A short explanation of what went wrong, followed by a brief review.

Try Unforgiving: A Northern Hymn on Steam:

Petty shelf explodinarius

This week we take a look at the Nordic inter-dimensional odyssey from Angry Demon Studio, and get some damn good coffee.

Get Apsulov on Steam:

Found in a file cabinet in [Redacted] facility, [Redacted] Washington, [Redacted] feet under ground.

It's Shark Week baby! Blood is in the water, and Ripster dives into the indie homage to Silent Hill!
Check out SImulacrum for yourself:

The long awaited Presidential Ass Kicking simulator is broken, and for many consumers is entirely unplayable.

This week, our hero performs tge ultimate heel-turn and dives back into the murky depth of Steam early access, with a procedurally generated FPS.

Putting an end to it.

Round 2: Electric Boogahloo

This week, our absent minded hero takes a look at the latest from his favorite indie publisher, Devolver Digital, and gets the title's order wrong multiple times!

There had to be one.

Hedging our bets.

Visiting old friends.

Schwarzenegger and DeVito making their star performances.

Whitey makes the first move.

Request: Shina's heinous hidden beast drive, mercilessly, repeatedly wailing on poor Nagi.
If she didn't want it, she wouldn't dress that way.

Out of the Woods.

This week we flex on robots, and Mercury Steam, by identifying which pictures contain a stop sign.

Nope, nothing terrible happens here. Nothing. Why do you ask?

Honey, I shrunk the me.

If knowledge is power, than a god am I.

The start of something terrible.

This week we...... We gaze into the infinite abyss, and we don't come back the same....

But can it djent?

This week, we examine and try to figure out why we love the second videogame outing from horror master, Cluve Barker.


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