The Jews controlled the slave trade and now they want to expand their slave trade to the rest of humanity.

“We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.”

- Maurice Samuel

It’s quite obvious of their true intentions by looking at Gaza and how they only allow certain numbers of calories into Gaza. They micro-monitor these open air criminals to the smallest fragment of daily life. It’s a horrific humanitarian crisis and the world must be free. All laws and policies must, upon human liberation, be retroactively reset. All harm done by the Jews must be erased and all criminals must be forcibly brought to justice Russian style. No trials for these sick criminals who get pleasure out of seeing others suffer.

Their plan is evident in the movie “The Island.”


Acknowledging Our Enslavement: False Consensus and Backwards Power Relations

THE PUBLIC TRANSCRIPT, in our time controlled by the Jewish media, “creates the appearance of unanimity among the ruling groups and the appearance of consent among subordinates”. In topics where people feel free to have their own opinion, voices multiply like mayflies. Everyone has their own special take on why the team lost last night, for instance. This is natural. But when nearly everyone has the exact same opinion on a subject, you can be sure that an artificial dogma is being enforced.

Scott reminds us that “domination does not persist on its own momentum” but must be “sustained by continuous efforts at reinforcement, maintenance and adjustment. A good part of the maintenance work consists of the symbolization of domination by demonstrations and enactments of power.” A Jew’s work is never finished. He can never rest, never let up for even one moment.

Which brings us to the most strictly enforced public (false) consensus of today: Hitler is evil and killed six million Jews. This lie is the centerpiece of the System’s meta-narrative of White oppression. But the strange thing about the System’s form of domination is that, as Jonathan Bowden said, “[one] claims status for strength through victimhood.” So, in our upside-down world, a movie like Schindler’s List actually demonstrates the strength and power of Jewry rather than their weakness (after all, National Socialist Germany was destroyed). By ‘remembering’ past (false) episodes of repression, the Jews, and by extension the System, are really engaging in a kind of mass intimidation of the public.

Unfortunately, if a subordinate group is convinced by these — in our case bizarre — displays of all-powerfulness, then they can actually contribute to the real power of the elite. Scott notes that this situation can continue even when the elite no longer have the stomach for such attacks on the subordinate group. One wonders if the Matt Ygelsias types of today are made of the same stuff that the Bolsheviks were? On the other hand, the weakness inherent to the entire Jewish domination schema (i.e. that they pretend to be ruled by those they rule over), is identified aptly by Scott: “to exercise power in the name of another party is always to run the risk that the formal title holder will attempt to reclaim its substance as well as its form”.

Make White dominance real again.

How much tolerance can whites tolerate?


Sweden: Anti-White Totalitarianism and the Death of Free Speech

The Nordic people’s constitutional freedoms and rights are being abolished. Repression against critics of the system is increasing. The situation is starting to get very serious…

THE MEDIA, politicians and celebrities in Sweden (in other words, the entire establishment) often talk about the lack of “democracy” in other countries. They speak with condemnation about totalitarian states and citizens who cannot say or think what they want, about the shameful treatment of the opposition by the ruling regime, and about police who violently retaliate against public protests and investigative journalists. We hear it about Russia, Syria, Venezuela, Iran and China, just like we heard it before about countries like Libya and Iraq.

This article will not attempt to provide an account of the conditions in these countries or concern itself with the veracity of the establishment’s reporting on them. Instead we will examine what the situation looks like in Sweden. This country is nowhere near as free as the system would like people to believe — the rights and privileges of dissident Swedish citizens have been completely decimated.

In recent years, freedom of expression has been restricted more and more in Sweden. At present the establishment is discussing how both freedom of association and the freedom to demonstrate can be limited. Naturally, the ones being impacted and…

Read more:

The Big Lie About the Berlin Olympics

by Dr. William L. Pierce

IN ITS broadest scope, the Holocaust myth involves much more than the supposed gassing of the famous “six million.” It includes every related lie which the Jewish propagandists have invented about Germany and the Germans in the period 1933-1945. One of the most brazen of these lies concerns the Olympic games of 1936, which were held in Berlin. (ILLUSTRATION: The 1936 Summer Olympic Games were held in Berlin, Germany)

According to the story, which is being given renewed currency by the controlled media as the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles draw nearer, Adolf Hitler intended for the 1936 games to prove to the world his “master-race theory” of Aryan superiority. But the theory was shattered, the story goes, when U.S. Negro sprinter and jumper Jesse Owens defeated the Nazi athletes. Humiliated and enraged, Hitler then showed his lack of sportsmanship by snubbing the Black champion.

The truth of what happened at the 1936 Olympic games was witnessed by 4.5 million spectators from all over the world, and it has been related numerous times since then — but never by the controlled news media in the United States, which unvaryingly parrot the same old lie whenever the occasion arises. And it is that lie which the average American, whose greatest single source of information is Jew-controlled television, believes.

German poster from the 1936 Berlin Olympics
Checking out the story of the “gas ovens” and the “six million” may be too much for anyone but a scholar experienced in historical research, but any sports fan willing to spend two or three hours in a library reading unbiased accounts of the 1936 Berlin games can convince himself that today’s Jewish version of what happened there and then is almost exactly contrary in every particular to the truth.

He can learn that the behavior of Hitler and his government exemplified the ideals not only of sportsmanship, but also of hospitality, in the view of nearly everyone who was there; that if anyone behaved in an unsportsmanlike way, it was the U.S. team, which was under orders not to extend the customary courtesy of the Olympic salute to the Tribune of Honor, where Hitler sat; that Hitler did not snub Owens, and the Black athlete himself later said, “When I passed the Chancellor he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back at him. I think the writers showed bad taste in criticizing the man of the hour in Germany”; and that, far from being humiliated by the results of the games, Hitler was elated, because the Germans won more gold, more silver, and more bronze medals (89 altogether, compared to 56 for the Americans) than anyone else. (In the words of historian John Toland, “The games had been an almost unqualified Nazi triumph.”)

James Cleveland (“Jesse”) Owens
It would require more study to learn that the National Socialists never theorized that Aryans are inherently better in every type of athletic endeavor than non-Aryans; that instead they recognized that each race’s peculiarities give it certain advantages and certain disadvantages in competing against other races; and that the particular form of the “master-race theory” attributed to Hitler is a Jewish invention.

But what really should be learned from the lie about the 1936 Olympics is just how credible is the Holocaust myth of which it is part and parcel.

From National Vanguard magazine, Issue No. 100, May 1984, p. 19.


The Limits of Toleration

by Dr. William L. Pierce

THERE ARE SEVERAL interesting things in the news that we could spend half an hour talking about on today’s program. There is the story of the bribery of African officials on the International Olympic Committee by businessmen in Salt Lake City in order to have their city chosen as the site of the Winter Olympics in 2002. We might look into the question of why it was specifically the African members who were bribed, why it was generally known in Olympic circles that the African members had their hands out for bribes, but no one in the controlled media would discuss this fact before the scandal broke recently. And in fact, the controlled media still are very reluctant to tell us which members of the International Olympic Committee were asking for bribes or to show us their faces. But, you know, I’ve found it difficult to become very excited about the Olympics — or surprised about any hypocrisy or crookedness associated with the games — ever since basketball became one of the official Olympic sports. (ILLUSTRATION: The deleterious effects of multiculturalism on European culture are becoming more obvious, with the best example being the country of Sweden. Murder rates have risen 300% and the incidence…

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A New World Order is Emerging as the Davos Banking System Collapses

With the collapse yesterday of the world’s first SIFI (systemically important financial institution – “too big to fail”) bank, Credit Suisse, the reality that the financial system of western culture is now on the brink of collapse is starting to sink in with Americans.

While still not headline news in the American corporate media, financial headlines were notably pessimistic today, even with the stock market posting gains.

The more dire outlooks are still being published as “opinion pieces,” but it appears that more and more Americans are starting to face the reality that life as we have known it, is about to radically change.

Here is an article that was featured on the Home Page of Market Watch for most of the day today, while the markets were open. And while it is listed as an “opinion” piece, it sure reads like a news article to me.

Opinion: The end of the ‘everything bubble’ has finally hit the banking system. Credit Suisse and SVB might be just the first of many shocks.

The Fed and other central banks face a difficult choice: Keep rates high to control inflation or loosen monetary policy to stabilize financial markets.

by Satyajit Das
Market Watch


Major financial market regime changes typically take place in stages. The crypto meltdown in 2022, for example, incurred about $2 trillion of losses. The technology meltdown followed, with losses of about $5 trillion, the U.K. government bond (gilt) crisis ($500 billion in losses), plus an ongoing emerging market debt crisis.

These problems have now reached the world’s financial system, with U.S., European and Japanese banks losing around $460 billion in market value so far in March alone.

The immediate cause is the rapid increase in official interest rates in the U.S. and other major global economies. The true cause is the unwinding of an economic and financial structure built upon an artificially low cost of money, which gave rise to the “everything bubble” and its leveraged speculation.

The banking system’s problems may not be over. The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank SIVB, highlighted the interest-rate risk of purchasing long-term securities financed with short-term deposits and the susceptibility to a liquidity run. Banks globally face falling customer deposits (projected to decline in the U.S. by up to 6%) and losses on holding of securities ( (unrealized losses at FDIC insured U.S. banks exceed $600 billion at end of 2022). A 10% loss on bank bond holdings would, if realized, decrease bank shareholder capital by around 25%.

When other interest-sensitive assets are included, one estimate puts the loss for U.S. banks alone at $2 trillion. Globally, the total unrealized loss might be two to three times that. The fact is that higher rates and losses on securities have significantly weakened the global banking system. (Full article. Subscription required.)

The independent financial alternative media, without needing investors and editors’ approval to print anything, was much more apocalyptic. Here are a few headlines from ZeroHedge News today:

A New World Order is Emerging, and it is NOT Led by the Davos Crowd and the World Economic Forum

It is ironic, or perhaps even prophetic, that the first “too big to fail” bank to collapse was from the banking industry out of Switzerland, with the entire Swiss economy now on the brink of collapse.

For centuries now, Swiss banks have held the deposits of some of the wealthiest people on earth, as well as some of the most notorious criminal cartels, often providing a tax shelter from deposits in U.S. or other European banks.

Switzerland, of course, is also home to the World Economic Forum, part of the United Nations.

And while every major country usually attends the meetings at the World Economic Forum, it is run by western nations, mainly the United States and NATO members.

This is who I am referring to as the “Davos Crowd.”

It includes the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), which is closely related to The World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which are both located in Washington D.C.

The “Davos Crowd” is dominated by the two most powerful families in Western Culture, the Rothschilds in Europe, and the Rockefellers in the United States.

They are the ones who created the U.S. Federal Reserve, which is quickly losing its influence as the most powerful financial entity in the world.

Historically, this “Davos Crowd” has been controlled by eight families. See:

But as the wealth of these family dynasties is now quickly evaporating away, and as their banking system collapses, new leaders are emerging to oppose the Davos Crowd, led by four countries that are leading the rest of the non-western world today: China, Russia…

Full Article:

Failures of Our Age: Capitalism and Communism

Both systems view man and society as purely economic entities; both crush the human spirit, both lead to enslavement and destruction of culture, nation, and race.

by John Young

MOST AMERICANS have grown up under the erroneous assumption that capitalism and communism are polar opposites, because the former system provides for private ownership of property, whereas the latter does not.

