Join us for TND SS 14, as we come full circle. With Nathan and Vampire, joined by the ENTIRE Red Path Crew. Art by Mysterium Morta and Anonaofth3light.

The 9 Axioms of System Drop Out, created by Nathan and Vampire.

Special Father's Day Edition of Stay Sharp Sunday, with Brother Vampire and Nathan.

The Last Rhodesian by Saint Dylann Roof. Read by The Red Path, art by Mysterium Morta, music by Down.

A closer look at WigNats, SiegeSkins, and The Bowl.

The return of Drengr, Napalm Son, Jonesy, and special guest Dies Irae for a round table discussion on current events, and much more.

Episode 4 of the legendary Bowlcast.

Join me for a deeper look at how ICP is putting in work for the Aryan Race, and how Juggalo Kkkulture is reemerging.

The Bowlcast 3, for the archives.

Join Nathan and Vampire for a deep look at urban survival, and how to make it in the city once The Marauding begins.

Join Brother Grotesque and I as we speak on The Dark Carnival, in our pilot Faygo Friday show!

Join Nathan and Vampire for WigNat Food Preservation II.

Deep from the Elder Siege Skins archive, in a world first exclusive we bring forth the history of the ANM and the traitor Russell James Willy who worked with the state to imprison some of the greatest men and women of our modern time.

Lovingly converted to digital, restored and presented to the world in the hope that we can all learn from the mistakes of the past.

We look forward to making the book available again soon for the same reason.

Join The Red Path on this long awaited intro to beekeeping show. Featuring Charles Martel and Vampire.

Join Nathan and Vampire as they discuss Total System Death, Learning to Swim, and the Eternal Summer.

Join Nathan and Vampire for a look at home brewing, and its massive amount of advantages.

HateLab 6.

Episode 2 of The BowlCast

HateLab 05, from the archives. Been a long while since I have uploaded to bitchute, but I have some stuff in work that you will be seeing soon, fam.

Join Drengr, Pat, and Jonesy for a rare interview with Professor Kai Murros.
Re uploaded, the last file was wrong.

A closer look at some of the Tenets of Siege, with Thomas and Vampire.


Episode 4 of HateLab.

The number 8, and composting.

Edit- I forgot to mention that I add coffee grinds and egg shells as well.

HateSteading basics with my brother, Vampire.
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Well, my content got canned on, the location of my original podcast, The Eightfold Path. So, I decided it is time for some change. This is my new primary means of sharing my own personal content, and this channel shall be called The Red Path.

As far as content goes, it will be similar to my last endeavor. I am a WigNat, HateSteader, and nerd with NS/Folkish views.

I will be talking about White literature, film, hobbies, White history, True Saints, White Power, HateSteading, and SIEGE, plus hilarious antics. Now, when I say hobbies I mean nerd shit.

I also plan on having guests on here as often as possible, doing interviews and just shooting the shit.

Anyway, I am back and ready to go, fam.

Hit me up on Telegram
or contact me @ [email protected]

14 and 88.