Christopher Bollyn with Daryl Bradford Smith on the Hardcore Zionist Chertoff Family, November 4, 2006. RESTRICTED by YouTube. BLOCKED in Europe by YouTube.

Pastor Peter J. Peters with Eustace Mullins in Scriptures for America, February 10, 2005. RESTRICTED (= HIDDEN) by YouTube. BLOCKED in Europe by YouTube.
Peter John Peters (November 13, 1946 - July 7, 2011) and Eustace Clarence Mullins (March 9, 1923 - February 2, 2010).

"Our boys are dying in Iraq today because of the Versailles Peace Conference in 1919"; Woodrow Wilson; Self determination; FBI; Ezra Pound; Alger Hiss; traitor; Biological Jew; Murder by Injection; Caution: vaccinations are dangerous!; Inoculation; Flu shots; Mercury; Medical Monopoly; American Medical Association; AMA; John D. Rockefeller: "Competition is a sin."; Surgery is blood sacrifice; Degeneration; Flexner Brothers; Simon and Abraham Flexner; Unapproved medicine; No vaccination means no cancer; Fluoridation of tap water; Demonic presence on the earth; The Curse of Canaan; None Dare Call it Treason; Demonic creatures; Monopolies; Al Gore's daughter married into the Schiff fortune; John Kerry; Bush & Kerry = Skull & Bones; Senator Heinz; High blood pressure & diuretic; Illegal prescribing; Vasectomies; Snake Oil; Rockefellers are Rothschild agents; London Television Propaganda; Prayer against the demonic forces behind vaccinations; My Life in Christ; The Jews invented lobotomy; Frances Farmer; Invasive surgery; Genocide in Iraq; The conspiracy of Satan.

Christopher Bollyn with Daryl Bradford Smith, November 16, 2006. Deleted by YouTube.

Anton Chaitkin with Jeff Rense, October 16, 2006. Restricted by YouTube. Blocked in Europe.

On the Lynne Cheney Group ACTA = American Council of Trustees and Alumni; Nazi Take Over of the College Campuses; David Horowitz's Students for Academic Freedom; New York banker John Train; Robert M. Hutchins; Is Joseph Goebbels on Your Campus?; The Executive Intelligence Review (EIR); David Horowitz's Students for Academic Freedom; History of the Jewish Fascist Leo Strauss; Leo Strauss and Carl Schmitt who was the leading lawyer for Hitler's Nazis; University of Chicago where Robert Hutchins was the President; Robert Hutchins was American best friend of Bertrand Russell; The NeoCons; The Leo Strauss Doctrine: "from Plato onward there is a Secret Elite of philosophers who teach lies on purpose to govern the masses. The lie that they teach, according to Leo Strauss is the idea that there is a God, while they themselves are atheists"; Everything said by Leo Strauss about Plato is a total lie; Friedrich von Hayek; Milton Friedman; George Pratt Schultz; Hitler's Germany; Henry Regnery; One World Government Propaganda; Henry Regnery and William F. Buckley and the John Birch Society; Robert M. Hutchins ran the America First Movement; Robert Maynard Hutchins later started the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions in California; Robert M. Hutchins & the Sixties Rock 'n' Roll Drugs and Sex Culture; The Tavistock Institute; David Horowitz worked for Bertrand Russell and the Tavistock Institute; Horowitz's book on Shakespeare was published by the Tavistock Institute; Tavistock psychiatrist R.D. Laing was Horowitz's editor; The Oligarchy in England; The Rockefeller Family supported David Horowitz; David Horowitz and the Black Panther Party.

Christopher Jon Bjerknes with Daryl Bradford Smith, July 16, 2006.
Restricted by YouTube. Blocked in Europe.