Like most effective lies, this misconception is promulgated through the absence of full information, thereby leading to false conclusions.

On its face, capitalism allows for the ownership of private property; but upon closer examination, that ownership is illusory and conditional.

Under capitalism, most significant individual property — such as real estate — is purchased through loans which, if unpaid, serve to relieve the borrower of ownership of the property without even a court proceeding, even if the borrower has already paid the lender several times the amount originally borrowed.

Even if the property is owned outright, it can be seized by just about any lawyer. If, for example, someone slips and falls while on the property, a lawyer can quickly relieve the property owner of any ownership rights unless he has previously agreed to make large and lifelong payments to the insurance corporations. But insurance comes with myriad clauses and exemptions, including a long list of things the insured must do — and must not do — on his property in order to be protected. Thus, the owner is compelled to give up many of the assumed rights of ownership in exchange for imperfect protection.

Of course, no insurance protects property against government seizure. The IRS seizes 10,000 homes a year; and civil property forfeiture — where the owner of the property need not even be charged with a crime — is used some 3,600 times a day in America to seize everything from cash to cars to real estate.

In practice, then, ownership is illusory since there are a bunch of government agencies, insurance agencies, and mortgage contracts that tell people what they can or can’t do with their property; and it is conditional in that missing just a couple of payments, getting sued, or getting in the crosshairs of the government will terminate even the illusion. What an owner really has, instead of ownership, is temporary exclusive use within a set of guidelines established by mortgage companies, insurance companies, and numerous governmental entities.

Capitalism, in effect, has very little to do with ownership of private property by ordinary people; and everything to do with their enslavement by an elite. A closer look at the finances involved in the preceeding hypothetical house reveals quite a lot.

An important thing to understand is that various governmental and banking machinations distort the free market and artificially raise the price of housing. Unlimited immigration — even if the immigrants aren’t going to the particular neighborhood in which a particular house exists, still serves to raise the price because of the phenomenon of White Flight which raises demand. The deductibility of mortgage interest serves to increase the price of homes, as does the existence of mortgages at all.

Mortgages raise the price of housing by placing buyers who plan to pay back loans over a period of thirty years in competition with buyers who have saved up their money to buy the house outright. A person can much more easily come up with a large loan than actually save money; and the amount of money accessible by financing far exceeds what the average person is able to save in a reasonable amount of time. Likewise, the availability of financing raises demand, and thus prices. Since not all houses go up for sale simultaneously, just a small proportion of buyers using mortgages can raise the price of houses outside the range of people who are trying to save the money to buy a house without a mortgage. In practice, then, wide availability of mortgages causes prices to rise at a rate faster than the rise in wages, meaning that saving to buy a house outright without a mortgage is impossible for most people. So the mechanism of mortgages in and of itself serves to raise the price of housing high enough that mortgage loans are required in order to purchase a house at all.

Here is a case where capitalism in the form of banking is obviously in play, but the actual free market is distorted rather than facilitated by capital, and the distortion is to the detriment of people who wish to own a house, both in terms of absolute price, and in terms of the excessive costs incurred through purchasing a mortgage.

Read more:

When it Comes to Jews and Communism, the Lying Is Rampant and Obvious

The Project For A New American Government

The Religion of Lincoln Rockwell

“Slowly, bit by bit, I began to understand. I realized that National Socialism, the iconoclastic worldview of Adolf Hitler, was the doctrine of scientific racial idealism — actually a new religion for our time…” — This Time the World, p. 155

(New Order)

IN 1940, a young student at Brown University left his studies to join the U.S. Navy to fight Adolf Hitler. Eighteen years later — in 1958 — this same person, standing solemnly before a Swastika banner in his Arlington, Virginia, home, pledged his life to the Leader. Here is the amazing account of the personal conversion of Lincoln Rockwell, the man who was to restore the Movement of Adolf Hitler after the Second World War, as given in his book, This Time the World.

* * *

There was no doubt in my mind. I went home and hung the beautiful banner completely across the living room wall. In the center I mounted a plaque of Adolf Hitler. Then I placed a small bookcase under it and set three candles to burning in front, to make a holy altar to Adolf Hitler.

I closed the blinds, lit the candles, and stood before my new altar. For the first time since I had lost my Christian religion, I experienced the soul-thrilling upsurge of emotion which is denied to our modern, sterile, atheist “intellectuals” but which literally moved the Earth for countless centuries: religious experience. I stood there in the flickering candlelight, not a sound in the house, not a soul near me or aware of what I was doing — or caring.

Stay Connected with Us

But as I looked at the stern face of the greatest mind in twenty centuries, I felt the unbelievable flood of “religious” power pouring into me, which would be easily understood by any savage Indian standing on a mountaintop at sunrise and communing with the Great Spirit before battle — but which the intellectuals have denied themselves because of their conceit that they can “know” everything.

I recalled the words of the Leader:

When human hearts break and human souls despair, then from the twilight of the past the great conquerors of distress and care, of shame and misery, of spiritual slavery and physical compulsion look down upon them and hold out their eternal hands to despairing mortals. Woe to the people that is ashamed to grasp them!

* * *

I was moved beyond the power of words to describe. Goose pimples rose all over me, my hair stood on end, my eyes filled with tears of love and gratitude for this greatest of all conquerors of human misery and shame, and my breath came in little gasps. If I had not known that the Leader would have scorned such adulation, I might have fallen to my knees in unashamed worship — but instead, I drew myself to attention, raised my arm in the eternal salute of the ancient Roman legions, and repeated the holy words, “Heil Hitler!” — meaning every tiny syllable with all my heart and mind and soul.

* * *

No longer was Adolf Hitler only a great mind to me. Now I realized the inscrutable power of the human soul. Now I knew why the power of that human soul for ten thousand years, again and again, has conquered the mightiest aggregates of physical force and tyranny, regardless of odds or possibilities! I had run the full circle from savage and childish animal instinct — the primitive stage of most of humanity — to conceited and sterile intellectualism — the state of our convinced Marxists and liberals — and finally I had, with the help of the Great Leader, found my way back to the natural understanding of the world given freely to every dog and worm and ape and man, of which the intellect is only a sort of recent development or “trick.” I had found my way to that unconscious understanding of eternal riddles which can only be called “wisdom” — the same perception of the essence of things which has, in different guises, formed the basis of the teachings of all great leaders in all times.

As the emotional storm subsided within me, it left me filled with a holy sense of mission, which is the fundamental weapon and armor of a revolutionary leader. Where before I had to fight the forces of tyranny and regression, now I had to fight them. But even more, I felt within me the power to prevail — strength beyond my own strength — the ability to do the right thing, even when I was personally over-whelmed by events. And that strength has not yet failed me. Nor will it fail. It is the Power beyond the atom, the Force called “religious” by the non-intellectual, “psychological self-hypnosis” by the “brains” of today, and the “Unknowable” by those who have learned true wisdom.

I knew with calm certainty exactly what to do, and I knew, in a hard-to-explain sense, what was ahead. It was something like looking at a road from the air, after seeing only the curve ahead from the ground.

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Benjamin Fulford Report: March Madness Begins As Rockefeller/Biden Horror Show Implodes


Don’t be fooled by the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) sideshow, what is really happening is the Rockefeller/Biden horror show is imploding. Let’s be clear, so-called President Joe Biden, Janet Yellen, the Rockefellers etc. are all criminals who are about to face justice. To see what a joke this regime is, watch the so-called “leader of the free world” say “they had to take the top of my head off a couple of times to see if I had a brain…”.

No wonder Russian dementia care facilities are using Biden on their posters.

Do you think these guys are going to stay in control by bailing themselves out with their own money? No, they are all going to be bankrupted and sent to jail. Just watch and see.

What happened with the $209 billion SVB is insiders withdrew all their money from the bank only to have Janet Yellen step in to replenish their funds. Canadian Intelligence sources say it was just a massive bribery operation that will not fool anybody. Ponder this: The CFO of SVB bank is none other than the former CFO of Lehman Brothers.

This whole sideshow was meant to divert attention from much bigger news of the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION and with it the entire Khazarian mafia control grid.

That is why the head of the Nazi EU Ursula von der Leyen met on March 10th with the fake “President” Joe Biden to “start talks on establishing a global critical raw materials club.” In other words, they are “starting talks,” after already being cut off from stealing raw materials from the rest of the world.

In a clear sign of this, Australia’s government-owned Perth Mint was caught last week selling 100 tons of impure gold bars in Shanghai in a desperate attempt to get funding for the FRB.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The BIS and the Swiss central bank gold vaults are empty and no explanation has been given as to where the gold went. At the highest level of the world financial system, only real stuff like gold is accepted, so if they have no gold, they have no mojo.

They are cut off not just from gold but from oil too. That is what was behind the announcement by Iran and Saudi Arabia that they were going to start a military alliance in cooperation with China.

Iranian sources tell us that a secret clause to this agreement is that Iran has been recognized as a nuclear power and that Saudi Arabia will also have a nuclear deterrent to stave off KM nuclear blackmail. The Iranian Monitor News agency says “Today arrogance knows it has no other option than diplomacy and they have accepted Iran as a nuclear country.”

After this announcement, the head of the Iran/China Chamber of Commerce tweeted “Comrades pour whatever dollars you have saved into the market.”

This means the Rockefeller petro-dollar has been consigned to the dustbin of history.

The US dollar is now officially the UN dollar and is no longer controlled by the UNITED STATES CORPORATION. The UN dollar is backed by gold and commodities but not controlled any longer by the Khazarian Mafia.

In other words, all those “dollars” Janet Yellen is doling out to her co-criminals are not backed by reality. This is going to be obvious to everybody sooner rather than later. The KM financial system is going to implode, that is a mathematical certainty.

The SVB bankruptcy is just a distraction from the now-confirmed much bigger collapse of Credit Suisse which, according to the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC), will be shutting down accounts as of March 24th.

Credit Suisse will just be the first big domino. “The banking collapse in the US has already begun. There is no turning back. The KM can’t stop what’s coming. I was advised to watch Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank,” a Mossad source says.

In a sign the whole house of cards is about to collapse, Hal Turner reports

Word from money giant VANGUARD is that people with 401-k’s who have been trying to make “Hardship withdrawals” for the past two months have been stymied by VANGUARD.

Something big is going to give, likely in the short term. And likely it’s going to get combined with some sort of show, (geo) politically. Think China. Cyber attacks, something like that. Could well turn out to be…

Read more:

The Law of the Blood, part 1

ROUGHLY SPEAKING, in the first third of the 20th century, elites all over the White world began to realize that White mastery of the world was not an a given, eternal thing — began to realize that it needed to be won again. So they waged war, first with the pen and then with applied science. Finally one man saw how dire the situation truly was and rose above the others and took the race in his hands; sought to put the non-White world in its proper place forever, harmless to us. He came within a hair’s breadth of succeeding; but it all came crashing down.

So far.

