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AJ is spot on, it's all going to happen as it was written. Prepare yourselves accordingly.

Owen Benjamin, Comedian/Strong Male Role Model, sings a song.

***Owen Benjamin please claim this video for any royalties!!***

You better believe it! ūü§£ūü§£ūü§£

Clip taken from The Ten Commandments (1956).

Top tier Australian comedian Austen Tayshus makes friends with the feminists.
(From the 2006 Australia Day Special).

***I do not own this video it has only been uploaded expressly for documentary purposes, all copyrights belong to Austen Tayshus and Madman Entertainment.***

Which way is our country heading now?
Some of the things our new PM has been saying really scares us, and some of the things are absolute magic.
Will ScoMo stand up to the U.N.?
Or is this all just election-speak?
We go back, we go forward, it seems all we're getting from Scott Morrison is a mixed grill.
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How can we keep giving billions of dollars away in foreign aid when our own farmers are so bankrupt that they are turning to suicide?

Something's not right here.

Get to know Agenda 21/Agenda 2030. Because it knows you.

Please excuse my speech impediment when it comes to saying the word "third". It is a real burden.
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Free speech is the target of the authoritarian left.
If we don't push back, the crazed useful idiots with pitchforks and flaming torches will overthrow western civilisation piece by piece.
Australia is even more vulnerable than America.
They're going to come for all of us, we have to say it loud and say it proud:
First they came for Alex Jones, and I did speak out, because #WeAreAllAlexJones
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For playing on your smart TV at your next gathering, party, dinner with guests, or just yourself dancing in the living room!

Special thanks to GenericJAM for making the 3 hour long original video that I came across, his channel link is below you have to check out what happened to the first of us to enjoy this wonderful melody...!!!!!!

Based Sonia speaks her mind about Muslim migration in 2016 on Australian television.

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You owe it to yourself to watch this and make up your own mind. Watch it for free at

Watch our very own based Aussie Imam Mohammad Tawhidi deal with the pushers of Taqiyya on mainstream television.

This man calls for peace and a reformation of Islam. Under constant attack, he would rather die for Australia than watch it become as damaged as his family's original homeland through religious government.

Follow him on twitter @imamofpeace

Imam Tawhidi's youtube channel is called Islamic Association of South Australia:

Thanks to Youtube Audio Library for the following tracks:
"The Gunfight"
"Malmo Sunrise"

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MFW I get sick of Sharia Law creeping into our society.

Under-age and arranged marriages are all the rage in Australia once again.
Can't keep a good trend down I guess!

???Praise Kek. Eat your broccoli. Watch #TheShadilayTimes.???

Best Songs Backing Tracks had no idea I'd do this to their track!

#FreeKekistan #PraiseKek

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Keys to Happiness: Pro-Trump; Pro-Pauline Hanson; Free Helicopter Rides for Commies; Bill Clinton is a Rapist,!
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