".
YouTube Link:

Let's break these motherfuckers down, so you can really see what they about. Hint: They are All Dirty T-Masonic Scum!
CO.AG Music
Track 1: Digital Shift
Track 2: This digital heart feels love (lol)
"All the music I produce on my channel (unless stated) is 100% copyright free and you're welcome to use if for your YouTube videos, film presentations or Documentaries".
YouTube Link:

Be sure to watch the Constantine: Aztec, and Fake Ancient videos, for more on "Ancient" falsification.


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Some of you will know me from YouTube (You may comment there, or on BitTube), I am a serious researcher and video maker. But I am tired of all the people not being awake to the large deception being done on them, by Masons, there is no other enemy to the Natural Man, than the Masonic Trannies, the Hewed-Mans.

Many are led to believe in "Illuminati", which is just an "Order" of Masonry. I doubt it even exists, except in the minds of people searching for truth, and being led astray by T-Masonic Agents, they love it, you will even find it on "history" Channel, and ALL the Shill Channels on these video platforms, lol. They even make fashion using the name, have shops themed in "illuminati", lol, so ridiculous. And Don't get me started on the "Jesuits"! Another "Crafted" ruse by these Agents It is just a Catholic "T-Boys" Club, that ARE MASONIC, they are part of, and answer to MASONry! Their bosses!
And MK ULTRA, lmfao! MK is M = 3, K = 11 for 33, and UL is to pack together, to compact! And TRA is 3, which gives you a Masonic 3rd Sex. It was a TransGender program, but the Shills love it as well!
The Shills have many deceptions, and you need to learn how they operate, then spread the news to family and friends.

I will show you loads of fucking shill channels and T-Agents in my videos! I do not hold back on this. I never started video to hunt these Dirty Mother-Fuckers down, but I noticed their ways and methods, and decided that I had no choice in the matter. It is not fun for me to do this, but necessary!