In 1900, Europe and its colonial offshoots were racially conscious White nations — and they ruled the world. It should have been clear sailing into the evolutionary future along the White race’s special path, but five dangers threatened:

1) The non-White world had more people than the White world, and bred faster
2) Our fabulous riches were a magnet for non-Whites.
3) Our technology was making transport of non-Whites to our countries ever easier.
4) There was a counter-current in White countries of Christians and intellectuals committed to “democracy” and “equality.”
and 5) White countries were infested by Jews.

Had we simply got rid of the Jews, the first four would not have mattered at all.

An historian writing a history of Europe in 1800 would have mentioned the Jews only in passing; they were a thorn in our side, sucking up to Kings, selling liquor, and abusing the peasants through usury.

An historian writing the history of Europe in 1900 would have had to give enormous prominence to Jews, as in the previous 100 years they had infiltrated every aspect of European life and were already predominant in some of these.

When the Jews had no power they poisoned the wells; when they had power they poisoned our minds.

National Socialist legal theorists were deeply immersed in (and impressed by) American racial law, particularly by the way many states had made Black citizenship a dead letter, by American eugenics programs, by Americanir anti-miscegenation laws, and by the Immigration Act of 1924. The Germans thought that the Americans were taking the first steps towards creating a racially pure state — but that they often took those steps durch einen Umweg — not explicitly, but by “devious legal pathways.” On the other hand, they saw that American society also had ominous currents of egalitarianism, which, if not checked, could make America slide back into racial pollution.

* * *

For most of European history, few thought about race or talked about race. They had something better: they had race.

When you begin talking about identity, it’s because you’re losing it.

* * *

In the long and noble history of the White race, today we stand at the crisis point; after a long ascent along our special path, toward the stars and our evolutionary destiny, we all can see a quick and sharp and precipitous decline. The cardinal mistake, of course, was not remaining separate — most notoriously by bringing Negroes into North America. They certainly could never have made it here on their own — and if they had, some naval artillery would have been called for.

In 1735, Linnaeus said that Negroes were “crafty, indolent, and negligent,” an assessment which has stood the test of time.

And if when you begin to talk about identity you are losing it, we can see when the beginning of the loss first registered. One early stirring of racial ideas in America can be found in Thomas Jefferson’s Notes on Virginia. As always, Jefferson was a Utopian waffler, saying on one hand that the Negro was inferior and that we must be separate from them, yet he wrote the French Academy saying that he was “cheered” by the fact that there was a Negro boy in America who understood math. Imagine that! Why, the next thing you know, they’ll be rocketing us to the Moon.

For unalloyed and serious race realism, you need to turn next to the great and uncompromising John C. Calhoun, South Carolina Senator, redoubtable fire-eater, a noble and a scandalously maligned man. Calhoun saw the depredations of Haiti, the slave insurrections in his home South, the horrible prospect of race war — and the insane fanaticism of the abolitionists. He knew that their end goal was not merely emancipation; he knew that they would never be satisfied with that: They would push ever forward to full social and legal equality and onward to the final and coveted prize: Non-White access to White women.

He knew from hard-won experience the ineradicable differences between Black and White, and all his life sounded the fire bell in the night. His South stood…

Read more:

Part 2

Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf Chapter 11 "Nation and Race" said one of his deepest thoughts: that every problem created by Jews can be repaired over time except the problem of miscegenation.


The White Race, the White Race, the White Race

While we are not at all “White supremacists” in the sense of wanting to rule over other races, it has to be said that our race is supremely good in many important ways.

by David Sims

RECENTLY ON Quora, the question was posed: “Why is White supremacy a delusion?”

The phrasing of this question, “Why is White supremacy a delusion?” presumes that White supremacy is a delusion. Is it? It seems to me that those who believe that Whites are supreme in some things have reason on their side. A lot of those who are aware of White people’s supremacy in certain fields became so aware because their experiences, their learned facts, and their judgment of the validity of the relevant ideas, impelled those beliefs.

First, Whites have had a record of doing grand things before anybody knew they were possible. Whites will try all kinds of crazy stuff, and, once in a while, it works.

Which race first invented the means to generate electricity and then discovered the uses of electric power, for example? The White race did. It seems fair to turn the Black apologists’ own argument against them thus: Any non-White person who uses any electrically powered device is “culturally appropriating” from White people.

Which race first explored the world to the extent of introducing all of its peoples to each other? The White race did.

Which race first flew in lighter-than-air vehicles, then propeller-driven heavier-than-air vehicles, then jet-powered vehicles around the world and then into orbit (and, later, to the Moon) in rockets? The White race, the White race, the White race.

Which race made it possible for anyone to see the other planets of the solar system — all of them — closely and clearly? The White race. Which race has five probes in interstellar space, with three of them still working? The White race.

Look back over history. What we see, time after time, is the White race doing some grand thing first, and then doing it well, and then doing it routinely, while every other race tries to catch up. And some of them never seem to figure out how even to get started.

Once Whites have proved that some grand achievement is possible, the Asians start tinkering around until they find a way to do it, too. But the Africans? Heh. Maybe in a million years. They have some evolving to do, first.

So, you should back up a bit and ask the prior question first. Is White supremacy a delusion? For what reason do you think it might be?

There are good reasons why a lot of people find Whites to be supreme in many areas of endeavor. It isn’t at all difficult to understand.

* * *

Oswald Spengler and Race

OSWALD SPENGLER (1880-1936) was a German philosopher and historian. He is best known for his magnum opus, The Decline of the West, the first volume of which was published in 1918 and the second in 1923.

Spengler’s core thesis is that civilizations are like biological organisms: they are born, they mature, they grow old, and then they die. He believed that Western civilization was in its twilight years, that is, a period of decline preceding its death. This epiphany, which came to him when the West was at the height of its power and world dominance, is what he is best known for, and rightly so, for he saw the future of Western civilization with a clarity that escaped all others.

A peculiarity of his thought – indeed, a crucial error – is his undervaluing of race as the motor of civilization. The specific reason that civilizations decline and die is that the original race that gave birth to them itself “dies” over time, that is, its birthrate declines, it mixes its blood with lesser peoples whom it has conquered, and it loses its will to power.

However, in 1931, Spengler released a short book entitled Man and Technics, which allowed that race does constitute the basis – he uses the word “stock” – for the formation of civilization. He stated directly that Western civilization was created by the Northern, Germanic peoples.

Another problem with Spengler’s theories is his strange attitude towards the Jews. He correctly recognizes that the Jews are an alien element in Western civilization, but he bizarrely describes them as a “fossilized” people that has exhausted its life-possibilities and which does not play an active role in Western politics or culture.

So, clearly, Spengler was not a National Socialist. Indeed, his relationship with the National Socialist state and movement was contentious. He voted for Hitler (rather than Hindenburg) in the 1932 presidential election. After Hitler was named Reich’s Chancellor in 1933, he was granted…

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Paint it White

EVERYONE KNOWS THAT Whiteness is the quintessence of perfection and beauty. A quick look around will show anyone as much. The White race’s aesthetics and accomplishments put the other races to shame; and of course they know it. Which is why they need to go to such great and often lunatic lengths to try to downgrade Whiteness. It is the jealousy and resentment of the lesser breeds, led along by Jews and Whites who have defected. These types proliferate in the ranks of possessors of worthless PhDs.

I’ve just spent a week in a very white place. The snow fell solidly for two days, and everything was white – the air, the ground, the trees, the streets. And to complete the picture, the houses, in the little seaside town south of Oslo, blended in perfectly, being painted pure, brilliant white.

How paradisical! White, white everywhere; and nothing else to see. The very notion of heaven and paradise is saturated with Whiteness, and this is no accident. In ancient times the colored races must have always been in awe of White people; so advanced, so bold, so adventurous; it was always the White man embarking to where the colored man lives, and he must have appeared at first as a divine apparition. The idea that the White man was a god is perhaps a vestige of some ancient memory; or perhaps it is just a logical deduction from what witnesses saw with their own eyes. But either way, until very recently indeed it was the colored world that had to deal with the White world and never the other way around.

White was always a popular shade. In ancient Egypt and ancient Rome, priestesses wore white as a symbol of purity. Romans wore white togas to symbolize citizenship. White was the most common shade for new churches and government buildings from the 1800s onwards. It’s an important color in several religions, often symbolizing purity, innocence and virginity.

The irony is that everyone knows this; for all the talk of Wakanda and Kangz and Aztec “greatness,” the colored world fetishizes Whiteness. For them, light complexion and light anything is a status symbol. And why not? In their deepest recesses, the place that no ideology can penetrate, they know that Whiteness is the symbol and quintessence of beauty and perfection.

Officially, however, not everyone is on board. It would be one thing if these haters constituted only ill-willed grumblers or were like the dog that yaps at our ankles; but these people are loaded up with ruling-class backers and want nothing more than to slit our throats.

According to Norwegian academics, whiteness and white supremacy are terms to take literally, and the color white, in particular the white paint that is so commonly used on Norwegian houses, equals racism.

White paint? Oh yes, if there’s a disease out there circulating in the academy, they will gussy it up and give it the dignity (or indignity in their case) of a “theory” and an “ideology.” All it takes is some meaningless hundred-dollar words, a government grant, a smattering of footnotes, a bibliography, and the repetition of the bogey word “White” a thousand times. Some of these larvae have made worldwide reputations with less.

From the research project How Norway Made The World Whiter co-authored by Ingrid Haland, an associate professor at the University of Bergen, we learn that: “Whiteness is one of today’s key societal and political concerns. Within and beyond academia worldwide, actions of revolt and regret seek to cope with our racial past.”

Cope? They make it out like we are crippled. Our racial past is glorious. One day, each and every one of them will be picked up in the first wave of arrests.

In the pivotal works in whiteness studies within art and architecture history, whiteness is understood as cultural and visual structures of privilege. The new research project How Norway Made the World Whiter (NorWhite) funded by the Research Council of Norway addresses a distinctively different battleground for politics of whiteness in art and architecture.

Pivotal! One need not be a White nationalist to wonder whether there really is such an animal as a “pivotal work” in “whiteness studies” (but it helps). These texts outline in bold colors the “plight” of colored people in the richest society ever seen on Earth, one that they could never have created in a million years — and we know this because they didn’t. (All races have had the same amount of time, Sunshine.) They went from mud huts to spaceports and computers, and all they had to do was get on some boats to Whiteland. Pivotal!

Two core premises underpin the project: Whiteness is not only a cultural and societal condition tied to skin color, privileges, and systematic exclusion, but materializes everywhere around us. Second, one cannot understand…

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"For these very democratic statesmen remained silent when in Russia hundreds of thousands of priests were hacked to pieces and their bodies burned. These democratic statesmen could not deny these facts but they remained silent and nothing broke this silence."

