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Welcome to my humble little corner of the internet, where I offer what I can.

◈ We will have weekly uploads very soon.

◈ Two Live streams take place weekly: One gaming stream on friday, and an art stream on Saturday. what we do in these streams are voted on by the souls in the Discord server. The Live streams are archived on The Reapers Crypt YouTube Channel, and my artwork can be found on my Deviant Art gallary.

◈ We have monthly podcasts talking about anything and everything that wasnt covered in the videos for that month. These podcasts regularly bring on new guests every month, so no two podcasts are ever the same.

◈ World-fixing is a series all about writing and world building, in praise of the good, and in understanding the bad, so we can make it better. This series is infrequent on the channel, because they are long videos that go in great detail and explanation on the topics.

Thanks for stopping by. You have yourself a damn good one.