The Nervous Braindown

At the end of August this year, my older brother and I went interior camping together. Portages, hiking, canoeing, using a shit-box, and rattlesnakes. In order for us to stay hydrated, my brother brought his water filtration system.

We'd go down to the lake and scoop up some water to use. This is a quick video of me using the filtration system.

There are a lot of books out there about artificial itelligence and the future of humans.

On The Future by Martin Rees in a great book to add to your science collection.

You can grab the book here -

These days it's getting harder and harder to have a meaningful conversation with someone else.

Do you ever feel stuck in a controversial conversation only to not know how to navigate your way out?

This book has great, practical advice you can start using right away - right in the first chapter!

Before joining your family this Thanksgiving, check out this video and book.

Grab a copy here -

Neil is making the rounds around the internet promoting his new book, "Letters From An Astrophysicist".
In this episode, I read a letter from pro baseball player Jarret Burgess to Neil asking for life advice. Neil does not disappoint.

The age of Artificial Intelligence is upon us! Or not. That's what Max's new book is all about. Also, at the beginning of this book there is a great science fiction short story called, The Omega Team. But, you got to get a copy of the book to find out what happens to the team and life itself.

Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Recently got a map of the world at a poster sale. Lets see what we can learn!

It's hard out there for a Psych Prof.

Since 2013 there has been something very interesting and scary happening on college campuses all across North America, and beyond. Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt have been studying this phenomenon since 2014. This book is the accumulation of that journey. They give you the tools to recognize what's going on so you can make sense of this craziness yourself.

You can get the book here

You think you're so cool, don't you. Well, sorry to tell ya, your Dad was way cooler before you were. Want to know how?

Dads are the Original Hipsters by Brad Getty is a wonderful book about how you hipsters ain't got nothing on our dads.

This book has pictures to back it up - from skinny jeans and cheap beer to mustaches and aviators.

(*I also used Photoshop to put my face on the book cover)



About half way through this book I thought, "People need to read this." It's a digestible book on what can seem like a difficult topic - Astrophysics.

If you're not sure about picking this book up, first check out this video of me reading the Preface of it.

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry:

Went to a Jordan Peterson lecture a few months ago. Here is what to expect.

Clip taken from:
Full video: Jordan Peterson on the Channel 4 Controversy and Philosophy of "How to be in the World"

A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario

We all have smells that take us back to a time. Scents that we cannot help but remember. Let me show you how to harness that time travelling power.

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A comedy podcast about science, the universe, and me going for walks.


lay·man ˈlāmən
a person without professional or specialized knowledge in a particular subject. "the book seems well suited to the interested layman"

(I crushed some beers and recorded a new intro song to the podcast, let me know what you think!)


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Comedy podcast about science, the universe, and playing my drums.


lay·man ˈlāmən
a person without professional or specialized knowledge in a particular subject. "the book seems well suited to the interested layman"