- Adolf Hitler


Racial Idealism vs. Racial Bolshevism

Bolshevism and Civilization

THE WORD “BOLSHEVIK” can be used to describe any person seeking the destruction of civilized society and particularly its culture-creative segment, by violence if possible, but by other more devious means if necessary. The typical Bolshevik is obsessed with a passionate hatred of Western, Aryan society, for he finds himself totally alienated from it. The reasons for this alienation can be manifold and possibilities include a sense of personal failure, pathological disturbance or biological separateness (as in the case of Jewish Bolsheviks, for example). Bolsheviks are not necessarily “communists,” especially in countries under Communist domination, but may be nominal adherents of a wide range of causes: In fact, any cause which will offer them an escape from their frustrated, inadequate selves and which will offer them an opportunity for the release of their destructive urges will attract it share of Bolsheviks. Most doctrines of the Left are designed to attract these Bolshevik elements, but, as we shall see, even National Socialism attracts its share.

The Bolshevik element or undercurrent is present in every society and seems an inherent feature of any body politic. It represents the anti-cultural element within the body of a culture: if a culture is healthy and virile the Bolshevik view is kept suppressed, but when the culture sickens then Bolshevism spreads, and, if unchecked, can fatally affect the cultural organism (i.e., the “West”).

The terms “cultural parasite” and “cultural distorter” have been applied by a number of eminent scholars to describe the alienated segment within a cultural organism. The mass media of the Western world, e.g., the press, television, film industry and so on, are today nearly totally controlled — certainly in the US — by the biologically-alienated, culture-distorting, Jewish racial minority. This, in itself, is evidence of the poor health condition of the Western cultural organism, just as the more direct but less insidious Bolshevik hordes which infest our streets and the intellectual nihilism so rampant in our universities.

Civilization is intrinsically a fragile thing and no matter how sophisticated it may appear it will quickly crumble into oblivion once its culture-creating and cultural sustaining elements are removed. This “removal” may occur by social revolution — usually motivated by the biologically alienated — or by gradual “swamping.” The latter occurs when the creative elite becomes too soft and complacent to maintain itself genetically, and the aristocratic ideal is replaced by the democratic dogma of “equality.” The diminution of the creative elite is usually accompanied by social revolution once the Bolshevik elements become aware of the weakness of the old older. The present degeneration of the West can be accounted for by the systematic abdication of its creative elements and their replacement by cultural aliens: once this process proceeds far enough social revolution and outright Bolshevism will inevitably occur.

National Socialism is the philosophy of Aryan renaissance and firmly upholds the aristocratic ideal. It aims at a total purging of all cultural aliens from our mass media and a ruthless suppression of all Bolshevik elements throughout the Aryan cultural organism. Thus it attracts their unmitigated hatred and is the target of a vicious propaganda campaign unequalled in history. The cultural alien and the Bolshevik hate National Socialism because they perceive it, quite correctly, to be their mortal enemy.

The Racial Bolshevik

We must, however, now bring forward an additional aspect of this cultural struggle which may not be welcomed reading, either to many of our friends or to our enemies. This is the phenomenon of the Racial Bolshevik. The Racial Bolshevik is different from the left-wing Bolshevik primarily in his better-developed racial instincts, and this may be quite vocal in expressing anti-Negro or anti-Jewish sentiments. Yet he is not basically different from the various other Bolshevik types as he seeks only to destroy, not to build or create. Because the present Western dispensation seems heavily Semitic on the surface, his frustration takes on an anti-Jewish form, and he will flock to any organization which promises to destroy that dispensation.

The Racial Bolshevik is not, and can never be a National Socialist, and it is high dangerous to confuse Racial Bolshevism with genuine National Socialism. Adolf Hitler diagnosed the Racial Bolshevik at…

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Dr. Michael E. Salla, is a pioneer in the development of ‘Exopolitics’, the political study of the key actors, institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life. His interest in exopolitics evolved out of his investigation of the sources of international conflict and its relationship to an extraterrestrial presence that is not acknowledged to the general public, elected officials or even senior military officials.

Dr Salla’s groundbreaking Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence (2004) was the first published book on exopolitics and explained the political implications of extraterrestrial life.

In Exposing U.S. Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life (2009) he revealed how the world’s most powerful nation secretly manages information concerning extraterrestrial life and technology.

In Galactic Diplomacy: Getting to Yes with ET (2013) he shows how humanity can negotiate with extraterrestrial civilizations in a way that protects our vital interests.

In Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination (2013), he documents the tragic efforts by President Kennedy to share more widely the truth about UFOs & extraterrestrial visitation.

In Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances (2015), Dr. Salla analyzes whistleblower testimonies revealing the extent of classified space programs and extraterrestrial diplomacy.

In US Navy’s Secret Space Programs and Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance (2017), he presents extensive documentation supporting the existence of a highly advanced US Navy space program capable of interstellar travel.

In Antarctica’s Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs (2018), Dr Salla analyses the establishment of a breakaway German colony in Antarctica with antigravity spacecraft , which reached agreements with the US Military Industrial Complex in the 1950s that led to the Germans expanding their presence in space with bases on the Moon, Mars and beyond our solar system.

In the US Air Force Secret Space Program: Shifting Extraterrestrial Alliance & Space Force (2019), he presents a comprehensive history of how the USAF reverse engineered extraterrestrial spacecraft to create a secret space program, and recently has recently begun working with a human-looking group of extraterrestrials.

Finally, in his most recent book,Rise of the Red Dragon: Origins and Threat of China’s Secret Space Program (2020) he presents the first detailed account of how China acquired the advanced electromagnetic technologies that make up its secret space program, and how China poses a dire threat through its rapid adoption of Artificial Intelligence as part of its asymmetric military strategy for replacing the US as the global hegemon.

Dr. Salla is an internationally recognized scholar in international politics, conflict resolution and US foreign policy, and is the author/editor of an additional four books including The Hero’s Journey Toward a Second American Century (Greenwood Press, 2002); Essays on Peace (Central Queensland University Press, 1995); Why the Cold War Ended(Greenwood Press, 1995); and Islamic Radicalism, Muslim Nations and the West (1993). He has also authored more than seventy articles, chapters, and book reviews on peace, ethnic conflict and conflict resolution. He has held academic appointments in the School of International Service & the Center for Global Peace, American University, Washington DC (1996-2004); the Department of Political Science, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia (1994-96); and the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University, Washington D.C., (2002). He has a Ph.D in Government from the University of Queensland, Australia, and an M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Melbourne, Australia. He has conducted research and fieldwork in the ethnic conflicts in East Timor, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Sri Lanka, and organized peacemaking initiatives involving mid to high level participants from these conflicts.

Dr. Salla founded the Exopolitics Institute (2005) and the Exopolitics Journal (2006). He has co-organized five international conferences on extraterrestrial life and Earth Transformation on the Big Island of Hawaii. Dr Salla is the host of ExoNews.TV and has appeared in hundreds of radio and television shows and international conferences for his research on exopolitics and international conflict. A list of his exopolitics interviews and conference papers appears here. A copy of Dr Salla’s curriculum vitae listing his academic publications, appointments and interviews is available here. His former academic website is available here.


While attentive persons are justly concerned and intimately focused upon in-depth detailed examination of the Ukraine/Russia War — the senseless, insane criminality, plunder and grift of the bipartisan War Party in Congress and the degenerate Biden regime — and their murderous Merchants of death adjuncts in the military-industrial complex, let us never forget and ignore the dire historical precedents or antecedents which led up an earlier epic global conflagration.


Funding a Movement: German Big Business and the Rise of Hitler

MONEY IS THE OXYGEN of any political movement, be it the ADL and SPLC, or White racialism. Starve a movement — or a people — of money, and you can destroy them. Jews, ever focused on power, routinely attack White funding sources. Indeed, a major purpose of the government’s so-called “money-laundering” laws, ostensibly aimed at “terrorism” and organized crime, is to destroy political opposition to Zionist thuggery, White nationalism, and other political movements deemed unacceptable by the System.

Since money is so important, its role in the rise of National Socialism in Germany is of more than academic interest to White racialists determined that their people should survive.

The Left has long maintained that Hitler was put into power by wealthy White capitalists. This narrative was constructed in the 1920s and ’30s by Communists and Leftists dominant in Germany, the West, and, of course, the Soviet Union, and promoted by academics and the media ever since.

The narrative was challenged by Atlanta-born Yale University historian Henry Ashby Turner in his best-known book, German Big Business and the Rise of Hitler (New York: Oxford University Press, 1985), translated into German as Die Grossunternehmer und der Aufstieg Hitlers (Berlin: Siedler Verlag, 1985). It covers the period up to 1933. Turner, who died in 2008 at age 76, was married and had three children and six grandchildren.

The 1985 book rebuts the standard claim that German big business financed and promoted the attainment of power by Adolf Hitler. It demonstrates that the extent of big business support for Hitler and the National Socialist Party has been greatly exaggerated, even falsified. Emil Kirdorf and Fritz Thyssen were the only captains of industry who actively supported the National Socialists. Actual sources of financing for election campaigns and party activities came mostly from membership dues and contributions by small and medium-sized businesses. According to William L. Patch of Washington and Lee University, Turner’s conclusions “are now accepted by nearly all specialists in the field.”

1932 front page illustration of the Communist Allgemeine Illustrierte Zeitung (AIZ) by artist “John Heartfield” (Helmut Herzfelde), later an artistic fixture of East Germany: “The Meaning of the Hitler Salute: Little man asks for big gifts. Motto: Millions Stand Behind Me!”
Turner, who spent 1954–1955 as a Fulbright scholar at the University of Munich and the Free University of Berlin, knew German and exhaustively examined original, unpublished records of large German corporations, trade associations, and the National Socialist Party. (Some of his scholarly work was written and published in German.)

Unsurprisingly for anyone who has read David Irving, Turner notes that the documentary sources he consulted had been ignored by other historians. Mostly Turner cites original documents: “Only in the case of impeccable scholarly editions have I relied on published versions of materials I originally used in archival form” (p. xv).

Also like Irving, Turner is alert to the propaganda pitfalls ignored by other academics for ideological purposes. He is far more scrupulous than average about ascertaining the reliability of sources, and is particularly critical of East German and other Communist accounts. A colleague noted that Turner believed that

many ambitious attempts at comparative history — inspired not just by Marxism but also by Freudian psychoanalysis, theories of totalitarianism, or modernization theory — had distorted important factual details of the Nazi rise to support broad [ideological] generalizations. . . . Turner developed a suspicion that adherents of Marxism were especially likely to violate basic rules of historical evidence, but he always displayed similar skepticism with regard to Freudian psychoanalysis, theories of totalitarianism, and many other attempts by ambitious social scientists to fit the case study of the Nazi seizure of power into a sweeping theory.

This, of course, is precisely what makes his work interesting to the serious student of history.

Although Fritz Thyssen was a rare big business supporter of Hitler, Turner was aware that his book I Paid Hitler (1941) is unreliable. He calls it “purported memoirs” “ghostwritten” by the “Hungarian”…

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What Has Become of Dear Old London — and Our People?

WALKING THROUGH London you almost feel like you’ve entered a strange parallel time-line. Someone standing in London a century ago could never have foreseen what we see before us today, and if they could, they would undoubtedly feel an extreme sense of shock and betrayal at what their descendants have done.

In the London of today we see rising decadence and clear evidence of a crumbling civilisation; high crime rates; promiscuity; the decline of the family; every form of social dysfunction, and ever increasing multiculturalism. It sometimes seems as though there is no way back.

