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An impromptu video showing how I corrected an over-oiling issue with my chainsaw. I'm really going to have to give younger me a bad time about not maintaining this saw!

All the videos I found about this pointed to the idle screw, or low jet, but that's not always the case. This thing would even try to spin with the brake on.

Here's my rambling first impressions of the Gamn Chainsaw Sharpener. Unfortunately they are no longer made, however, there is good news. A company called Timberline makes a very similar product!
And yes, it does depth gauges too.

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Toilet paper shortage? Have a little fun. Here's a simple gag for you woodworkers out there.

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Here's a short video giving you the basics of draw bore tenons. These are a great way to make your joinery tight... even without glue.

Here's an easy jig you can make to form your own dowels. This is a great way to get pegs that match (or contrast) the rest of the wood in your project.

Here's a way to make your Mortise and Tenon joints even tighter. This technique even allows for a permanent, glue-free joint.

Here are a few tips for cutting box joints by hand. This is not a complete tutorial. Instead it is made to address some issues one of my Etsy customers was having.

These machinist tools are also great for wood working. It you get the accompanying shims they're great for precision fence placement on power tools too.

Come along as I build a caddie for holding AAA, AA, C, D, 18650 and 9v batteries. This is part of a larger project: a Charging Station to organize all my various chargers, wall warts, cords, etc.

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Completing the Charging Station

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This is an overview of how I built this charging station for my workshop.
Plans will be available in a couple weeks.
Paul Sellers clock:

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Here's a simple way to make use of your small scraps of wood. These balancing blocks make a great gift for young kids.
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I'm back

Advice on how to get the most out of your Lansky, or similar, sharpening stones.
Please Note the blue sharpening stone was concave, while the yellow was convex.

Here's a quick update on the status of my channel.
More content coming this fall/winter.
Dice Tower Plans:
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"Back to the Woods" by Jason Shaw
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Just a quick tip for those new to freehand sharpening. This technique will prevent many sharpening failures.

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In today's disjointed video I demonstrate how I cut tapered sliding dovetails for a joint that holds fast without screws or fasteners.

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A handy and efficient way of storing pot lids in the kitchen.

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Just a quick little video discussing one use of the marking gauge. This is truly an indispensable tool for any wood worker.

How to make your own Marking Gauge:

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I'm trying out a different video format here. This is sort of like those Buzzfeed recipes my wife loves on Pintrest.
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How did wood-workers get along before sandpaper? In this video I demonstrate one way to make a traditional polisher for wood working.

The Polissoir both burnishes wood and fills grain with wax.

Materials needed:
-A natural-fiber broom
-Yarn or thick string

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Just a few little tidbits to think on.

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A summary of how I constructed the Aprons for the Gaming Table.
These feature hand cut tenons and dados to hold the bottom of the table in.
There is also a tapered sliding dovetail which will hold the table top on.
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Just a quick video to encourage wood workers to try burnishing.
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