Do You Ever Wonder at the Magical Presences That Are the Creative Forces of Our Universe?

I invite you to enjoy this short talk in which I share wisdom about the universal process of creation; specifically the awareness that Light is the Divine design; Love creates the form and how the Elemental Realms assist in the entire process.

With this greater awareness you will begin to be able to create with in a partnership between yourself, the Elementals and the Impersonal/Responsive I AM.

Join me & then let me know below in the comments if you have any questions or wish to share personal experiences of your co-creative experiences :-)

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May all be blessed!
~ Emmaray Kumara - The Nature Whisperer.

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This video is a short talk that I gave as part of the Bless All Life Council talk on Planetary Cleaning and Anchoring Unity )Awakening to your multidimensional beingness and regaining your ability to consciously connect with the many Beings of Light/Love that are part of our extended Universal family.

Choosing to co-create consciously and in Reverence to all of Life is the way of truly embodying our Divinity. It is also a natural step when we choose positive polarity - Light/Love/Light as our path, and empowers us to create new and magical realities in Harmony where all is in Balance & a state of Thriving.

There are many steps to this part of our awakening and embodying our I AM Presence/True Divine Nature. Within this video are a few observations and suggestions. Conscious Co-Creation with Nature and all of Life is the keynote of The Nature Whisperer's Divine Purpose.

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Thank you for consciously joining me on this journey with the Realms of Light & Love. Namaste. Om Shanti.

~ Emmaray Kumara lka: Kathryn Shanti Ariel

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CoCreation is one of the big buzz words these days as we focus on creating the New Earth - a renewal of paradise on Earth.

In this video I offer insights for gaining awareness of how to co-create with Overlighting Devas and Councils of Light in the creation of projects large and small. On the higher plains of Creation just about everything is proposed, designed, and brought into manifest reality through the involvement of Councils and various members of the Realms of Magic including the Elohime, Fairies, Elves, Overlighting Devas, and the Elements & Elementals themselves.

Note that this talk is an excerpt from the Bless All Life Council Round Table where there was great discussion on what we see as human miscreations and how we can vision positive change, and co-creation with all the Realms of Life to bring in new and brilliant changes. For more information on Bless All Life Council please see our website (

As I am aware, the concept of all these Realms of Creation may be a new one to many and the idea of co-creating with them a fascinating or perhaps fantastical idea. However, deep in everyone's hearts I know that there is a memory of times long ago when we all came together in circles, bringing ideas great and small to Life in brilliant and Love based ways.

I invite you to enjoy this short talk and consider what is offered as a stepping stone of conscious co-creation that is destined to bring all Life back into a state of Harmony & Thriving on Gaia once again.

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Thank you. May all be blessed,
Emmaray Kumara
The Nature Whisperer.


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