At times it is rare to even witness any ethnically homogeneous relationships, many native Londoners having forsaken any thought of a future for our people, or any future in which we will be a distinct people. This is clear evidence of how much has already been lost. Miscegenation compounding the impact of low fertility rates and thwarting our efforts to build cohesion among our people as more and more families fall prey to it.

Unfortunately, the mass media’s choke hold on the minds of our youth threatens to exacerbate the situation, and we should expect to lose increasing swathes of our country if no action is taken on our part. From the last census in 2011 White Britons were only 44.9% of the population of London, and we can only assume that by the next census in 2021, this figure will be even lower and sadly, even at this time we must consider our capital city lost and territory that in future we will need to reclaim.

One can’t help but feel a great sadness at what has become of our great nation. This heightened by the widespread apathy and acceptance on the part of many natives, particularly of the younger generation.

The young have been led to believe that the replacement of our people is to be desired, that it is ‘progressive’, and the perfectly rational desire to maintain the racial integrity of our own people is constantly denigrated. We are forced to toe the line in order to survive economically, while each year, hundreds of thousands more immigrants pour in. The indoctrination goes ever deeper and we are forced to accept what our very spirit rejects.

The general moral decline can often be more disheartening to witness. Promiscuity is increasingly the rule, rather than the exception; and many indulge in binge drinking and drug abuse. Though nothing new as far as the young are concerned, its prevalence highlights the lack of meaning and direction in life that many have become accustomed to.

Those who have the capacity to understand the situation often turn a blind eye and try to ignore it, and get on with their lives as best they can, but our ancestors spent millennia taming these lands. The truth is that our ancestors shaped this land. They were, as we indigenous Britons still are, a distinct people, hardy and innovative, with many admirable qualities. But we have lost our way.

If we are to rekindle the flame of national consciousness that once burned in each and every one of us, we need a revolution. Not just of our political system, but a revolution of the mind and of the spirit. We need a leader to guide the way, and we need men of action.

* * *

UK: London Billboard Urges Whites to Sterilize Themselves

IN LONDON, England a ghoulish billboard has just been erected, pictured above, showing little White children, drawn as cute cartoons, coupled with a message that says “No more sperm” (shown on a White toddler girl’s shirt) and “Do Your Part, Get Sterilised! Yay!” among other things, not all of which are visible in the photograph obtained by National Vanguard. (Any readers in the Islington area of London, or any other place such a billboard has been erected, please send us a higher-resolution photo in which all of the billboard’s verbiage can be read. You may initiate the conversation via our contact form.)

In a city with a high non-White population, all of the children depicted on the pro-sterilization billboard are White — a clear indication of the intent of whoever is paying for this chilling, offensive, and disgusting anti-White monstrosity.

Meanwhile, another billboard was just forced down in the United Kingdom — a billboard that called for the defeat of a pro-abortion candidate (it said little more than the url and simply displayed a picture of an unborn White child in the womb at nine weeks (see image below).

Unacceptable billboard in the UK — it was removed, the company was forced to “apologize” for putting it up, and intimidated into paying “compensation” money to pro-abortion charity.

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Proof that the NEW WORLD ORDER has been planned by the elite. Robert Welch, Founder of The John Birch Society, predicted today’s problems with uncanny accuracy back in 1958 and prescribed solutions in 1974 that are very similar to Ron Paul’s positions today. This is proof that there are plans in place by the elite to systemically disassemble US sovereignty. I wonder who those elite are.

An old video clip of a 1958 speech by Robert Welch, a conservative self-made millionaire, makes the Twitter rounds. In it, Mr. Welch explains in 10 steps how the deep state would destroy America from within.

It strongly reminds of the present situation in which a conservative self-made billionaire tries to remind America that the deep state is at work to undermine capitalism and American democracy.

Mr. Welch’s 10 steps are easily summarized. The state will eventually take over the country, enslave its citizens, tax them high, enlarge bureaucracy, bully corporations, and engage in constant wars abroad. It’s ultimate goal was a form of perfect communism: namely socialism.

What is perhaps most astonishing is Mr. Welch’s prediction that the State will completely take over public education in all federal state, brainwashing its children. This is what we already see happened in France and Germany, where the states run brutal socialist indoctrination regimes.

All the more striking that Robert Welch’s predictions from 1958 all came true to some extend in America today, which is the cause, one would assume, of much of the division and toxic political atmosphere between the Trump administration the and radical Left.

Robert Welch, Founder of The John Birch Society, predicted today’s problems with uncanny accuracy back in 1958 and prescribed solutions in 1974.

1. Restore complete independence of the United States
2. Return to gold-backed currency
3. Reduce size of federal government by 50%
4. Withdraw American troops everywhere except for congressional declarations of war
5. Get government out of the areas not authorized by the U.S. Constitution


FOIA: Welch, Robert-The Word Is Treason-1958


Everything Normal

ALTHOUGH American Conservatives hope to restore the American Republic, they generally oppose change in all other matters, and hold steadfastly to their old faith in “democracy.” They must therefore derive satisfaction from the assurance that all is normal in their own ranks.

Last year the Ohio contingent of Colonel Roberts’ Committee to Restore the Constitution seceded from the parent organization but continued to use the name until it was enjoined by the courts from so doing. The dissension was over questions of policy and strategy. Now the Illinois chapter has either defected or been eased out. It is not clear why, but there is a rumor that the initial disagreement was over the relative merits of two brands of Jesus.

The minuscule Populist Party was organized so late in 1984 that the electoral laws of most states made it impossible for a new party to obtain a place on the ballot. Now, according to the widely-circulated weekly newspaper, Spotlight, the Party has multiplied itself by fission, having been sundered by diverse opinions about the proper use of its accumulated treasure. Needless to say, the schism was followed by reciprocal recrimination. And, furthermore, also according to Spotlight (12 May), the Party’s National Chairman is trying to avoid paying a judgement of $274,000 rendered by the courts against him and in favor of a lady whom he diddled with a scheme to establish a new hospital in her home town.

And so it goes, just as it has gone for the past thirty years and more. Everything is normal, and there is nothing for you to worry about — assuming, of course, that you have made arrangements to escape from the United States and its future.


In the February issue of Liberty Bell, Dr. Charles E. Weber commented on the conduct of the American Association of Teachers of German, who devote part of their publication to teaching the teachers of the German language what swine the German people are and why they must crawl in humble penance to the feet of God’s Race, whom they so grievously offended by their impious attempt to have a country of their own, instead of appreciating the blessings of life under Jewish ownership. The Association not only publishes viciously anti-German propaganda but insultingly refused to publish a paid advertisement for a book that exposed the Jews’ preposterous Holohoax.

Dr. Weber considers the masochistic behavior of the teachers of German strange and ironic. But it was only what was to be expected.

The German-American National Political Action Committee was founded by Mr. Hans Schmidt, who reckons…

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‘The Real Anthony Fauci reveals how “America’s Doctor” launched his career during the early AIDS crisis by partnering with pharmaceutical companies to sabotage safe and effective off-patent therapeutic treatments for AIDS. Fauci orchestrated fraudulent do-nothing studies, and then pressured US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulators into approving a deadly chemotherapy treatment he had good reason to know was worthless against AIDS. Fauci did the unthinkable and repeatedly violated federal laws to allow his Pharma partners to use impoverished and dark-skinned children as lab rats in beyond order, deadly experiments with toxic AIDS and cancer chemotherapies.”

In the movie, Fauci threw out the evidence and made up a new disease during the AIDS crisis.

Dr. Fauci’s career has been filled with mistakes and criminal acts that have left a trail of death in its wake.

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Journal of a World Gone Mad, part 1

HAD SOMEONE with extraordinary prophetic powers predicted, at the end of 2019, what would happen in 2020, and what the world situation would be like today, I would’ve written him off as a colorful lunatic or an aspiring horror story novelist. Even I, fully aware of the evil inherent in most of these vaccine pushers, never imagined that they would implement a program so nakedly aggressive and murderous as what has recently taken place and continues to take place far and wide — and as clearly as anywhere, right here in America. It never occurred to me that it would come to this. But really, why should I be shocked? This is the logical culmination of the vaccine dogma, the end of the road after 225 years of vaccine lies. This is it. It’s all aboard for Jonestown, last stop the Kool-Aid dispenser, the point of a needle filled with a concoction its leading pushers know will sicken, sterilize or kill millions or billions of people. It has already wreaked an incredible amount of havoc on humanity — in a mere seven months, as I write, possibly more than any other vaccine ever developed, though technically it’s not a vaccine at all but a totally reckless gene-manipulating experiment.

Before getting into the global contractions that began in early 2020, I’d like to look back at a few things I wrote. There was one factual error in the chapter on autism. I had written that the exceptionally dangerous whole-cell pertussis vaccine came into widespread use in the early 1940s…

Journal of a World Gone Mad, part 2

White Psychology Under Jewish Tyranny, part 1

Unity and Strength

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 22 January, 2022

by Kevin Alfred Strom

Listen to the Broadcast

WHAT WOULD BE THE result of all Jew-aware and race-aware White people uniting and publicly saying, despite whatever differences they may have on other issues, “We are one” to the world on the paramount issues of race and Jewish power?

Would this be desirable? And if so, how might it be achieved?

Of course, a million or more people who don’t want to be ruled by Jews, and who passionately care about our race’s survival, all saying in unison “We are one” – and backing that up with hard work, tithing or the equivalent, and physical action, would indeed be desirable.

The question in my mind is whether or not that can be achieved by 1) trying to unite the already-aware ones by overlooking (or compromising with) the different goals and outlooks they encompass; or 2) by trying to awaken the unaware ones whose instincts are sound, by education and inspiration and bringing them around to a unified outlook and set of goals, or 3) by trying to “unite everyone” who is to the right of Trump by compromising — by dissimulating much of our truth which would be rejected by the vast majority of such people if stated clearly — or at all.

I reject number three. No one can out-lie the Jews. Our outreach work should be based on truth – and I know for sure that mine has to be. I like to be kind, even when correcting someone, but I just cannot pretend to believe what I know isn’t so. This type of dissimulation has gotten us in trouble again and again and again, and wasted so many lifetimes for nothing – think of all the good folks who wasted their lives supporting the John Birch Society, or Young Americans for Freedom, or the Moral Majority, or other kosher “patriot” groups. Not only are their announced goals ultimately irrelevant to the real war for survival that we face, but they actively give lip service (and more) to the enemy and his positions – the races are equal, Jews are “chosen,” etc. (As I’ve pointed out before, if you pretend that such things are true, you’ll attract to your organization many people who believe they actually are true — and eventually such people will transform your group.)

So let’s think about numbers one and two.

Something like a big, loud “We are one” of unity was heard in Germany in 1933.

It wasn’t total unity, though. Quite a few of the already Jew-aware and race-aware people never united under Hitler’s leadership, and some even opposed his movement and government. But the fully Jew-aware and race-aware folks in Germany in the 1920s and early 30s were a small fraction of the population, and those who opposed Hitler were a fraction of that fraction. So their disunity was more than compensated for by a huge wave of popular support from average people.