Khazars, Ashkenazim, Ezekiel 38 and 39, War against Gog & Magog, They are trying to provoke Syria and Iran to attack Israel, Lebanon, False Flag Operations, Revenge for Babylonian Captivity, Jewish Racism, Preventing Jewish Assimilation, Fooled Christians, War in Iraq and Afghanistan, Russia, India, Pakistan, China, Israel, The Jews have been out for war and bloodshed for the past 2500 years, Everlasting peace for Jews after they have killed the non-Jews off, The wealthiest among the Jews want to become the Messiah, The wealthiest Jews are dutybound as Messiah to conduct a war against humanity, They are dutybound to judge the Gentiles and to enslave them and to kill them, The Messiah to the Jews is a political figure, The Rothschilds declared in the 1800s that they sought to become the kings of the Jews, The Rothschilds had to create two World Wars both to take Palestine from the indigenous peoples and also to terrorize the Jews to force them to flee to Palestine, The Christians have been deceived by the Jews, The Scofield Bible was a deliberate attempt to subvert Christianity, The Rothschilds have spread the message that we should all kill one another so that the Jews could reign over the earth and there many Christians who are stupid enought to fall for that deception, Prophecy is fulfilled by evil people not by God, No Rapture, Eustace Mullins, Ezra Pound, Benjamin Freedman, The Federal Reserve System, Gold Standard, Aaron Russo, Gold, Central Banks have been selling their gold, The Rothschilds view themselves at perpetual war with the gentiles, They utilize finance as a means of ruining other peoples, Ezekiel 38 and 39, Gog and Magog, War with Syria, Kahlil Gibran, Orchestrated False Flag Operations, Black Pope and Jesuits Garbage, Jewish Racism, The "beautiful" blossom of Judaism is the death of humanity, Jacques Chirac, The French & the Mossad, Algiers, Vietnam, Colonialism, Sarkozy Zionist Jew, The Pope.

Christopher Jon Bjerknes with Daryl Bradford Smith and Eric Hufschmid, January 13, 2006.
Restricted by YouTube. Blocked in Europe.
On Free Speech, Benjamin H. Freedman, Samuel Untermyer, The Jewish Messiah, The Rothschilds, The Glorious Revolution of 1688, Sabbatai Zevi, Jacob Frank, The Temple of Solomon, Nazism, Marranos, Amalek, Zionism, Homosexuality, Christian Zionists, Benjamin Disraeli, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Bolshevism, Adolf Hitler and the Myth that Hitler was a great economist, and much more.

Morgan Knibbe 2018

Michael A. Hoffman with Jeff Rense on Hoffman's banned book Judaism Discovered, January 5th and 14th, 2009. Deleted by YouTube.

Mirrored from Joe Imbriano's YouTube channel, The Fullerton Informer,
"Very important information you will hear nowhere else! Joe Imbriano discusses the plan to microwave all of us and how it eventually will result in forced vaccinations unless we thwart their evil plans for culling humanity."

Part of Michael Hoffman's lecture for Jim Fetzer's MBC, November 2015.
Restricted by YouTube. Blocked in Europe.

Dave Emory reads from "Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile", by Paul Manning. With quotes from Eustace Mullins, Christopher Story, Rabbi Marvin Antelman, Harry Cooper, Don Angel Alcazar de Velasco, Wayne Scott, Dr. Dietrich Bronder, Charles Higham, Reinhard Gehlen, Theodor Herzl, Adolf Hitler, Prof. Dr. Theo Morell, Adolf Eichmann, Meyer Lansky, Gestapo Chief Heirich Müller, and others. Restricted by YouTube. Blocked in Europe.

Henry Makow interviews Clifford Shack, RBN, May 4, 2008.
Restricted by YouTube. Blocked in Europe.
Clifford Shack is the author of The Sabbatean-Frankist Messianic Conspiracy Partially Exposed,

Henry Makow in 'Illuminati, The Cult that Hijacked the World', p. 92-93 :
"Sabbatai Zvi's successor Jacob Frank (1726-91) formed an alliance with the Rothschilds, the power behind the Illuminati. They started the Reform and Conservative schools of Judaism, which posed as "liberation from the confines of Jewish inner law and ghetto." They encouraged Jews to assimilate, inter-marry, change their names and even convert to Christianity. They tapped selected followers to advance their Satanic agenda by subverting Christian civilization from within.

