The Pursuit Of Happiness

A personal update to begin with then I jump into a theory I've been considering the last few days. It makes a lot of sense to me as our history is full of stories of beings that live a very long time. Let me know your thoughts below.

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I chat a bit about International 'Womans' Day.... And what a joke it is.
I know, shock horror, a woman who doesn't need someone else to give her her rights.
Let's all sit around and fan each others vaginas (said Michelle to Hillary), that will look good on TV. A few celebs and causes can piggy back on it all and sell us something or other, or better still, distract us from something.
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Boobs, boobs will save the world....
And that brings me on to the last half of my ramble through reality ; ending the doomsday PTSD programming running in the matrix. Since the dinosaurs snuffed it and the aliens arrived.

Time to get clearing my darlings! Adios!
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Me being my funky ass self, at home, doing my meditation and wizard shit.
I love it when I'm trying to sleep but the Universe is revealing heavy knowledge to me and refusing to let me drift off. That's when I get up and get my wizard on. Think, speak, write.... or sing! Find the key and practise to bring all you can imagine into being. xxx Use it well and with good intent. BE love. Feel loved. Be a blessing to this reality.

One Love.
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Release your true potential and claim your power.

This song unlocks a gift that they use on us,
The wizard's power on the Universe.

I tried not to focus on my physical appearance for this video as I felt it better to focus on the intent, sound and feeling and method then film my visage. A message soul to soul.

Please don't laugh, this is very serious....
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This is a simple technique i use very often. I hope it helps you as much as it helps me.

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The Mandela Effect: The Mysterious Case Of The Missing Potato.
This is a true story that just happened to me the other day.
I put it down to a time slip or edit.
The cause is still unknown all though I believe the closest to answering the mystery is Starfire Tor.

Enjoy and share! Comment below.

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Much is being done to divide and conquer. So many people do not do enough work on themselves. They wander around internet land, or hop from book to book, never applying any of the practical knowledge in the here and now. They claim they want a better world and yet do nothing in their real life to achieve it other then get triggered, judge everyone else and become gradually more jaded and bitter.

Do not be one of those people. It's never too late to start unloading that which you carry.

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I maybe completely wrong, but this is what has been coming to me recently: The ongoing battle between good and evil comes to a head as we face the coming 'winter'.
The issue remains that even if the coming 'cool' period was not supposed to be that bad, the fact is technology will be used to help it along to worsen the experience.
We need to be vigilant this year in remaining focused on transforming the energetics here, A lot of the past cycles want to keep perpetuating themselves but we must not allow it.
Switch off your 'kensho' method of learning for 'satori'.
Grow your own food and become self sufficient within communities if you can.
Forgive the outdated cycles and watch them implode.
Claim our new world. (Removal of the shadow class via ending cycles)
Use our Creator ordained power of will and intent.
No technology has more power then the CREATOR within you.
They have their plan, but we have our own plan.
We will survive and thrive!

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One love.

I discuss this matrix, what it is about, how it works and what you need to do next to end your pain and suffering. I offer a gift of a creative visualisation to try. One Love xxx

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Kevin Spacey leaks a few truths on Christmas day to be decoded by those with eyes to see.
Did you know an interesting fact: people who have no word for 'blue' cannot see the colour blue. Take those blinkers off and start seeing reality as it truly is.
Adrenochrome is the substance they drink.

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I've been astonished this week to find out people like Britney Spears and Marilyn Monroe may have been trans. I thought they were women. Truly. But then looking back they exhibit over the top sexuality that other women now try to mimic.

It is no surprise most couples in Hollywood cannot conceive naturally or bring up 'normal' kids.

At 20 weeks a female fetus has a fully developed reproductive system, replete with six to seven million eggs. So, storing the eggs of a month old baby is possible for later use after the sex reassignment has been completed in the future. Something to think about when seeing these beings pop babies out that bare a resemblance to them.

And yes, Brad Pitt maybe a woman. lolz. Sorry ladies.

Find the blog post mentioned here, read for a good giggle.

Sorry Joe, they have you pegged as Dark Cabal my dear. LMFAO.
Of course, Corey is the hero, cap flapping in the background. Stoic look upon his brow.
Blue chickens to the left of him and to the right of him, stuck in the middle with you!
Arf Arf!
Cluck cluck bacaw!

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Dinner parties can be funny when you really want to tell people what you think.
'So, ain't it a shame that Hillary lost? And don't you just love the new perfume from Britney?'
'EEEErrrrrr, what do you think?'

This is me these days.
I honestly get bored of trying to awaken people as it means I spend the entire party arguing and being stared at strangely so I now carefully pick and choose when I can be bothered to 'drop seeds' and discuss truth. I prefer to stick to making people laugh.

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We have all heard the stories about angels and been given an idea of what they are, but historically, how were they actually described and who were they?

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I've been asked by many to comment on how I feel about Q Anon. These are my honest feelings. Plus I discuss divine signs, how they look and how they can always be trusted. 111 is a very powerful number as is 11 11. Any number that has meaning to you the Universe will use to say HI! And YOU are LOVED!

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