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Monsignor Weiss - St. Rose of Lima Sandy Hook HOAX

Flat Earth Psyop Attempts to Use Sex Appeal to "Sell the Psyop"

Looking at thew many "9/11 Coincidences" surrounding Hollywood writer and director David Angell.

When you actually look deeper into the people "leading NASA" it's surprising how little they know, and how they don't appear to be able to answer even the most basic of questions. No surprise when you realize NASA is mostly a scam to con billions of taxpayer dollars and use it toward black budget/black ops.

Orlando Hoax - Dr. Bondani Says What?

Flat Earth It's Taking Over Because It's Supposed To

The International SPLASH STATION!

Orlando Hoax - Can You Guess Which Song Was Playing?

Nancy Lanza Still Alive - FBI - Where Are You Guys? Arrest Annie Haddad

Moon Hoax: Original Tapes Erased, Moon Rocks are Petrified Wood

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I make videos exploring False Flags, Conspiracy, geopolitics, and general strange events which are used to manipulate public opinion and change our freedoms.