Sen. John Kerry's background fits this profile perfectly. His grandfather was a Frankest Jew "Kohn" who adopted an Irish name and converted to Catholicism. His father worked for the CIA. His mother was part of the Forbes family, which made its fortune in the drug trade (opium), like many of America's "first families". Kerry himself is a member of the Illuminati "Skull and Bones".

Clifford Shack:
"Through infiltration, stealth and cunning, this invisible network has come to rule us all. Forty-one years after Shabbatai Zevi's death, in 1717, they would infiltrate Masonry guilds in England and establish Freemasonry... [Zevi's successor] Jacob Frank would have a great impact on the inner core of Freemasonry known as the Illuminati, formed in 1776. Freemasonry would become the hidden force behind events like the [American, French and Russian] revolutions, the creations of the U.N. & Israel, both World Wars (including the Holocaust!), and the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers who, together with their father, tried to thwart the efforts of the network on American soil."

"Sabbatean/Frankists, also referred to as the "Cult of the All-Seeing Eye" (look at your one dollar bill to begin to understand their influence in YOUR life) are political and religious chameleons. They are everywhere... there is power. They are the good guys A N D the bad guys. The World War Two era is a prime example. The following leaders were members of the "Cult of the All-Seeing Eye" (Sabbatean/Frankists):
Franklin D. Roosevelt; Winston Churchill; Adolph Hitler; Eugenio Pacelli (Pope Pius XII); Francisco Franco; Benito Mussolini; Hirohito and Mao Tse-Tung."

Henry Makow in 'Illuminati, the Cult that Hijacked the World', p. 90: "If Mr. Shack is correct, historians, educators and journalists collaborate by upholding a false reality and distracting us from the truth. Our world, our perception of the human experience, are shaped by an occult secret society. Our culture is an elaborate psy-op."

"Obviously, the Sabbateans and their descendants should consume our attention. Instead, they are hidden from view. They were decisive in the so-called "Enlightenment", "secularism" and "modernism", which are but baby steps to their Satanism.

"According to Rabbi Marvin Antelman, they believe sin is holy and should be practised for its own sake. Since the Messiah will come when people either become righteous or totally corrupt, the Sabbateans opted for debauchery: "Since we cannot all be saints, let us all be sinners." "

Eustace Mullins in Idaho, 1991.

Sherman Skolnick with Jeff Rense, July 24, 2001.
by Sherman H. Skolnick 07/23/01

Six pages from Rabbi Marvin Antelman's suppressed "To Eliminate The Opiate, Volume 2" (2002), see 15:02 - 19:19. Rabbi Marvin Antelman (1933-2013) was Chief Justice of the Supreme Rabbinic Court of America, from 1974 till 2004. The audio is part from Rabbi Antelman's interview by Tamar Yonah, for Israel National Radio, June 20, 2006.
Restricted by YouTube. Blocked in Europe.

Edward Hendrie in 'Power of Prophecy' with Texe Marrs, June 2013. Restricted (= Hidden) by YouTube. Blocked in Europe.

Eustace Mullins with Bill Brumbaugh in 2001. Restricted (Hidden) by YouTube. Blocked in Europe.

Eustace Mullins in his Preface to 'The Curse of Canaan' (1987) :
"After forty years of patient study of the crises which faces humanity, I arrived at a very simple conclusion-all conspiracies are Satanic! In retrospect, this conclusion should surprise no one. I admit that it came as something of a surprise to me. I had never anticipated that my decades of work would lead to such an all-encompassing and unchallengeable solution. This answer had eluded me through the years, not because I was on the wrong track, but because I had not yet consulted the ultimate source of knowledge-the Bible. To trace the machinations of the materialist conspiracy, I had deliberately limited myself to materialist sources-reference material on banking, politics, economics, and the biographies of those who were most deeply involved in these affairs.