The awareness level of these ordinary people was on average pretty low, but they instinctively were attracted to National Socialism because it spoke to their hearts – and their needs. And then there was yet another wave of popular support when simple folk saw the great results that National Socialism was bringing to their families and their country. And, as always in any time of change, one always sees a groundswell of support and unity from people who simply want to work for, or curry favor with, the winning side – and the National Socialists were, for a golden moment in history, the winning side.

Hitler’s movement attracted people, both the aware and unaware, for several reasons, none of which, except one, had anything to do with compromise. (He did compromise on Christianity, which he privately viewed as a bane, but publicly supported – while at the same time promoting a new kind of spirituality among the youth and an elite.)

His movement attracted people 1) because his basic message was simple, truthful, and easy to understand (Jews are enemies – the enemy – who have betrayed Germany); 2) because he had a fighting team that was willing to use physical force (and risk injury and imprisonment) to defend itself and attack those in turn who tried to shut them down, which deeply impresses the popular mind – power always does; and 3) because Germany was in terrible shape, misruled by her enemies, with mass starvation, poverty, death, demoralization – and with degeneracy, corruption, and vice being promoted at every turn, while Communists rioted and grabbed tyrannical power wherever they could – and the National Socialists promised (credibly) that they could and would put an end to the suffering and chaos.

Thus Hitler’s support grew quickly; he had all the right ideas and the power to impress both friends and enemies. His (almost all new) followers believed he had their best interests…

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Benjamin Fulford Report: Entire KM Financial System About to Collapse with Credit Suisse the Likely First Domino


The collapse of the Khazarian Mafia financial system is looking imminent with Credit Suisse the likely first domino. If it falls it will trigger a process that would lead to the collapse of multiple major banks and then after that the World Bank, the IMF and the big Kahuna, the UNITED STATES CORPORATION.

A full-fledged bank run on Credit Suisse is now underway as customers withdrew $120 billion last month alone. Now the New York Post reports sensitive personal information including social security identification, employment information, and contact details of customers who keep $50 million or more in the bank has been compromised.

“Yes, the Credit Suisse matter is very serious, think how many accounts are linked to every known elite criminal in the world,” a CIA source chimes in.

This “Suisse Secrets” report from a year ago just touches the tip of the iceberg.

“Suisse most likely will be the first major KM-controlled bank to be let go…This smells like end game,” a Mossad source says.

The head of MI6 agrees saying: “Credit Suisse is indeed implicated in international criminal fraud, in this case, the money laundry in Geneva of The Europe Union paying bribery to all of The Queen’s Prime Ministers to commit high treason. We have all the evidence. This is why I keep firing prime ministers in London. The Queen and Her Majesty’s husband were both murdered because of this among so many.”

The shoot-to-kill licenses 001 and 002 are now in full play, he adds.

This implosion is not just about high-level gangsters but is likely to lead to the removal of most of the so-called leaders in the world, White Dragon Society sources say.

The revelations of Vatican bank bribery accounts below from the Obama administration are a sample of systematic KM bribery that could be reproduced across most of the Western-controlled countries of the world.

Because banks all lend to the same people if one bank falls and pulls its loans, then the borrowers cannot pay other loans either so, the whole system comes tumbling down.

“I know from very credible sources that Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase are insolvent and have bankruptcy proceedings active. They are ‘sealed’ from the public’s view,” the Mossad source adds.

Despite the attempt to cover this up, bits and pieces are leaking. Chinese real estate developers have stopped about USD 53.6 Billion in loans to Western banks, Blackstone defaulted $580 million on a Manhattan building (40% vacancy); the second default on Nordic REIT (46% vacancy) totaling $2.1 Billion…PIMCO defaulted on $1.7 Billion and Brookfield defaulted on 2 Los Angeles bldgs with $783 million in mortgages.

This is expected to pull down the Swiss Octagon group and with it, their control over the G7 countries and various slave states around the world.

The big question is where is all the physical gold the Swiss have been storing in their vaults for more than 50 years? They have so far refused to honor legitimate requests to return either Chinese or Japanese imperial gold. If they no longer have the gold, this is very important because at the very top of the financial system, only real assets like gold are accepted: paper is not.

The Khazarian Mafia has been reduced to threatening to use earthquake weapons to force countries to hand over gold. Indonesian authorities tell us they are being told to hand over gold and other natural resources, or a very large earthquake will occur later this month. The threats came from the Dutch embassy in Jakarta. It was passed on to a high-level official in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesian intelligence sources say.

That explains why Dutch “seismologist” Frank Hoogerbeets -who rose to international prominence after predicting the devastating earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria- predicts a “mega-earthquake” with a magnitude of 8.5 or higher “due to the special position of the Earth, Mercury and Saturn.” This pseudo-science is nothing other than a thinly veiled threat.

This is a message from the WDS to the Dutch: “People who live below sea level shouldn’t throw tsunamis.”

Indonesia is not alone. The KM is also trying to intimidate the Philippines into handing over its gold and other resources. The Philippine people are fighting back.

A Philippines court has issued an international arrest warrant for Bill Gates, who as the founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is “wanted in connection with hundreds of thousands of…

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More Proof that Israel Was Behind 9/11

IN THE MONTHS AND years after September 11, 2001, there was plenty of commentary in the alternative media that implicated Israel in the events of that day. I had my doubts about that, not because I ever believed the fairy tale about nineteen Arab hijackers, or the boogeyman terrorist Osama bin Laden, much less Bush Junior’s line that “they hate our freedom,” but because there was no smoking gun, as there had been on June 8, 1967 during the six-day war, when Israeli air and naval forces strafed and torpedoed the U.S.S. Liberty, murdering 34 American sailors in cold blood and wounding 171. (They failed in their attempt to send the ship and its entire crew to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, an act sure to be blamed on Egypt, which would have incited hatred in America against the entire Arab world.) Nevertheless, knowing how Israel’s leaders operate and have always operated, as in the case of the Liberty, I kept an open mind on the subject.

Well, there was no smoking gun on the evening of June 12, 1994 either, when Nicole Simpson Brown, the ex-wife of pro football star O.J. Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, were found slashed to death outside her residence in a ritzy suburb of Los Angeles, but every sensible person knows who killed them. And in my mind, the evidence of Israel’s culpability in the terror attacks of September 11th has reached the same level of certainty.

There are so many anomalies connected to the events of that day, and so many Jewish fingerprints all over the crime scene — the fingerprints of both American and Israeli Jews — that if I were on a jury, I would not hesitate to convict the many criminals as accessories to mass murder and vote for the death penalty. I’m not going to write a dissertation here. I will mention, in passing, “the five dancing Israelis” who were filming themselves, amid shouts of joy and mockery, on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River, while in the background the twin towers were engulfed in smoke and flames; of building #7 in the World Trade Center suddenly collapsing late that afternoon, a fact hardly mentioned in the media and about which most Americans are still unaware; of Larry Silverstein, who had held top posts in various Jewish organizations and had leased the WTC, and did not show up for work that day, nor did his two children who worked there, and later filed an exorbitant insurance claim for the destroyed buildings. There is so much circumstantial evidence that this attack was planned in advance in order to kick-start the phony War on Terror, meaning endless U.S. military aggression against Israel’s perceived enemies, but as I said, I can’t begin to cover all of it here. Think of that Latin phrase, Cui bono? (Who benefits?), often invoked by Cicero in the senate of ancient Rome. Who benefits — and therefore who is probably responsible? The answer is obvious: not America, not Iraq, not Afghanistan, not Libya nor Syria, nor any other Arab or Islamic country, only Israel. Indeed, one day after the terror attack, when former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a good friend of Silverstein’s, was asked what it meant for relations between the U.S. and Israel, he responded “It’s very good.” Then he quickly edited himself: “Well, not very good but it will generate immediate sympathy.” What kind of creature would say such a thing, right after nearly three thousand people lost their lives, without uttering a word of sorrow or sympathy? The answer is: a creature who was mightily pleased with what happened that day.

If you want the full story, the best, no-holds-barred, compact book on this subject, if you can find it on the Internet, is 9-11 EVIL: Israel’s Central Role in the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks by Victor Thorn. Thorn, whose real name was Scott Makufka, was a fearless investigative journalist for the American Free Press and author of many books, the most famous in the truth movement being his trilogy (Sex, Drugs, and Murder) on the countless crimes of Bill and Hilary Clinton. He was found dead of a gunshot wound near his Pennsylvania home on August 1, 2016, his 54th birthday, just another one of those strange suicides we’re all familiar with. The most comprehensive detective work published, covering every aspect of September 11th to the present day, appears on, a website run by Christopher Bollyn, another brave journalist who had worked for AFP. In August 2006, despite not committing any crime, he was brutally attacked, tasered and arrested by three federalized undercover police officers outside his home in a suburb of Chicago, in front of his wife and young daughter. He had already attracted unwanted attention while researching the use of thermite, a highly reactive pyrotechnic…

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“We Dissolve Minds”: Sidney Gottlieb and His Horrific Experiments

First the victors of WW2 falsely accused the Germans of the so-called “Holocaust,” then the US and USSR Holocausted helpless German civilians and POWs — and then, under the direction of Jews like Gottlieb and their Gentile collaborators, conducted horrific and very real human experimentation. Deadly operations and drugging were performed on unwitting and law-abiding (but frequently vulnerable) American citizens — and secret CIA prisoners, doubtlessly including defeated Germans.

THE FOLLOWING are highlights from a new book, Poisoner In Chief: Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control by Stephen Kinzer.

• “Sidney Gottlieb never became a household name, mostly because he never paid for his crimes.”

• “No other American ever wielded such terrifying life-or-death power while remaining so completely invisible.”

• “… MK-ULTRA, the most illicit and morally corrupt intelligence program in American history (that we know of).”

In the 1962 film adaptation of Richard Condon’s The Manchurian Candidate, a diabolical North Korean doctor named Yen Lo tells Staff Sergeant Raymond Shaw to “pass the time with a little solitaire.” These trigger words, accompanied by a Queen of Diamonds playing card, prompts the lanky soldier to get up, and when instructed, brutally kill two of his own comrades sitting on the stage, both of whom appear under the same trance as Raymond.

Later, we find out this was not a dream but a real test of Shaw’s programming through elaborate mind control, undertaken before he is sent home to the United States as a sleeper agent for a Communist Party cell, led by his own mother. “His brain has not only been washed, as they say, but cleaned,” declares a gleeful Dr. Lo.

The film was released when the country was in a state of high Cold War anxiety. The idea that the Communists were deep into finding a way to brainwash and program individuals to deploy as weapons of war was not new, of course. It was just finding its way into the increasingly paranoid popular culture. But what Americans did not know was that our own government was in part responsible for those stories as a cover for their own brainwashing experiments, which were racing along at the speed of a freight train.

In 1953, Allen Dulles told a group of fellow Princeton alumni that the U.S. was far behind the Russians and North Koreans in “brain warfare.”

He warned of a “mind control gap” that would likely grow because “we in the West… have no human guinea pigs to try these extraordinary techniques.”

This was a lie of breathtaking proportions. For several years, his CIA had already been conducting extreme experiments on unwitting “human guinea pigs” at “black” (secret, illegal) sites in France, Germany, and South Korea. Shortly after he broadcast this cynical lament to the Princeton lads, he approved MK-ULTRA, the most illicit and morally corrupt intelligence program in American history (that we know of).

