How students are to conduct themselves with the Goddess!

True tantric teachings of the Goddess!

The Crucifixion of the flesh is a path set by not only Christ, but the Goddess Herself as an inititory path.

The Goddess is Masonry and we are all to be keepers of masonry. We have the symbol of a bee hive but lets look to the one who works with them the Bee Keeper or should we say it this way we are to Bee Keepers (Be keepers) of our Brothers. We learn this through the teachings of the Goddess.

The Goddess within the mystical teachings of Islam, shows us the truth of the Divine roll of the woman.

How many know that the Goddess has a human side, how many people truly want to know her for her?

The days of Adam are over, now will the days of Eve begin. We need to look for the second coming of Christ through a woman, not a man.

The Bible speaks of the Goddess in many places, here are a few of them.

The Dark Wisdom of the Goddess will help us in the transformation of the self

What is the true law given by the Goddess?

The Goddess is returning with both Love as well as Wrath and through her teachings, we can heal, transform not only ourselves but the earth.

Are we our Brothers keeper?

Are Islam, Masonry and Satanism the same? Learn the surprising truth!

Honesty, truth, is dead. For the monitors I say learn the truth of who I am and what I believe.

The importance of duty, honesty and the proper steps to climb to become a mason.

this is my response to a person who wishes to pray for my eternal soul. This is why you should not, for you do not know what the Bible actually says.

True Masonry has died, what we have is its corpse.

This is for the brothers who have judged me without knowing me

What is the goal of masonry? Here is the truth of the esoteric teachings.

Why are some brothers persecuted for thier beliefs while others are not? Here are some of the true secrets that most masons have never heard.

The Essenes as well as the Sufi's have known the truth, and it is time the rest of mankind does also. The anti christ will not be human, but technology.

Why must I produce videos like this? I wish I could produce true teaching videos, but there are to many so-called brothers who stop the truth. No wonder masonry is almost dead.

Lessons in how to be Scottish Rite, how to become a universal brotherhood.

Truth is the right way, not religion. It is Satan that guides us plain and simple, here is a secret for you.

A message of how Masonry is about to change, a call for brothers to be real brothers


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