A Nasty old witch has cast a spell on a lovely Princess and you may only wake her up by buying a certain book.

In this video I find out I might not be the greatest writer, but I can at least help kill a few minutes of your time!

I'm finally back with this series as I update you on my life and you see the light reflecting off my bald head...

In this video meet O'Krapp the leprechaun who tells you all about "Artemis" by Chris Snider.

In this video Buster reviews Brazen Virtue by Nora Roberts

Another one of my rare WWE videos, which I should probably do more of since they get the most views!!!

He's back and he's promoting for me!

Resist!.......Low Book Sales! What did you think I meant??

In this video I share my addiction to Iced Coffee and review a few different brands.

This is my mentor speaking and teaching at a Writer's Conference in Pell City Alabama. Enjoy!

In this video Buster reviews "The Collector" by Nora Roberts.

In this video Buster explains his absence and reviews "Silent Killer" by Beverly Barton. He is also sideways for some weird reason......

One of my rare WWE commentary videos.

I'm ringing in 2018 by telling you where to buy my books and how to follow me on social media.

In this episode of Buster's Book Reviews Buster reviews "The Taken" by Sarah Pinborough.

Buster is back and in the snow. In this episode he reviews "The Evidence" by Austin Boyd. It should be added that this book is very Christian Oriented. Buster forgot to mention that part.

This crazy scientist is here to show you his newest creation, a new superhero tale!

Dramatic message!

Scarecrow has kidnapped a young and beautiful,yet goofy hostage. While waiting for Batman he tells you all about the books of Chris Snider.

Two undercover officers discuss books you should read.

Hit a home run by buying my newest book! You'll be SAFE! if you do. It would be foul of you not to......are these baseball puns annoying you yet??


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Hi everyone. I'm a youtube veteran looking to get my voice out even more. I'm an Indie Author with 5 books currently on Amazon. Most of my videos are comedy marketing for my books and recently my girlfriend was added to the mix. I also have an alter ego who does comedy book reviews. Not all of my videos are on my computer, but I may know where some of them are. I'll try to get up what I can though.