When at last I did decide to look up some references in the Bible, a task which was greatly simplified by a number of excellent Concordances, such and Nelson's and Strong's, I was overwhelmed by its immediacy, by its directness, and by the applicability of its words to present-day happenings. As the months went by and I continued this research, I was not overwhelmed by a sense of deja vu, but by an overpowering conviction that very little had changed in the last three thousand years. My first revelation was that "God has no secrets from man." It is Satan who must confine his work to stealthy conspiracies to deception, and to promises which will never be kept. "And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world" (Rev. 12:9).

It is for this reason that politicians, of necessity, must become followers of Satan in the rebellion against God. Politicians must deceive the people in order to gain power over them, just as Satan must deceive the whole world if he is to continue his rebellion against God. Satan takes you to the top of the mountain and offers you all the kingdoms of the earth (Martin Luther King proclaimed, "I have been to the top of the mountain," but he never revealed what had taken place there); the politician offers you free food, free lodging, free medical care --everything will become "free at last!" The politician offers to defend you against your enemies, so that he can deliver you to the ultimate enemy-- Satan.

God does not make offers to you in competition with Satan and his politicians. What could God offer you when he has already given you the whole world? What more could He do than to send His Only Begotton Son to preserve this world for you when it was threatened by Satan? And why would God wish to veil His love for you behind arcane mysteries, occult conspiracies, and obscene practices?

Once my return to the Bible had given me the answers for which I had been seeking so many years, I realized that I had arrived at the culmination of this life's work. I had eagerly sought out the facts about each of the many conspiracies, and I now was able to define their interlocking into the one world "Conspiracy of Conspiracies." I had traced the names and activities of the principal actors in the Satanic drama which this world has become, a world which I described in 1968 in "My Life in Christ" as "Satan's Empire." This was an over-simplification, although I was not aware of it at that time. I had written this book under great stress; my father had died as the result of harassment by federal agents. Their goal was to force me to give up this work.

Eustace Mullins around 1995, for pastor Barley's America's Promise Ministries in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Cult of Ba'al" "Cult of Baal" "Eustace Mullins" "New World Order" "George Bush" "pastor Barley" "League of Nations" "International Bankers" "World Monopoly" "International Police Force" "Global Enslavement" Renaissance Enlightenment Humanism "Bill of Rights" "The World Order" "Curse of Canaan" Gnostics Nimrod Masons Illuminati Shriners "Ba'alists" "Ritual Murder" Freemasonry "Secret Conspirators" "Brotherhood of Death" "Skull & Bones" "Russell Trust" Rothschilds "Karl Marx" "Communist Manifesto" 1848 "George Herbert Walker" "Bolshevik Revolution" "Jacob Schiff" "George Canon" "Berlin Wall" Poland Afghanistan "Soviet Union" "Baltic States" "United Nations" Israel Iraq Saddam Hussein "World Oil Productions" "CIA" "Henry Kissinger" "American Automobile Industry" FEMA "Concentration camps" "The Constitution" "National Education Association" "One World Government" "George Mason"

Eustace Mullins introduced by Dean Stonier, Global Sciences Congress, Denver, August 1993.
Restricted by YouTube. Blocked in Europe.

