Xi to Biden, 'You are playing with fire,' as tensions over Pelosi's Taiwan trip escalate.

Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris discuss the readouts from the tense phone call between Joe “Bidenopolous” and Xi Xinping.

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Observational note: When you realize the globalists, neolibs and neocons in control of the US really DO want to destabilize the world — indeed, destroy all of it, especially the US, into civilisational rubble, in order to organise the remnants into a depopulated feudal regions of slave megacities they control through digital currency — then this all makes awful sense.

ATF conduct surprise inspection at a man’s home without a warrant, just because he got 2 guns. Never consent to a warrantless search.

So. Much. Truth.
If you care what the NY Times thinks you’re not qualified for leadership. If you cave to the media mob when they come after you or your constituents, you’re totally unqualified for leadership.
Tucker absolutely kills it here.

Gender inclusion training in Manatee County Florida

This woke “training” was forced on Manatee County Florida employees. One employee gives the context of the “training“, below.
Manatee County is a red county in a red congressional district. Republicans are allowing this. Primary them. Vote them out.

“I will give you a little more context to it. A black male to female trans uses the womens bathroom and these two white people speak to each other about how weird and confusing it is that this black man is now suddenly a woman. When the tran comes back out, “sxhe” confronts them. And they continuously make “micro aggressions” and more microaggrs. They then visit the Asian HR lady where they are taught how to be good human beings. One of the two white people being “humanized” (programmed) said it goes against her religion, but the HR perxon tries to sell the “being decent” angle. I guess feelings trump your religion.”

( Bitchute CENSORED this vid when I titled it "[email protected] [email protected] Phones Man Who Is Not A Sheep". Uploaded it twice, never finished processing even after 2 days. Then I uploaded it named "Puppies and Kitties" and voila! Uploaded and plays within minutes. )

It does not go well for the [email protected] Squad.

NJ has already started calling people who have not yet received an mRNA poison shot. In this video, an independently-thinking person who knows his rights pushes back.

This call was recorded 7-22-2021 in a municipality located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. The person speaking in the video has given permission to re-upload on his behalf.

1962 documentary narrated by future President Ronald Reagan. In 1962, October 10, in his New York apartment, Aleksandr Kerensky, former President of Russia overthrown by the Communists in 1917, makes some introductory remarks.
Director: Sid O. Fields
Writers: Sid O. Fields, Laurence Heath

Lenin, Marx and Stalin would be pleasantly surprised how the elites of the world have been able to implement communism under the name of "The Great Reset" and "New World Order".

A humorous video exploring whether our furry friends are smarter than us. If they can recognize a potential danger, why can't we?

Jekyll Island is located off the coast of the U.S. state of Georgia, where in 1910 some of America's most influential bankers gathered for a secret meeting to plan the country's monetary policy and establish a central banking system, which resulted in the draft legislation for what eventually created the Federal Reserve Act.

What happens in a world of "defund the police"? What if you called 911 and no one answered?
What if help never came? How do you defend your family?
Find out about your right to self-defense at .

When people tell you who they are, believe them.
- Maya Angelou

Event 201 in October 2019 was a tabletop exercise about a global pandemic.

Cyber Polygon simulates a global supply chain breakdown and "digital pandemic".

Klaus Schwab said we are not ready for a "comprehensive cyber attack", so believe him, that it is next on the agenda.

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Timcast IRL Dec 12 2020 with Alex Jones
Alex returns to Tim's IRL a couple of weeks after their first IRL video was removed by YeetTube.

Economist and Nobel prize winner Dr. Milton Friedman joins Phil Donahue on his talk show (in 1979) to discuss politics and economics, liberty and capitalism. He dissects Donahue's arguments and takes audience questions.
A classic discussion which should be viewed by anyone interested in prosperity and freedom.

Description of UN Agenda 21 (and its new name, Agenda 2030, aka The Great Reset)

Medical information from published studies and widely-known sources examining the efficacy of various masks to limit spread and infection from coronavirus. "You *will* wear the mask! Do as you're told! Submit!"
Downloaded from Alex Jones' YouTube channel and uploaded here, because it will get taken down off YT.
#covid19 #masks #pandemic #virus #coronavirus #sarscov2

This was posted on Kyle's defense team's website ( but censored by Twitter and other big tech platforms.

For most cases of self-defense, police and prosecutors don’t have the benefit of much video evidence. Maybe some security camera footage or daschcam video. However, the prosecutors in Kenosha County, Wisconsin had a mountain of video evidence after the Kyle Rittenhouse shootings….and they chose to ignore most of it in their rush to file charges against him.

In response, Mr. Rittenhouse’s legal team has released an eleven minute video detailing the teen’s actions that night in order to allow everyday Americans to make their own conclusions.

The video, featuring some never-before-seen footage, destroys Kenosha District Attorney Michael Graveley’s attempt to inflict mob justice upon a 17-year-old good Samaritan. Working in a city that had been savaged by “mostly peaceful protesters,” Graveley appeared more concerned with his own well-being and avoiding the wrath of the mob than pursuing justice.

The video ridicules the fake news narratives about Rittenhouse and the shooting that have been promoted by the mainstream media and anti-self-defense politicians.

Very moving documentary with commentary by witnesses, people involved in rescue and recovery, and others. Video interview footage as well as audio interview of Donald Trump, who sent hundreds of workers to help.

This dog knows who to vote for. Apologies for bad, vertical video. That's how it was sent to me.

What they don't want you to see. The covert data collection and psychological manipulation against the American people for the past 12 years. Millie Weaver and her husband were arrested under shady circumstances at their Ohio home on the same day this video was set to be released.

Continuation of the American Frontline Doctors Summit, an event sponsored by Tea Party Patriots' Second Opinion Project. This segment deals primarily with use of hydroxychloroquine as a cure for SARS-COV-2 in specific situations and when used in combination with other commonly available drugs or supplements.

Part of the Tea Party Patriots' Second Opinion Project, this summit seeks to present to the American people critical medical information about the SARS-COV-2 virus and Covid-19 pandemic which is being heavily censored by the conventional media and tech giants. Listen to these doctors and expert sources, and judge for yourself.


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