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I want to introduce you to a master immune system element you need to know about. Glutithione.

Glutathione (GSH) is an antioxidant in plants, animals, fungi, and some bacteria and archaea. Glutathione is capable of preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals, peroxides, lipid peroxides, and heavy metals.

What's not to love?
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The ongoing battle between good and evil on this planet continues on. We are reaching a crunch point. Unfortunately many humans have been tricked into giving their power away to external forces by the cabal many thousands of years ago. They killed the Druids, slaughtered Mayans and genocided most shamanic magical groups including witches and natives across the globe. Then we were spoon fed Abrahamic books given to us by the very genocidal maniacs slaughtering all the indigenous knowledge while they kept up occult practices.

If you believe sitting thinking gentle loving thoughts will change the world may I remind you all the peaceful people of this world have been enslaved or murdered including the Buddhists in both Tibet and Burma. The violent Abrahamic religions have been used as a vehicle for this rewriting of human history. Your own magic has been withheld from you on purpose, if you could access it you would be equipped to fight back. Waiting for imaginary sky people or zombie gods to return may prove to be unfruitful. Warriors unite! We must do our part. We have the power to change the matrix but we must choose to consciously.

I will be offering some rituals soon, so keep it locked. And no, I am not the Devil nor a Reptile (message to the Christians who do not want to hear this message).
Always remember, if those religious books were there to really help you they'd have been burnt along with the great libraries.

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An easy to make remedy you can use at home, no need to visit the Doctor's office or take antibiotics.
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After the cure I talk about Shilajit and my new website.
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Humans tend to swing wildly from one thing to the next, and I'm not talking about a sexual orientation here. . I call these people 'pedulum people'. It can become quite dizzying flying from one extreme to the next.

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The more you delve into the New Age scene, the more rot you find within it. It seems so easy these days to create a persona and then reel in the unsuspecting fish.
It makes my blood boil to see so much fake BS feeding off people's seeking and need for healing. I sound off!!!

I'd also like to say thank you to Jon.... For the healing given.

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Ignite is an organic and wild crafted herbal tincture I created to help people rebalance their energies. Particularly the sexual energy and pleasure body connection.
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I was in the mood to do some tarot and take a peek at who is really in hell rotting, who is in South America hiding or who is plotting their revenge from the afterlife. Let's get spooky!

Censorship has no place within a free society. I thoroughly support anyone's right to have an opinion and discuss ideas. Without these building blocks society falls into tyranny and decay. Freedom is a space to move within and grow. All else is a prison of consciousness.

#idonotconsenttocensorship #supportAlexJones #freedomofspeech

Thank you and one love.

URGENT task for all wizards. Please share far and wide. Together we will change global events for the better. Healing one trauma at a time, before they happen.

Thank you for being a part of this.

Every time you help prevent something terrible from happening the ripples reach you so expect to be rewarded by the Creator.

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Patty Greer joins me to chat about the Luciferian take over of the truther movement, #GEM, directed energy weapon attacks and more. Time to unsubscribe from these organisations who wish to herd our consciousness as if we are cattle. Be brave and stand up and speak out.

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As we move through this year's most important planetary configurations we are asked to look a little deeper in to things and ourself. We are being pushed towards self sufficiency and part of that is discernment.

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I give you a round up of where I am with all my supplements and cleansing.
Feeling pretty sparkling these days.

Then I talk about the effect your mind, thoughts, emotions and imaginings have on this global reality we call home.

The need of the hour is sovereign wizards envisioning a better future now. And sticking to that image without wavering. Be the calm within the storm.

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I read from this website:

I recommend checking out Paul Levy

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Apparently this method can be used to jump dimensions. Whether or not that is true I will leave up to you to decide. Either way it is a lovely, simple, quick technique anyone can apply as a daily ritual to improve something. If you do quantum leap in one turn please let me know!
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Have you heard about #GEM ? The Gaia Employee Movement. Did you hear Gaiam TV is allegedly run by Luciferians? Well you know now. David Wilcock (sorry I often call him Wilcocks, I know, I know...) has allegedly resigned and his letter of resignation leaked to the GEM network. The plot thickens as we unravel the Deep State (The Unconscious ID of a Reptilian Mind) and this is one gratefully received piece.
Got the transcript of the letter from Project Avalon's Bill Ryan found here

Watch Season 1 of Ancient Civilizations here:

Open question to David: If you are such a Christian why work with Corey Goode? Who also associates with people who have the sigil of Lucifer on their body?

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Downloading a lot of stuff while on the road. I share a new technique that came to me whilst travelling and facing stressful situations. Hope you enjoy!

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They Want Your Brains: How To Deal With Zombies.

Brainwashing is very real and has been used to control the population for millennia. Since the dawn of media really.
2018 is really a year to remain centred in your power as it is the year they are trying to trigger the ZOMBIES.

Someone who is brainwashed cannot be reasoned with so don't bother wasting time and energy.

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Is 'Do As Thou Wilt' really the whole of the law? Or do we have a conscience for a reason? Should we be able to just hurt others? Or is not harming others unless in self defence closer to the real 'law'. Are there really any laws that govern us? Have we inbuilt steering mechanisms? I discuss.

RIP Tenz. This video I dedicate to you my brother. Gutted is not even the word.

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2018 has been shifting so much it may leave you feeling dizzy and confused like me. Trying to make sense of this world right now can prove difficult. I discuss my feelings of late.

Donald Marshall:

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This video is intended for entertainment only. If you have a serious health concern please visit your doctor.

I recently took a remedy for biofilms and it turned out to cure my asthma. Had to share the love with you my gorgeous wizards.
Vid link to great channel (don't judge the presenter by his poor looking face, he really knows his stuff and has been going through morgellons)

Morgellons link here

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The cultish herding of human consciousness has been used over and over again, alongside the art of distraction, to engineer society. Censorship always plays hand in hand with such manipulations. Peer pressure and blind loyalty are things you should never be a part of.
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Today we live in a world run by people who wish to create the mutant, anti child. Not the holy child of Creator but the bastard, raped, molested child of Baphomet. You are the only thing that stands between your child and it's future.

As it is when living the life of a true wizard, the healing process is both inward and outward. We tend to see that in ourself which needs balancing represented in the world as a fractal of self. Forgiving ourself, forgiving others is all a part of healing the wounded child.

My healing has been going into full moon mode. Let's get to the root of it all shall we...

Thank you all for being a part of my journey.

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