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Just a quick little video discussing one use of the marking gauge. This is truly an indispensable tool for any wood worker.

How to make your own Marking Gauge:

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I'm trying out a different video format here. This is sort of like those Buzzfeed recipes my wife loves on Pintrest.
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How did wood-workers get along before sandpaper? In this video I demonstrate one way to make a traditional polisher for wood working.

The Polissoir both burnishes wood and fills grain with wax.

Materials needed:
-A natural-fiber broom
-Yarn or thick string

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Just a few little tidbits to think on.

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A summary of how I constructed the Aprons for the Gaming Table.
These feature hand cut tenons and dados to hold the bottom of the table in.
There is also a tapered sliding dovetail which will hold the table top on.
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Just a quick video to encourage wood workers to try burnishing.
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A brief review of a Moxon style vise which is built with pipe clamps.
Also, I have to make some repairs.
Jay's Custom Creations (original version):
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This is an old video of mine demonstrating how the barrel recoils on the Sportsman 48 and Browning Auto 5 shotguns.

Just a channel intro today. It does at least have some pictures of past projects of mine.
If you want to know more about any of these projects let me know in the comments section, or check out my website:
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R/C Rock Crawler in action
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In this video I plan a joint incorrectly. But, most things being fixable in wood working, the project ultimately moves on. Hey, I even end up with an interesting joint.

I made this as a gift for some friends. The wood is Red Oak, and the finish is garnet Shellac.
I'm trying a different video format. Please let me know what you think.
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This is also a test to see if 720p is good enough resolution.
Here's a easy way to hold thin wood while planing.
It may even be free!
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Unboxing my most recent tool purchase.
This dovetail plane will be used to cut the male half of a sliding dovetail joint on my Gaming Table build.


Where I found this plane:
(He had great shipment tracking)

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Building a farm style table with hidden gaming compartment.
(Part 1 will be an Overview / Introduction)
Plans may be available on my Etsy page once this table is finished
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Just some raw footage of me in the shop... sped up of course.
Sorry, this test camera wasn't really up to the task.

Plans for some of my projects for sale here:
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I've been using this homemade product for several months, but how well does it work?

How to make this:

I'll keep using it instead of Store-bought BLO, that's for sure.

Music: "Forward Motion" by Scott Gratton. Used under Creative Commons.
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Sometimes you gotta get creative with work holding.
Here I needed to hold the work piece so that it was hanging off the bench enough to give clearance to the fence of my combination plane.
This idea inspired by:

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#DIY #toolwall #organize

How to make a sturdy, movable, clamp rack using only hand tools.
This fixture will look great on your tool-wall.

Throughout this video I use the term knife-wall. Here's a quick explanation:

PLANS available here:

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I made this for my brother and his girl friend.
Check out the original here:
All credit for the display goes to the creator. (I'm not affiliated with him in anyway, I just appreciate the project.)
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iiiiii'm back. I hope to be releasing regular content for the rest of the fall and winter.
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Why I haven't posted in a while, as well as a few things I've been trying to work on.
I'll be posting regularly again in a few months. Thanks for watching, and Subscribing.
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The oiled rag in a can trick works for saw plates just as well as plane soles.
How to make the can:
Hand Tool Build-off 2018:
Panel Marking Gauge:

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The beginning of my tool-wall.

How to sharpen the blade on a cigar spoke shave.
This is the technique I figured out to hold a constant angle on this blade.
(The filming isn't great due to no electricity in my shed, and bad weather.)
"Forward Motion" by Scott Gratton &
"Deuces" by Kevin MacLeod (

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