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Food waste and over consumption. A lot has changed during my lifetime.

The title is self-explanatory.

You know how it goes, ya work hard, ya take care of your man but there's always gotta be some CUNT who doesn't know respect, in this case... Joe Biden.

What is a woman? Let me explain.

Location: Minneapolis, MN, Tangletown June 2019....yeah we moved 40 miles away after the events of 2020.

I don't often get emotional but I had a bit of a "screaming anger with tears" moment while exporting this video today. Mom & Dad, I'm so sorry. I didn't know what I was doing.

If you like to hang out with people who don't particularly care for the corporate agenda; subscribe to ! Axel creates content which challenges the status quo and frequently takes callers during his "call in" segments so you can talk about what's on your mind regarding whatever Axel is "chopping up" at the moment.


Who wears a dead child's shoes as a prop??? Matthew McConaughey and his wife are calling for our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to be stripped. Enough of these Hollywood tyrants and enough with the tyrants in our government. We gave them the power, it's time to take the power back!!!

And fuck Nancy Pelosi and her husband for using their positions to avoid the public consequences the rest of us would have to endure if we acted like such dipshits.

If you like to hang out with people who don't particularly care for the corporate agenda; subscribe to ! Axel creates content which challenges the status quo and frequently takes callers during his "call in" segments so you can talk about what's on your mind regarding whatever Axel is "chopping up" at the moment.

I can only imagine children are not being told of the consequences of gender affirming medications and procedures. I mean I was in my 40s when I transitioned and no one told me I'd have regrets or complications. Almost like it was taboo to talk about the reality of the procedures. The VAMC deceived me and encouraged me to mutilate my body. Save the children.

If you like to hang out with people who don't particularly care for the corporate agenda; subscribe to ! Axel creates content which challenges the status quo and frequently takes callers during his "call in" segments so you can talk about what's on your mind regarding whatever Axel is "chopping up" at the moment.

Nothing says "vegetarian" like a good Chuck Roast cubed up, roasted and added to a butterbean stew!! for a man who gets into the current topics and chops it up with uncensored wit !

How would you like your next sea food meal to never exist because it had parents which ingested tritium, went sterile, got cancer and/or died, therefore, never came into existence?

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So I need a game developer to create my concept game and give me 5%. My husband is a lefty liberal and even he thinks the game would be a hit.
Note: I've been working outside so much, my skin is becoming more melanated. Too bad #BLM turned out to be a sham, I coulda made a bit of scratch!

Ja ja ja, I appropriate some more culture and carry a monologue which I freely share while making pork dumpling (wonton).

Other people can talk about today's hub-bub, I just wanna bump my gums to other topics while getting dinner ready.

So my husband just found out I can no longer have orgasms. He was shocked to find out I've not been able to achieve an orgasm for several years now. This is a direct side effect of the transitions I made to my body and, wouldn't know you know it, I was never told this could be a possibility.

I just wanted to avoid male pattern baldness. Now I have sore tits, a mutilated punani (probably like a Muslim) and no ability to experience the joys of an orgasm. However I don't have hair loss and that's a plus!!

I want to let parents know they may be even bigger monsters than they realize and any parent who transitions their child needs to be punched in the throat.

Moral of the story: Trans-"women" can not have periods, but we can fake our orgasms. Stop promoting trans-children, there is no such thing and if you think there is, you're a groomer.

I remember when we used to have a rating system on media and one of those ratings was "X". An "X" rating meant the material contained within the media was typically taboo and certainly not intended for children. What has happened to our society? When did we get so permissive and lose our morals only to replace our morals with false virtues promoted by our governments?

Our politicians are leading us down a road to damnation and it's high time to cut out their cancer and reclaim our position as stewards of the Divine. Whether you are Islamic, Christian or Jewish....even Satanists have a code of conduct which does not allow for the atrocities being committed against the most innocent among us.

The politicians usurping divinity whether light or dark, it's time they serve as an example of what is, clearly, pushing the envelope too far. It's a spiritual battle, people. We should not continue to feed the depraved minds in our society. The spoiled fruit is all around us, it's time to clean house.

I'm just waiting for the Muslims to start going after Disney for promoting queer notions onto their children and further anticipating the reaction from the progressives who won't know how to react to Islam when Islam starts being what Islam is. Islam is like Christianity to the Nth power...with all the Catholic boy-love but it's on the down-low and you'll be whipped, stoned and beheaded if you're caught.

Here's some history for y'all:

"Aladdin and the Genie" by Edmund Dulac (1907) Aladdin first appeared in "One Thousand and One Nights", a famous collection of Middle Eastern folk tales from the Islamic Golden Age (between the 8th and 13th Century) which was first translated into English, and renamed the "Arabian Nights", over 400 years later.

I've been having this discussion for the past few days with the Veteran Admin Medical Center in Minneapolis, MN trying to find out why "LGBTQ" was an option in my secure messaging when I never signed up to be on their mailing list. I'm trying to find out who thought it was a bright idea to assume I had any interest in the potentially degenerate group known as the "LGBTQIA-whatever the fuck" group at the VAMC.

Meanwhile in Clown World...

The MSM is painting the convoy as "Russia related" or "cult like" because people don't want to get jabbed with new technologies in medicine which haven't been tested with time (ya know, cuz the jabbed are getting heart attacks and other nasty side-effects), along with not wanting their liberties and freedoms curtailed due to not wanting the government to have a medical involvement in their lives.

