Lessons in how to be Scottish Rite, how to become a universal brotherhood.

Truth is the right way, not religion. It is Satan that guides us plain and simple, here is a secret for you.

A message of how Masonry is about to change, a call for brothers to be real brothers

Will we ever learn to say NO to anything?
As a Satanist you had better get used to saying it!

Why does masonry need to be reformed? Did you truly understand what you vowed when becoming a mason? Did you receive initiation by fraud?

In this video we tell you who we are and what we teach, an open invitation to join and learn our tradition and our practices.

Mystic Masonry is doing everything that Craft Masonry should be doing, yet those of us who are of the mystic side are being pushed out, why?

We are to be the brotherhood of truth, yet we allow the hypocrites and those who are dishonest into our ranks. Why is there no self knowledge, or dealing with ourselves? Why are we not demanding self discipline to live our way of life?

In this video we learn some of the duties we are to be performing for our brothers as well as the world.

The Principles of masonry we all need to live by, for brothers as well as the world.

The need to learn who you are and how Satan will help you do this through the Dark Meditations of Dark Realm Buddhism.

A satanist warns the public about the coming laws protecting adult/child sexual relationships. Plus a satanic statement to actress Alyssa Milano concerning true womens rights.

The Essenes and Sufi's understand that religion was a curse and punishment from God

What is our purpose, and how do we attain it.

Why is America in the horrible state we see? It is because of a spiritual sickness and we need to recognise who and what is causing this.

A satanic mass. Giving you the tools to defeat the christians.

Showing how the Roman church along with the Khazars and the Ancients have given us the greatest deception ever!

The Truth of Iblis and the curse he was blessed to have, should we do the same

A warning for those who want to walk the path of no path, some of what you will experience on this path.

Essenes taught these acts to be of a very harmful nature. it comes down to how we treat others as well as ourselves

Learn how to gain forgiveness, how to balance our accounts

The importance of meditation and knowing yourself. A practice to begin with before learning meditation.

To begin the Dark Realm Buddhist Teachings, we create hell for ourselves through our unbalanced desires,feelings, and because of this we have unbalanced thinking and actions. We reap what we sow. Teachings on the hellish worlds.

The Lessons I learn from the Buddha on keeping my ego in check

The left hand path has become the right hand path. I explain why teachers of the lft hand are no better then those of the right hand.


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