The Pursuit Of Happiness

The 'keys' to the Universe/Matrix is not called a key for nothing. Sound unlocks potential via archetypes. If you know the right sound you get better results. I am a huge believer in the power of sound as a life long music oriented person. MY whole life has been spent singing, making music, dancing, talking, sharing, listening, and seeking deeper frequency connection. Sound really is my medium. As a DJ I was acutely aware of the effect the sound has on a crowd.

Use the Sacred Tongues of old to invoke with more power such as Sanskrit. Maybe you will feel drawn to another one like Hebrew. Which ever works best for you.

I am most drawn to Sanskrit.

Find a Sanskrit dictionary here:

Mantra KLEEM
Works best when you actively tone the sounds yourself but can also just be listened to
or thought. I do all 3.
Mantra LAXMI

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Have been reading up on the yugas of late. Just wanted to share some thoughts.
Article I read:
Of interest:

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Have a lunch date with your insides! lolz. Take your kidneys out for dinner. They might surprise you!
I discuss a method you can reach out to your organs with, developing a positive internal dialogue to aid in your wholeness and balance. Nobody likes to be ignored, and believe it or not, your organs are the same. They have emotional needs and a good chat is sometimes all it takes.

Try it!

Take your liver out for a drink and see what it picks! ;-)

For the immune system personal reset, for you, a loved one, your family, children, pets. Just donate 20 minimum to my paypal and then contact me directly with the following details:
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The voice is very low, but don't worry, I plan to record this properly as my next track. Here is just a real, raw footage of my artistic process when song writing. It's shamanic and a celebration. This sort of art is very good for everyone to do alone. Not for anyone elses benefit but for you. Sing to yourself, for yourself, and sing it to the Universe as the ultimate gratitude: love of self. You're beautiful. And there ain't nothing wrong with that.
This type of energy is tantric and sends ripples out through the matrix. Tantric energy is creative: NOT SEXUAL though it does turn you on! As sexual energy IS creative flow.

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Radiance is transformative information. Radiance governs transformation in all directions.
Every emotion is a form radiation.
Every thought creates radiation.
The sun and stars offer radiation.
The way we feel about others sends radiation towards them, either helpful or harmful.

Changing radiation within the matrix transforms the grid from within. First you transform self,
Then you just radiating out your potent wizard love and sovereignty, controlling your own output via mindfulness, will change the world. Our level of frequency here is governed by our collective radiational output (steered by consciousness).

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Perhaps one of the most important things to know about right now. Will make it all so clear.
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A mini Saturday night tarot reading on the coming energy of 2020 as we are co creating it now.
I added some extra text in at the end to explain the numbers, and I noticed it made my video exactly 3.33 minutes long. Hmmmmmmm. Interesting.

Be well my wizard family! xxx
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Hold on to your hats my darlings....... Give it all you've got.
Channel the best possible version of yourself,
Blaze your magnificence,
Fire up your third eye,
Strengthen your will and control your mind
By surrendering it.

(Surrender ends suffering, as it stops the constant battle of the mind, the mind is at peace.
Emotions become stable, DIVINE grace fills the body and BLAMO! Hola wizard!)

The original emotional fall for mankind discovered and cleared personally. I invite everyone to participate in this healing. Grab yourself a magnet or just use your hand with the intention to receive. It is available to anyone who wishes to heal.

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I'm letting you in HEALING MUSIC by Pigtail Gurl. Made at home whilst channeling my Divine Masculine and FEminine in perfect UNION. Tantric energy of union encoded in to the song.

Going deeper and deeper, beyond the illusion.
Are you ready to know who you really are and what you can do?

You are amazing!

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Has humanity been in a global dark night of the soul for the last 6 years? Are we ready to switch off from the division and distractions and reclaim this MATRIX???
I say YES!

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This is the year to find your crown and start wearing it with pride. Forgive, let go, move forward in unified brain power! The only war we ever truly fight is the war within.
Fractals, fractals and more fractals, as far as the eye can see.
The only thing stopping us is FEAR.
Fear that 'I might not be good enough to change reality'.
The fear of 'what if I'm wrong'???
These are natural and must not be judged, just let go of the FEAR and move into POWER.
Welcome to your coronation.

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I teach you how to use sigils and create them.
Powerful magic.
Easy to do.
Take a sentence or word, remove the vowels. Then remove any duplicate letters.
You may remove the 'Y' if you wish. Up to you.
Then try to layer them and stylise them to create a pleasing image/symbol that you like.
Once you have a sigil you like and can feel connected to as an embodiment of the idea, activate your sigil. Either send orgasmic energy to it, or burn a copy of it, or breath it in and out to the ethers. Do what feels most potent or do all 3!

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Much love and respect to all.

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Here I am chatting to one of the best independent journalists around, James Corbett.
Best known for his methodical research and presentation, he has a gift for cutting right through to the truth of the matter.
Find him and his work at:
Big Oil Documentaries found here:
(please share them with everyone).

Things we discussed:
The Angelic Initiative video:
Zerohedge poll:

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Programs running in your subconscious mind are actually creating events in realtime for you within the third dimension. Thoughts really do become things.

If you have a negative program running in the subconscious mind it will manifest real events, even leading to death. Shape the subconscious beliefs of humanity, shape reality.

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Be magnificent.
I love you!

A personal update to begin with then I jump into a theory I've been considering the last few days. It makes a lot of sense to me as our history is full of stories of beings that live a very long time. Let me know your thoughts below.

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Viva la revolucion!

I chat a bit about International 'Womans' Day.... And what a joke it is.
I know, shock horror, a woman who doesn't need someone else to give her her rights.
Let's all sit around and fan each others vaginas (said Michelle to Hillary), that will look good on TV. A few celebs and causes can piggy back on it all and sell us something or other, or better still, distract us from something.
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Vote for me! Coz I'm female! YAY!

Boobs, boobs will save the world....
And that brings me on to the last half of my ramble through reality ; ending the doomsday PTSD programming running in the matrix. Since the dinosaurs snuffed it and the aliens arrived.

Time to get clearing my darlings! Adios!
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Me being my funky ass self, at home, doing my meditation and wizard shit.
I love it when I'm trying to sleep but the Universe is revealing heavy knowledge to me and refusing to let me drift off. That's when I get up and get my wizard on. Think, speak, write.... or sing! Find the key and practise to bring all you can imagine into being. xxx Use it well and with good intent. BE love. Feel loved. Be a blessing to this reality.

One Love.
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Release your true potential and claim your power.

This song unlocks a gift that they use on us,
The wizard's power on the Universe.

I tried not to focus on my physical appearance for this video as I felt it better to focus on the intent, sound and feeling and method then film my visage. A message soul to soul.

Please don't laugh, this is very serious....
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Get protected! You divine warrior wizard of love and pancakes..... And ROAR in the face of adversity with the power of a lion. MEOW! I mean RRRAAAWWWWWWWWWW.

One love and rainbow sparkles all in your face!

This is a simple technique i use very often. I hope it helps you as much as it helps me.

I then have a little bit of a sound off about the state of affairs in general when dealing with friends and family. We need to support each other and our small businesses within the community. Every time you buy of a mama or papa business you are supporting the next generation eat and have a roof over their heads. Remember a little goes a long way.

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The Mandela Effect: The Mysterious Case Of The Missing Potato.
This is a true story that just happened to me the other day.
I put it down to a time slip or edit.
The cause is still unknown all though I believe the closest to answering the mystery is Starfire Tor.

Enjoy and share! Comment below.

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