This is part 20 of the I, Pet Goat 2 Explained series. In this part, I explain the connection between the underworld and the actual world in the IPG2 imagery, and I show how it is related to Horus taking the battle to Osiris. Additionally, I offer another explanation of the hangman puzzle on the chalk board.

0:10 - How we know this RHK is in the underworld (and suicide)
3:45 - The question: Why is RHK waging a war on the underworld?
4:03 - Aeon of Horus and Aeon of Osiris in Thelema
8:50 - Who is Osiris?
14:03 - The classroom chalkboard -- Evolation?

This is an important video that was blocked by YouTube after only 2 hours. It helps anyone, no matter their background, catch up on what's going on this year -- with the true narrative. So, I hope people will find it here, watch it, and share it.


In this video, I show how Jordan Peele can plausibly be understood to be warning people that the June 21 annular eclipse will be followed with some sort of 'explosion' on July 4th, just before the July 5th buck moon. And, given the story line of the Candyman films, the 'explosion' appears to be related to the race riots happening in the U.S. right now, perhaps leading to violence and danger in July.

This is Part 17 of the I, Pet Goat 2 Explained series.

In parts 1 through 16, I did a big picture analysis of I, Pet Goat II. The goal was to understand the rituals and story of IPG2 as the Thelemic creators intended it. We saw that they are looking to bring about the full Age of Aquarius or Aeon of Horus, as Aleister Crowley wanted, and that the beast will destroy the whore of Babylon in order to make it happen. The USA and Roman Catholic Church are targets, and conflict in the Middle East and far East, including China and Hong Kong, are planned. And it all takes off at some time in June and July, related to the annular eclipse on June 21 and the buck moon on July 5.

In part 17, I begin to do more careful analysis of little details, building on the foundation we built in the earlier parts. We see that they are planning to strike something -- probably two targets -- just before the buck moon.

This is part 18 of the I, Pet Goat 2, explained series. This is an important video for understanding I, Pet Goat 2. I show the birth of Ra Hoor Khuit from the sky and explain how that happens with the destruction of the U.S., represented by RHK going through the four rectangles. I also discuss Liberty State Park in the Statue of Liberty attack scene. Then we look closely at a different map of the U.S. on the wall in the lighthouse. And more. Here is when I discuss these things:

1:08 - Ra Hoor Khuit (RHK) passes through 4 rectangles explained
9:50 - The beast defiles/violates the whore (semen and blood explained)
13:27 - Map of USA in lighthouse -- raped by the beast
19:36 - The snake on Harpocrates egg of blue explained
23:18 - the dog star/Sirius in IPG2
25:53 - Map of Liberty State Park in IPG2 as a target (North Cove)
28:01 - Sirius / Dog Star "alignment" with buck moon (Statue of Liberty Scene)
30:46 - Dog on goat shed -- gun pointed his direction?
31:12 - Mythology of Sirius for understanding it better
34:10 - Bright light by flag could be representing Sirius.
36:28 - The dot in various scenes of IPG -- how it is Sirius.
40:19 - The entrance of the church (Fallopian tube)

This is the fourth part of my "I, Pet Goat 2 explained" series. In the first 10 minutes, I do a concise review of the mark of the beast (666) ritual of Aleister Crowley, even giving the name of the Antichrist figure in the film. Additionally, I show how the equation beneath the chalkboard in the classroom (behind President Bush and President Obama) is probably a way of representing a celestial event that takes place on June 25, 2020. That vector equation in the hands of the creators of this video almost certainly represents a change of direction.

In this video, I discuss thelemic ritual magick in greater depth, so that we can understand how, precisely, the video is organized around the expanding reach of the magician. Along the way, we get a clearer picture about the timeline both of the video and, specifically, of the days between June 21 and July 5, 2020. While I make no promises whatsoever (because I'm not a prophet, I just try to interpret their difficult video), it appears like there may be a combination of a terrorist attack and apparent natural disaster within the span of 14 days. Also, it looks like June 23 is mentioned in one scene, although it is unclear whether it is mentioned to pinpoint the date of an event (doubtful) or simply to confirm a timeline. Either way, there is a lot to learn in this video that will help you understand I, Pet Goat II much better than before.

