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Making a mountain out of an anthill.

The Lion and the lawyer were fighting for the litigation.

The Great and Secret Show.

Darling it's wetter, under your sweater.

Who lives in a penitentiary under the sea?

Sea what I did there?

You will never truly understand how much this pisses me off.

Piecing yourself back together.

Little green men from somewhere out in space.

We begin, and end our sessions with our psychiatrist.

This week we take a look at the Metal *AF hack and slasher souls-like from Hyperstrange.

*Altered Future
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Mods and Credits:
"White" (Instrumental Black Metal)
by: Nickolai Matthiassen

Mr. Squeaky X

Claire Green Eyes

Claire Butteatfield

F00X Claire Customization Pack

Claire Ponytail Colors and Length

Fluffy The Sock Puppet

Geralt (Feline Armor)

Silent Hill Nurse mod

Mileena Mod

Rajang Replaces Mr X

Pyramid Head Mr X

RE2 Halloween City

Super Scorcher

Thomas the Tank Engine over Mr X

Wesker Mod Pack


You Suck Leon

This week, we finally finish the series with the shameless, clueless Dark Soul rip off of the trilogy.

End of daze

It's the first episode of the new year, and our hero takes a look at the remaster of the sequal to Darksiders!

Encountering performance issues

But the music though

Retracing our steps, and encountering problems.

Including libaree.

Time to jump in, time to jump through, time......... I'm dizzy.

In no way inspired by Castlevania.

Ghosts of future past.

Still awaiting confirmation.


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