In it, the CIA tested a stomach-roiling variety of unregulated drugs, electro-shock, sensory deprivation, and other extreme techniques on unwitting souls across the United States — in “safe houses,” prisons, psychiatric hospitals, doctors’ offices — even in the CIA itself. People died, went crazy, or withered away in a vegetative state, often with little or no clue of what had happened to them.

The head of it all: a cold, soulless, hate-filled Jew named Dr. Sidney Gottlieb.

Gottlieb also had an utter disregard for the law. From 1951 to the late 1960s, under Dulles’ protection, Gottlieb was the principal player in what can only be called a maniacal mission to find the perfect drug — LSD was one of many he used — to destroy/control/reprogram the human mind.

Gottlieb was also the chief scientist in a CIA program that developed poisons with which to assassinate world leaders (or anyone the US/Jewish power structure wanted dead), tested aerosol-delivered germs and deadly gases, and honed extreme torture techniques.

He’s been called Dr. Death, Washington’s “official poisoner,” and a mad scientist. But “Sidney Gottlieb” never became a household name, mostly because he never paid for his crimes. Thanks to Deep State politics, statutes of limitations, a great lawyer, and depressingly weak Congressional investigators, Gottlieb was able to take the worst of his secrets to the grave in 1999.

Now, pulling together a trove of existing research, newly unearthed documents, and fresh interviews, Kinzer puts the fetid corpus of this power structure back under a microscope. It isn’t pretty — but it is instructive.

At a time when many Americans were zooming to suburbia in search of “Leave it to Beaver,” Gottlieb was hiring people like George White, straight out of the film The Sweet Smell of Success.

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There is a World Jewish Congress but there is no World White Congress or Christian Congress.

The Jews hijacked the white race through strategic inbreeding (Jews are not white) and now want to kill all whites. They have destroyed every nation on earth and have been elevated in society through mass deception, crime and now it must stop! The Jews installed a Rabbi for the first time in Iceland and Iceland then became the second most vaccinated country second to Israel!!

The Jews infiltrate all white nations and subvert them through homosexuality, exploitation, and truth the populations into garbage dumps just like they have done in Ukraine!

When will this end? When will the patience of the populace finally reach its peak? The way that Russia deals with events such as this are contrasted by the ideological subversion of the west through decades of mind control to create soft guilted populations doped yo on fluoride so they won’t challenge the status quo.

Sweden: 73% of Population Growth Driven by Non-White Invasion

Official figures from the Swedish government have revealed that of the nearly 100,000 people who were added to the country’s population in 2019, migrants accounted for 73 percent of that growth.
ACCORDING TO FIGURES compiled by Statistics Sweden — a government agency responsible for producing official statistics regarding Sweden — the Swedish population has grown considerably in the past ten years, reaching 10,327,589, marking an increase of about a million since 2009, Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter reports.

“The population of Sweden is increasing at the moment, in part, because more people are born than are dying, but above all, immigration is greater than emigration. About 73 percent of the population increase is explained by migration,” the government agency explained.

During the last five years, Syrian migrants have comprised the largest single immigrant group in Sweden. However, in 2019, that group was surpassed by Afghans, Indians, and Swedish-born returnees.

The number of Pakistani migrants also surged in 2019, up by 24.7 percent from the previous year.

In its report, Statistics Sweden notes that last year, for the first time since 2013, the largest group of immigrants were those who were born in Sweden, at 11,955 people. Compared to the preceding year, however, this particular group’s numbers dropped by seven percentage points, or 850 people.

The year 2019 saw a total of 16,028 Swedes who emigrated, making them the largest group to leave the country that year. Thus, while thousands of migrant invaders pour into Sweden to reap the country’s generous social benefits, thousands of native Swedes are leaving the country they once called home. Compared to 2018, net emigration was up 1.6 percent in 2019.

Of the nationalities who immigrated to Sweden in the greatest numbers, Iraqis, Iranians, Eritreans, Pakistanis, Polish, and Chinese comprised the fifth through tenth spots on the list of immigrant nationalities, respectively.

* * *

Sweden: Anti-White Totalitarianism and the Death of Free Speech

The Nordic people’s constitutional freedoms and rights are being abolished. Repression against critics of the system is increasing. The situation is starting to get very serious…

THE MEDIA, politicians and celebrities in Sweden (in other words, the entire establishment) often talk about the lack of “democracy” in other countries. They speak with condemnation about totalitarian states and citizens who cannot say or think what they want, about the shameful treatment of the opposition by the ruling regime, and about police who violently retaliate against public protests and investigative journalists. We hear it about Russia, Syria, Venezuela, Iran and China, just like we heard it before about countries like Libya and Iraq.

This article will not attempt to provide an account of the conditions in these countries or concern itself with the veracity of the establishment’s reporting on them. Instead we will examine what the situation looks like in Sweden. This country is nowhere near as free as the system would like people to believe — the rights and privileges of dissident Swedish citizens have been completely decimated.

In recent years, freedom of expression has been restricted more and more in Sweden. At present the establishment is discussing how both freedom of association and the freedom to demonstrate can be limited. Naturally, the ones being impacted and feeling the effects are those who go against the state and the establishment — i.e., the Swedish opposition.

The Sweden of today is a globalist country. The establishment is comprised of globalists, from the media to the politicians. Sweden’s constitutional laws have even been re-written to suit the globalists; for example, when it was enshrined in the constitution…

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Mass promotion of Linux Phones (Open Source) Needed to eliminate big tech Monopoly of Mobile Phone Mass surveillance and Weaponisation of Mobile Phones and Computers.

The only way humanity will be free will be to put these corporations out of business!



1. Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. This is the Federal Reserve’s worst nightmare: a “jubilee,” or a forgiveness of debt.

2. Abolishes the income tax

3. Abolishes the IRS. Employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area.

4. Creates a 14% flat rate non-essential ‘new items only’ sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes.

5. Increases benefits to senior citizens

6. Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.

7. Reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment. Hundreds of thousands of Americans under the control of foreign powers will lose their citizenship, be deported to other countries, and barred from reentry for the remainder of their life. And millions of people will soon discover their college degrees are now worthless paper.

8. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement. The interim government will cancel all “National Emergencies” and return us back to constitutional law.

9. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups.

10. Creates a new U.S. Treasury ‘Rainbow Currency’ backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.

11. Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.

12. Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law

13. Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the U.S. Treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply.

14. Restores financial privacy

15. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law

16. Ceases all aggressive, U.S. government military actions worldwide

17. Establishes peace throughout the world

18. Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes

19. Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, antigravity, and sonic healing machines.

Because President Clinton’s clone had no interest in signing NESARA into law on October 10, 2000; under orders from U.S. military generals, the elite Naval Seals and Delta Force stormed the White House and under gunpoint, forced Bill Clinton to sign NESARA. During this time Secret Service and White House security personnel were ordered to stand down, disarmed, and allowed to witness this event under a gag order.



“Ban All Comments” to Protect the Jewish Information Monopoly

AFTER DECADES of monopolizing nearly every form of mass communication, the Jewish-run left (and the Jewish-run Kosher right) found its information cartel under siege with the new freedoms enabled by the free-wheeling Internet. Voices previously blacklisted from the mainstream could now reach large audiences and quickly became a severe threat to the narrative.

It wouldn’t take long before the Jewish power structure called for censoring or banning anyone to the right of communism (or non-kosher rightist voices) under the guise of protecting us from “hate speech” and “misinformation.” Now their Orwellian censorship crusade has set its sights on the next frontier: ban all comments.

Recently, Yahoo replaced its comment section with the following disclaimer:

Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting[.]

This new policy is hardly surprising. Yahoo is well known for publishing headlines that do not accurately represent the story. Beneath the misleading title, the article is often a sloppy summary of the event, written by an overeducated…

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The United States Was Founded as a White People’s Republic

I HOLD THIS TRUTH to be self-evident: that the United States of America was at its inception founded as a country of, by and for White people, regardless of what it has become or degenerated into today.

The elites ruling America today, and the Jews prime among them, have replaced the traditional definition of America as a White people’s country with the peculiar notion that it is a “propositional nation.” This pipe-dream holds that that anyone, from anywhere in the world and of whatever race or ethnicity, can become an American if they agree with certain sugary platitudes about racial equality, equal opportunity, democracy, and so forth, and if they embrace some version of the capitalist fantasy in which everyone can theoretically become a millionaire if they just work hard enough.

But the indisputable historical reality is that America was not founded as a “propositional nation” open to everyone in the world, but as a White people’s republic.

The Founding of America

The noted National Socialist thinker Matt Koehl commented on the racial origins of the United States in his 1973 essay, “American: A Racial Mission.” He wrote:

“Before the coming of the first Europeans, the concept of ‘America’ didn’t exist — either as a nation or as a geographical term.

“American history did not begin until the first White men set foot on these shores. Our history began as an extension of European — i.e., White, Western, or Aryan — history.

“The pre-Columbian aborigines scattered across the North American continent and periodically engaging in inter-tribal warfare certainly did not regard themselves as ‘Americans,’ or for that matter, as members of one, single community.”

Even before it was an independent country, America was already a racial-political expression of the White Man.

The racial character of society in pre-Revolutionary American is revealed by an act passed by the Virignia assembly in 1670, which prohibted free Blacks from owning White slaves.

That the US was conceived of as a White people’s republic is manifest in its very foundational documents, such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Declaration of Independence

Proponents of the dishonest notion of racial equality love to quote the following passage of the Declaration of Independence:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Stirring stuff, and when ripped from its historical context and cited in isolation, it does apparently support the bizarre concept of racial equality.

The reality, however, is that Jefferson was speaking metaphorically, not literally, and within a very circumscribed definition of “all men.” He himself owned dozens (perhaps hundreds) of primitive Negro slaves, none of whom he considered as the equal of any free White man.

In penning this passage, Jefferson was paraphrasing the Virginia Declaration of Rights, authored by George Mason. That document holds that “all men are equally free and independent” before the law. This sentiment would be understood in the context of the times to contrast with the British legal notion, that all men were not equal before the law, that is, that the royalty and nobility had legal rights that ordinary free citizens (“commoners”) did not have. It was further understood that by “men,” Mason and Jefferson meant White, male, adults — and no one else. (Mason, it should be noted, was another slave-holder, along with George Washington and other of the Founding Fathers.)

In his book Notes on the State of Virginia (written 1781, published 1784) Jefferson comments at length on the superiority of White people to Negroes, including the following passages:

“In general, their existence appears to participate more of sensation than reflection…

“Comparing them by their faculties of memory, reason, and imagination, it appears to me, that in memory they are equal to the whites; in reason much inferior, as I think one [Black] could scarcely be found capable of tracing and comprehending the investigations of Euclid; and that in imagination they are dull, tasteless, and anomalous…

“…[B]lacks, whether originally a distinct race, or made distinct by time and circumstances, are inferior to the whites in the endowments both of body and mind. It is not against experience to suppose, that different species of the same genus, or varieties of the same species, may possess different qualifications.”