This is a part 6 of my analysis of ritual magick 'I, Pet Goat II' film by Heliofant. In this video, I show how the hearts in the I, Pet Goat II film by Heliofant are really a way of directing us to specific Tarot cards that have their own meanings, geometric figures, and even astrological decans and dates that tell confirm and strengthen interpretations already presented in this series, _and_ give us additional information.

In this video, I reveal the identities of the baby in the blue egg and the boy who resurrected out of the mosque, and show how this fits into the plans of the globalist occult elite. We already have our timeline from the previous video, and we know that the boy must resurrect by December 2021. And, so, his death must take place before then, as well. Who is he? How does he die? A major conflict in the Middle East plays a role.

In this video, I continue where I left off in Part 6, looking at tarot cards in the classroom. It appears that we have a 5 card spread in the classroom, including an inverted Ace of Swords, Ace of Cups, inverted 2 of Cups, inverted 3 of Cups, and Queen of Cups. What does it mean? I do my best to explain it, and I suggest that it means that (1) June 11-July 11, 2020 will be a time of intense change, though it may not be that perceptible to us right away, but that the changes will continue to destroy institutions and society as we know it over the next year so that, by the time July 2021 arrives, it will be absolutely clear just how radically everything has changed.

This is Part 16 of the I, Pet Goat 2 Explained series. This is an important video in which we see how Lilith’s spell is designed to lead to the destruction of the Whore of Babylon, which the IPG2 creators appear to apply to both the Roman Catholic Church and the United States. As such, the video represents the destruction of both the Papal church and the USA.

I discuss Madam Q, the meaning of the Q, the rape of the whore, the importance of Nuith (Nuit) and Hadit, the Aeon Card, the dual birth of Horus (Heru-ra-ha), and Kali and Shiva. The fish scene is also discussed again.

I make a brief mention of Charles Curtis’s interesting suggestion that “I M Q” in the video is the elite’s way of saying that they control Q - they “are” Q. He made that suggestion here: .

In this video, I discuss the next part of I, Pet Goat II. Through the birth of the babe in the blue egg, Harpocrates, the focus has been on the U.S., dividing and destroying it, with some major Manhattan imagery, but also with oil rigs, and other catastrophes that could extend further. And, as far as the dates are concerned for at least the rituals, they seem to be in June and July of this year, at least as starting points ritually. But once Harpocrates is born seemingly on July 5, the film moves to the Middle East as the main theater of action, and the focus appears to be on events that almost certainly happen _after_ July 5, 2020. In this video, I examine the next calendar in I, Pet Goat 2, to see what we can learn about the timing of these _subsequent_ events.

In this video, I update our timeline by adding the lockdown to it, and I show where it featured in the video. I also make connections between Be Ready and I, Pet Goat II. One of these connections is related to attacks that damage the Statue of Liberty, something which may or may not be metaphorical in I, Pet Goat II.

This is part 19 of the I, Pet Goat 2, explained series. In this part, we find evidence in IPG2 supporting the idea that the 'occult elite' want there to be a deep-state-staged, failed assassination attempt against the president on or around the buck moon in July 2020. They can use this to foment war, and to crack down on opposition. In this video, I do the following:

0:00 - Brief introduction to the video I, Pet Goat II
2:52 - Brief introduction to (or review of) the classroom calendar
4:50 - Evidence that Trump is in IPG2
7:10 - Why is Trump in the classroom where he is positioned? Explained.
7:15 - Review of the bullet hole by the buck moon rabbit in the classroom, together with other "shot" scenes.
8:44 - The Obama lol scene has a buck, and is related to the next Trump scene.
10:16 - Trump's position as buck moon in an eclipse scene.
13:20 - Other evidences of Trump being targeted by the deep state. (Bush's Eyebrows)
15:50 - Shark on board
16:16 - shot fired in the sky outside the school -- the sky is the macrocosm here.