"Dean Stonier" "Waco Texas" "Proudhon" "All government is a crime" "The London Connection" "Murder by Injection" "Medical monopoly" "Drug trust" "Money monopoly" "Babylonian debt system" "Rayelan Russbacher" "6000 year old conspiracy" "The Curse of Canaan" "program of mass extermination" "The World Order" "The Shadow Government" "The Hologram Government" "The function of government is to protect the gene pool" "The Rape of Justice" "The origin of Roman law was to protect the gene pool" "Patricians and plebeians" "William Mullins" "Mayflower compact" "Alexander Hamilton" Rothschilds "Thomas Jefferson on central banks" "The Federal Reserve System" "Ezra Pound" "Paul Warburg" "Paul Warburg operating on a Babylonian system" "Senator Nelson Aldridge" Rockefellers "Founding fathers" "1787 central bank" "The Constitution" FBI "J. Edgar Hoover" "My Life in Christ" " Harry Truman" "Max Lowenthal" Homosexuality "Lyndon B. Johnson" "How to survive under a criminal government" "Bo Gritz" "Federal Reserve Police" "Waco massacre" "David Koresh" Satanism "Occult practices" "Babylonian temple" Asclepius Pergamos "Son of Apollo" "purification vs artificial means" "pharmacea means sorcery or witchcraft" "chemicals and drugs" serpent caduceus "staff of Apollo" "Clinton administration is dedicated to Health care" "The established medical system is one huge burglary ring" "The AMA" "The Drug Trust" "Medical Monopoly" FDA "Food and Drug Administration" "The FDA does no testing; the FDA simply accepts the results that are sent in by the Drug Trust Companies, toxic side effects omitted" "Toxic Side effects" "Jekyll Island 1910" "Rothschild central bank" "National debt created out of nothing" "Clinton's Great Budget Reduction Plan was a total farce because it never mentioned the Federal Reserve System" "Henry Gonzalez" "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" "Wright Patman" "The United States Government has never owned one share of Federal Reserve bank stock" "Federal Reserve stock can never be sold or exchanged" "Rockefeller Foundation" "Magical Money Machine" "John D. Rockefeller" "Abraham Flexner" "John D. Rockefeller switched us over from homeopathy and naturopathy to the allopathic system, which depends heavily on the use of drugs, on radical surgery and extended hospital stays" "American Cancer Society was also set up in 1913, by John D. Rockefeller junior" "William Rockefeller's miraculous cures for cancer" "Carnival sideshow" "William Rockefeller was a well-known horse thief" "Morris Bealle" "The Drug Story" "Murder by Injection" "people dying from the toxic effects of drugs" "Drug stocks pushed up Dow Jones to new heights" "costs of healthcare" Rockefeller Wyoming "Senator Dick Cheney of Wyoming" "Senator John Tower of Texas" "House of Brunswick" Hannover "Royal family" "Fire in motel" "Cult of Ba'al" "Ritual murder of children" "Bill Clinton is totally dedicated to the program of Ba'al" Homosexuals "Hillary's Healthcare Program" "Federal Reserve Healthcare" "No matter what field I went into, I was dealing with the same cast of characters" Huguenots "Ravelan Russbacker" "Hillary Clinton is just a front" "Alain Enthoven" "Stabford University" "Robert McNamara gang, Ford Motor Company in Detroit" "you should never be a defendant, always be a plaintiff" "Hillary's healthcare plan" "In every medical decision someone has to decide what the costs is gonna be, and whether we can afford it, or not. That's the basis of all healthcare, under the occult system." Obamacare "Magical Healthcare plan from the twin serpents of Clinton's administration"

Restricted by YouTube. Blocked in Europe.
The French Connection, December 16, 2006 with Daryl Bradford Smith.
David Duke was in the KKK. He lived with his daddy in the Netherlands, when daddy Duke worked for Rothschilds' Royal Dutch SHELL. The KKK was founded by the Jewish generals Nathan Bedford Forrest and Albert Pike, both masons. According to Eustace Mullins this Duke character is controlled opposition, a useful idiot. Eustace wonders where Duke really was when he was supposed to be in prison...

From 16:25 also some on the homosexual establishment historian David Irving, whose books were once published by Rothschild's Macmillan.

Radio Turnspeak with host Jesse Waugh, October 18, 2006.

Eustace Mullins with pastor Pete Peters, APFN, Scriptures for America, April 2003.

Joel Skousen with Jeff Rense, July 7, 2014.

Joel Skousen with Jeff Rense, July 14, 2015.

Daryl Bradford Smith, September 1, 2008.


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