Stay strong, Truckers!! We see the writing on the wall and are behind you 175%!! There is so much to lose if these mandates become normal. This is a war now. The governments have over-stepped and are ready to kill us with further totalitarian rule. Will you risk dying on your feet to live freely where you decide your fate or will you certainly die on your knees, with unquestioning compliance in front of an indifferent master??

From what I have heard, Peter Dinklage said Disney's new "Snow White" is somehow putting shorter actors in some sort of oppression Olympics. Now I don't think Peter was cast in this version, which may be why he was so vocal?? Anyway, it's my opinion that he just single-handedly caused seven other actors to forfeit a paycheck along with their respective crews / artists / families' well-being. Way to go, Peter! Hope those awards can shield you from the feces about to thrown in your general direction. Someone quickly, make a movie about this self-centered dwarf getting seven actors canned just so he can feel relevant, allegedly, again. We may as well assume he was drunk when he went on this tirade, as is so common in their culture. Don't come for me, I've clubbed and partied with almost 37 short people of whom I've had the pleasure to meet.

Side Note: RIP Joan Rivers and Eddie Murphy (1980s version)!!!! I love you both!!!

Oh great thespian, Justin Trudeau, can you hear your audience and their thunder? Is this the attention you were seeking? Will this HUGE crowd of people finally fill that hole which you've so desperately sought to satisfy? Keep your eyebrows in check! Try not to look like a complete imbecile! After all, you are the first multi-racial, makeup wearing and culturally appropriating "totally legitimate" Prime Minister of Canada...who also, allegedly, is fully vaccinated yet got the bug. That's why you need to WASH THOSE FALSE EYEBROWS!!! Those things get nasty if you don't keep em clean, JUSTIN!!!

Why would anyone shoot at an empty car in the care of someone who is about defunding police and has anti-second amendment sentiments? Is the absence of bleach a sign of racism? Did anyone make any interesting shapes with clothesline material?? Where is NASCAR to take on these matters??? I can sense this will be used to further bolster the anti-2A rhetoric while not helping the communities involved at all. I mean where the hell is she parking where her car would be shot up and WHY was she in such areas??? Bitch please, I can totally see you shooting your car!!!

This is not a black pill. I have been reading many articles regarding "civil engineering" from publications written by real civil engineers who discuss what they are doing in today's technology and how it will shape our future.
My gripe is how dishonest our politicians are by not giving us the choice to make informed decisions regarding our future. Many of the articles I've read are written as if the common person has no grasp, what-so-ever, on how cause & effect work.
At the same time I am aware people, including myself, make some life choices which are not necessarily beneficial to society as a whole.
The biggest issue I have with ALL OF THIS is there is a small group of people who won't tell us the truth and are making decisions which affect EVERYONE, including themselves and their actions are the MOST SELFISH of them all !!!! You see, they will sacrifice while speaking of equity and hiding their scale of sacrifice, which is much less compared to someone who has very little, but will expect those will much less to sacrifice much more by the percentages as those who they target have much less to begin with. It's tyranny disguised as virtue.
We could get much more done for the benefit of anyone who gives a damn if we demanded HONESTY and forced TRANSPARENCY.
And for God's sake, please give biological women some RESPECT!! They've been made into a commodity worse than any whore has ever been.

Do you think you know what "Build Back Better" is all about? Think again. What we're being told in the media and by our politicians is only a FRACTION of what it will take to reach the goals to make "Build Back Better" a reality.
It's time for everyone, who votes legally, to get your butt down to your library, pick up an issue of "Civil Engineering" and READ what's going on behind the scenes and DISCOVER what you're not being told. It's not all bad, but it's damn well not all good. After reading all the articles, I feel much more informed and a bit more at peace...however I didn't like everything I read but at least now I can see the bullshit more clearly.

It's just gonna become normal that you're probably going to EXPLOSIVELY crap your pants. I mean you'll take anything the government tells you to take for the greater good, right? Why not let those who are taking your freedoms also have a laugh at your expense?? Just don't sneeze, or make ANY sudden movements, after taking the pills, cuz that's almost a sure-fire way to ruin your "best life". Watch, this will become socially acceptable ie., California.

Guess what guys? You all don't have to worry anymore!!! A pharmaceutical company is going to take us back to "normal". All we have to do is take their products without question and this will all be over!!

Only Rumble & BitChute Users get to see the guinea pigs. YouTube viewers at "TransNobody" can not. Isn't segregation fun!!!!???!!!!

So there is this chemical in the "at home" nasal test kit. People just can't wait to shove items into their noses, but do they know what they are doing? Are they reading the instructions? Can they read the instructions? Are parents harming their children in the process?

Note: Cocaine, Methamphetamine and "party drug" references are made due to the IRONY that people will put anything in their bodies and not consider the risks. The previous drugs can be deadly as well, however most people who do drugs have trusted dealers and know their limits.


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An old racist tranny talks about issues which the MSM thinks we ought to be thinking about. I don't get email notifications about activity, however I will check the site once or twice a day to see if I need to respond to comments. I'm old fashioned and don't use a cell phone and don't belong to any virtual social platforms. I prefer the old ways of meeting people face-to-face and having a real life, not this virtual existence.

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I was born male and surgically transitioned to female to prevent male pattern hair loss.

Can't ever have an orgasm again, developed osteoporosis from the hormones, clots are now common and no one told me these issues would be a consequence...but at least I still have my hair.

I've never been, nor will I ever be a woman. Simply a counterfeit who now has to own my choices with a square jaw and admit, I made a permanent mistake.

That's my truth.