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Study: White Resistance Increases as Minority Status Looms

A NEW STUDY published in the journal Psychological Science shows us that White people are more likely to support pro-White policies when we are told that White people are becoming a minority.

Based on two studies conducted by Northwestern researchers Maureen Craig and Jennifer Richeson, it shows us that anti-White policies will not last forever as we start to stand up for ourselves.

The first study had one group that was informed that white people are now a minority in California, and another group that was told the Hispanic (mixed race) population in the United States, is now as numerous as the Black population.

The two groups were then asked their positions on various political issues. The group that was informed White people are a minority in California were more pro-White than the second group which much more preferred the policies of the anti-Whites, resulting in White genocide.

The second study was similar to the first. There were two groups; the first one was shown a prediction that predicted White people to be the minority in the U.S. by the year 2046. The second group was shown the same prediction, but it did not mention anything about race.

As in the first experiment, the first group were more likely to oppose anti-White policies and support White survival than the second group.

Every action has a reaction, and now that White countries all over the world are intentionally being turned into minority White countries, we White people are starting to ditch all the anti-White lies that we have been taught over the years.

The simple fact is, we are now, as a group of people, facing a genocide. This is not a conventional genocide carried out with mass murder or mustard gas – this is a genocide by population.

Massive non-White immigration moved millions of non-Whites into White countries, and continues to do so. Now that we are getting fed up of “uncontrolled” non-White immigration, (we don’t control it, but others do) we are demanding tighter borders, and less immigration.

The next stage to our genocide is assimilation. No, we are not forced to marry non-White people, but we are not allowed to have any community for White people – every White city, town, neighborhood is labeled “too White”, and must become “diverse”.

Anti-Whites call it “diversity”, but only one group needs this “diversity”. No one is demanding Black people in Africa embrace “diversity” and no one in Asia is calling for there to be “less Asian people” in Asian cities or schools.

Anti-Whites have labeled ALL White areas as “not diverse”, in other words White areas are the “problem”. Their solution to this “problem” is “diversity”, i.e. less White people.

“Diversity” is a codeword for White genocide. In an anti-White’s mind, it does not mean a lack different people, it means an excess of White people.

This White genocide is already turning us into a minority in our own homes. It will not stop until me, you, and everyone else get on the message that anti-Whites don’t want to hear.

* * *

White Americans Waking Up to a Minority Future

New, aware White minority is evolving inside America

by Frank Roman

WHAT KIND of treatment can you and yours expect from the new Afro-Chicano Spanish-speaking majority? Have not the so-called “extremists,” “right-wing radicals” and race realists been warning us all of this insanity since at least the close of the Second World War? Have not the Cultural Marxists, the leftists, the non-White race advocates, the politicians, the universities, the churches, and above all the media of news and entertainment been telling you in no uncertain terms that this has been their goal all along? (ILLUSTRATION: The prospect of Whites raising a healthy family will become threatened in an America dominated by a non-White majority.)

RT recently reported:

Soon to become a minority, US whites show less support for diversity: study

Psychologists at UCLA say they’ve conducted a study that suggests white Americans have differing views on diversity depending on whether or not their race remains the majority in the United States.

Doctoral student Felix Danbold and his University of California, Los Angeles professor Yuen Huo asked questions of roughly 100 white participants from across the US about multiculturalism and diversity, and received differing answers depending upon what they were told about the nation’s future racial makeup.

According to a press release issued by UCLA this week, the team took a pool of 98 white Americans — half male, half female, with an average age of 37 — and split them into two groups where they were told different information.

“One group was told that whites will no longer be the majority in the US by 2050,” Stuart Wolpert wrote for

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In this revealing and insightful interview of former UN Executive Director Călin Georgescu describes the process of infiltration and global takeover of the United Nations by oligarchs, particularly Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The United Nations is privately owned by Lucis Trust based in the UK which is owned by David Rockefeller Jr. who is the kingpin behind the entire COVID Pandemic which murdered millions of people.

866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 482, New York, New York 10017 U.S.A.

Suite 54, 3 Whitehall Court London SW1A 2EF England

Rue du Stand 40, Case Postale 5323. 1211 Geneva 11. Switzerland


Simple and Vital Truths, Hidden by Jews

EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS that there are both good people and bad people in all races. Certainly, I’ve never said otherwise, even if at times I’ve referred to groups of people in general terms. But there are times when we must generalize.

Not every grain of sand in a pile of sand is tan, but most of it is, and tan is the color that you get an overall impression of, if you look at a pile of sand from a distance. Not every atom in a metal can of hot compressed air is moving faster or has more kinetic energy than does the average atom at room temperature, but most of the atoms in the can do, and if you try to pick up the can with your bare hands you will get burns and blisters.

Although evil exists among all peoples, it does not exist in all peoples in the same proportion. Some peoples are more evil than others. The differences aren’t entirely, or even primarily, the result of circumstances — a fact you can check by controlling for circumstances and verifying that the differences persist. Nor are the differences a minor matter of a few per cent. One people might exhibit a particular evil with double or triple the rate of another. And for some evils one people might display a rate that is two or three orders of magnitude (i.e., a factor of hundreds or of thousands of times) larger than that of another people.

How much will you pay to extract a few tiny grains of gold from the pile of sand they are hidden in? The effort might cost you more than the gold is worth. Or it might not. It all depends on the proportions of sand and gold, and on how much effort must be invested in separating them.

We are morally responsible, first, above all, bar nothing, to protect our genes as they occur in our own children, and then in the children of our race born to other families.

Our genes didn’t evolve to sacrifice themselves so that different genes could replace them: That kind of morality is improper (or unnatural) and its practice is evil (or “illegal” under the laws of Nature) — with extinction being the penalty.

We have been duped, mostly by the Jews, into behaving immorally, into sacrificing the prospects for the future survival of our race, of our descendants, so that the prospects of other races, especially those of the Jews, might be enlarged. The duping has been carried out with propaganda in television, newspapers, movies, and magazines, but a fair bit of it is also propagated via corrupted curricula in public schools. Although a certain number of lies are standard fare in all of these media, mostly the deceptions involve abuses of emphasis, abuses of omission, and abuses of psychology.

The abuse of emphasis is carried on by elevating social differences of opinion into major political issues, which our national lawmakers debate on TV with much apparent concern and gravity, spinning away the hours on a minor matter that could, and should, be handled in minutes, probably ending with the conclusion that government need not treat this particular matter at all, and that people can, and should, be left alone to decide for themselves how to live.

Meanwhile, the US Congress does not, most decidedly not, speak about whether or not to send weapons and money to Israel, or whether the US ambassador to the United Nations should use the US veto in the Security Council to block resolutions that the Jews don’t like. Such matters as these have already been decided by the Jews, you see, and it would be impertinent, not to mention dangerous, for any mere Congressman to meddle in their affairs.

One of the abuses of psychology is making the subject of history in high schools boring, filled with details that should be left for those seeking advanced degrees — whereas teaching it well, with a focus on what is important to our own lives, with reasonable completeness and accuracy, would shock most people and provoke fear, anger, and bitterness, and, in a few, resolve to make right what has gone wrong. But this the Jews do not allow. A history teacher in a public high school would probably lose his job if he tried to do it properly.

* * *

The High Commissioners

JEW TONY BLINKEN is nominally our Secretary of State. While he was being….

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If you have been promoting or using products known as "Covid-19 vaccines" on patients since December 2020, you have been participating in fraud, mass murder and war crimes, because medical countermeasures (MCMs), covered countermeasures, and prototype products are DOD-contracted bioweapons intended and effective for injuring, sickening and killing recipients.

You may not have known or understood your participation in fraud, mass murder and war crimes before today. I am now informing you; you have now been given notice.

This document provides:
NOTICE OF DEMAND that YOU, PROVIDER, CEASE AND DESIST from committing acts of additional fraud, mass murder and war crimes, effective as of the date of this notice, and immediately close your vaccination and immunization programs.

NOTICE OF MY REFUSAL TO PARTICIPATE IN OR SUBMIT TO, acts of fraud, mass murder, war crimes and financial crimes you may attempt to commit today or during future visits to your facility.

NOTICE OF MY INTENT TO PROSECUTE you for fraud, mass murder, war crimes and financial crimes you commit today or during future visits to your facility, by providing witness testimony and other evidence; and
DEMAND FOR NOTICE - If you intend to restrict my access to medical care, today or during future visits, due to my refusal to participate in, aid or abet the commission of crimes, notify me immediately, in writing, of the terms and conditions of such access restrictions.

I, [ _______________ ], hereby notify you, [physician, nurse, pharmacist, medical student or other 'vaccinator,' 'qualified person,' or 'covered person' as designated under PREP Act, 42 USC § 247d-6d(i)(8); 42 USC 247d-6d(c)(4), and related declarations, determinations, notices, regulations and guidance issued by the Department of Health and Human Services.]
1. Individuals claiming to represent the US Government are engaged in a global chemical and biological warfare program to sicken, injure and kill targets. They are operating a chemical and biological weapons production, distribution and deployment program, through the US Department of Defense, US Department of Health and Human Services, federal, state and local health agencies and organizations, and pharmaceutical manufacturing corporations. They are funding, producing, stockpiling, and deploying lethal bioweapons fraudulently labeled, marketed and promoted as "Covid-19 vaccines," through your hands and the hands of other medical care providers around the world.
2. These DOD bioweapons have now contaminated the development, manufacture, supply, distribution and dispensing of all pharmaceutical products throughout the world. All products promoted, marketed or labeled as "immunizations" and "vaccines" are now presumptively toxic.
3. In 1996, Congress and President Clinton passed legislation arising from the Nuremberg trials and the Nuremberg Code, to protect Americans from war criminals committing war crimes, including torture, mutilation, maiming and murder. See 18 USC 2441.
4. I therefore formally REFUSE TO SUBMIT to any and all "immunization" and/or "vaccination" procedures from this date forward. It is not moral or lawful for me to submit to, commit, endorse, participate in or facilitate fraud, mass murder or war crimes.
5. The causal relationships between DOD bioweapons injections, and target injuries and deaths, were known to DOD and HHS officials, and to contract manufacturers, in Spring 2020, when the events fraudulently presented to the public as "clinical trials" began.
6. Thousands of health care providers have observed severe adverse effects (morbidity) and deaths (mortality) experienced by targets of DOD bioweapons since the covert, fraud-based, mass murder attack on the general public began in December 2020, and yet the criminal enterprise continues because you and other providers continue to participate in it.
7. To the extent you do not yet understand the military killing campaign in which you have been participating, I will provide you with supporting evidence and analysis upon request.
8. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced several new ICD-10 codes for use by health care providers, health insurance companies, government agencies and/or international non-governmental organizations such as the World Health Organization. These ICD-10 codes include but are not limited to:
ICD-10-CM Z28.0-, immunization not carried out because of contraindication
ICD-10-CM Z28.1-, immunization not carried out because of patient decision for reasons of belief or group pressure
ICD-10-CM Z28.2-, immunization not carried out because of patient decision for other and unspecified reason
ICD-10-CM Z28.3, underimmunization status
ICD-10-CM Z28.31, underimmunization for COVID-19 status

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