A horrific and true story of medical misdiagnosis, the broken and uncaring United States healthcare system and one man's story of overcoming the impossible.

A short glimpse into the full length documentary that will expose the corrupt doctors, faulty medical system and first hand accounts of nothing short of a living nightmare that lasted longer than decade of pure hell.

The Road to Salvation is a story about one man's account of an act of God....and that miracles do still happen.

Debuting this Fall 2020

The 2nd video in the UNcut series

Things have gone too far in this society.....

In a world ruled by "PC" (Political Correctness) A.i explains how the general public MUST eat "PC Poop" or risk losing everything such as: Their Job, Their Home and Their Reputation.

"So shut your fat mouths....put on your mask and work up an appetite for some hot, steamy and delicious "PC Poop"

A.i goes on a rant about how the entire world has become overwhelmingly mopey.

Welcome to the Mopeyworld

A.i welcomes you and thanks you for tuning in to the A.i BitChute channel.

The 4th installment of A.i's Randomness

A.i tells you why it's better to be strong rather than follow the societal norm of "being weak"

A.i sounds off on "people who stare" and why its rude.

The 2nd installment of A.i's Randomness series.

A.i ponders why our modern society is always crying and acting mopey.

The one that started it all....

A.i goes on a tirade about the state of the World in 2020.

Cletus tells you why...

What it could have looked like in 2016

With today's "PC society" its pretty easy to fall into the "Beta Male Trap" whatever you do DON'T FALL FOR PC BETA MALE B.S.

A.i explains why....

A.i - Randomness Volume 3:

A.i calls out the The British on their crimes against humanity...such acts include:

-Enslaving nearly every race

Stealing (and still in possession of priceless art and artifacts)

-Exterminating the Native American Civilization and never taking responsibility

Open racism? CNN host says ‘white men are biggest terror threat in US’:


14 year old white male beat by 7 minority students on school bus last November:

Queen Elizabeth's Statement on Covid19:

Mafia Don Vinny De Cola (as seen on The Dj Phat Dik Show Episode #1) shares his views on bullying in 2020


A.i - UNcut : "AOC is a Racist"

A staple of the A.i entertainment series, Randomness is an improv style summing up of weekly happenings and events in the world from the A.i point of view.

Dj Phat Dik - Episode #3

Dj Phat Dik - Episode #2

Dj Phat Dik is tired of being censored by "PC culture" and the "big tech" nobodies!

"The Dj Phat Dik Show" makes its BitChute debut for a jam packed show you won't wanna miss!!!

A.i sounds off on the Q movement wussies and our Politicians, Police and Priests who have led the United States and the entire world into a horrible path of evil.

With the leftist scum and establishment politicians fooling the public into "Trusting the Plan" as the Q tools like to always say...when do you finally ask yourself "What if there is no plan" or instead possibly thinking THERE IS NO PLAN!!!


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