In this video, I discuss the fish. I owe a lot of credit to Katie Renae's outstanding observation about the fish that jump into the boat of Anubis with RHK, and also for drawing my attention to details of the evolution poster above the chalkboard. But this leads me to discuss several other things, including the flagpole, the rape of the whore of Babylon, and RHK's warlike character.

In this video, I update our timeline by adding the lockdown to it, and I show where it featured in the video. I also make connections between Be Ready and I, Pet Goat II. One of these connections is related to attacks that damage the Statue of Liberty, something which may or may not be metaphorical in I, Pet Goat II.

In this important video for understanding I, Pet Goat II, I show what the film reveals about the occult 'elite' plans for:

1. Palestine/Israel in the Mideast conflict in the fall of 2020
2. A Chinese crack down on Hong Kong protesters in June-July 2020, which they are already setting up,
3. And for China in general.

I also discuss different possible meanings of the fireworks, as well as of the tank lights.

Finally, I compare the chronology of I, Pet Goat II, as we have discovered it so far, with a plausible interpretation of a biblical passage from the Book of the Prophet Daniel.

*Minor correction*: I the video, I misspoke and said "September through December are all touching the (Palestinian map) gap" -- when December clearly is not. September through November are. I figured I'd correct that here before commenters start spending time correcting it. :) Thanks!

This is part 9 of my I, Pet Goat II explained series. In this part, we look at the full timeline of the I, Pet Goat II video, including the classroom calendar, the neptune retrograde period, the ace of swords year, followed by astrologically significant eclipses that appear at the end of the video -- and that are _not_ identical with the June 21 solstice eclipse or the July 4-5 buck moon. This will help us to go forward with more understanding of I, Pet Goat II, distinguishing plausible from implausible interpretations of other scenes.

Credit: It was "Eyes Open" who observed the animal between Oct. and Nov in 2020. Thanks!

This is part 14 of the I, Pet Goat 2 Explained series. In this part, I offer an in-depth analysis of the tank scene. In particular, we look at the importance of the Yin Yang symbol there, the "I Ching" trigrams and the hexagram used for divination, and the new ways in which both the June 21 eclipse and the December 2021 eclipse are portrayed in this scene, offering us enough information to make it probable that the scene goes at least to February 2022, when China will celebrate the new year on their calendar -- the year of the Tiger.

In this video, I show one plausible interpretation of what the minds behind the video want to happen. Among other things, they appear to want to bring about enormous geological changes via floods, storms, earthquakes, and tsunamis, perhaps over a 5 month period of time from June 22 through November 28, 2020 -- during the retrograde Neptune.

In this important video, I show how I, Pet Goat II is a ritual of the mark of the beast, aiming to bring about the final, antichristian Aeon through the empowerment of a conjured, wrathful demon of war.

This is the beginning of a series of videos that I will be producing that explain I, Pet Goat, II. To decode the video, we must understand the creators' way of thinking. This video explains how the video is an attempt at theatrical ritual magic, much like Aleister Crowley sought to do in his "Rites of Eleusis," and not just predictive programming or warnings. Additionally, it goes into one of the key symbols of the video, the spiral and, especially, the triple spiral, and shows how it is related to the film's theme of birth and resurrection.

Subscribe to receive notifications about additional videos in this series and on this channel. To see how I, Pet Goat, II is related to the summer solstice eclipse on June 21, 2020, watch this video: .

Take care!
John at TheologyEd

This is part 2 of what I hope will be the most exhaustive online analysis of Heliofant's 2012 film, "I, Pet Goat, II". If you missed part 1, see it here:Part 1: Part 2, I show how the video opens with an eclipse, followed by the occult symbol of the black sun in a scene that also reflects The Moon tarot card. I explain all of this in the video and more, including whether or not the "Jesus figure" is really "you", like the creator of the video says. If you are, then you die in a false flag attack.


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