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The dagger has been raised behind the back of the American dream. As Biden’s policies stagnate the job market. The human workplace grows more obsolete.

Bloomberg reports “Labor shortages and rising wages are pushing U.S. business to invest in automation. A recent Federal Reserve survey of chief financial officers found that at firms with difficulty hiring, one-third are implementing or exploring automation to replace workers…..executives from a range of businesses confirmed the trend.”

The number of industrial robots installed in the world’s factories more than doubled in that time, to about 3 million. Automation has been spreading into service businesses too.” According to Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum “By 2025 more than half of all current workplace tasks will be performed by machines as opposed to 29% today. “

It's a mystery.


Prince Charles can feel the power of the British Crown finally coming into his clutches. Queen Elizabeth has ruled for nearly 70 Years. But she won’t live forever. And once the ownership of 6.6 Billion acres are inherited by Charles. Will the land be used in concert with Bill Gates agricultural sabotage.

And so it was at the recent United Nations Climate Summit in Glasgow that we got a glimpse of what an anointed King Charles would look like going forward.

Charles makes mention of an entity he refers to as “Him”. With all of Charles occultic leanings The reference to “him” is likely his infernal majesty or the antichrist.

Charles of the German house of Windsor will undoubtedly tests the limits of his powers under the royal prerogative. Unleashing the tyranny of the final stages of the New World Order.

It is past due that we pull back the curtain on who is actually responsible for the events of January 6. Events that were provoked by a myriad of anti patriot parties lurking in the media and the Government. Luring in waves of disillusioned voters simply asking for answers to their questions about rampant election fraud. For the most part, merely expressing what is left of their Constitutional Rights on that shamefully misunderstood day. While the social engineers of 2020 Chaos and their politically driven overlords manipulated the media narrative causing an estimated 15 to 26 million people to demonstrate under largely misleading pretenses. Inciting upwards of 2 Billion in property damage in Minneapolis, Minnesota alone. There are major crimes being committed in broad daylight. But most people are privy to the comfortable hallucinations sold to them. That doesn't mean that the criminals perpetrating the selling out of the United States won't eventually put an end to those comfortable hallucinations. America must completely awaken. Because the United Nations/European Union backed Globalist construct will not stop until they have accomplished their New World Order Agenda whether the masses ignore it or not.

The engineers of the Great Reset trojan horse system have documented the need to put civilization into a permanent emergency in order to slowly erode all freedoms. The Great Reset Build Back Better ruse can only move forward if the masses accept their serfdom to their new masters of Globalist indoctrination. In their arrogance, the brainiacs lurking in the halls of the United Nations are attempting to cycle through preparedness, response,recovery, and mitigation until the will of the people is broken. But it is far more likely to backfire on the hyper hubris creating policies that will only lead to the Globalist's demise. Among a myriad of reasons is one that is key. The elimination of first responders means no one is coming to help you. Which means you are on your own. Which builds independence and resilience.

The progenitors of globalist propaganda are so short sighted and filled with blind hatred and arrogance that they have lost sight of the inevitable consequences of their public statements. While more athletes collapse after taking the booster mandate tyranny. Aaron Rodgers and Kyrie Irving are standing with their God given rights. The woke mob is setting itself up for disaster.

Al Gore has a new Man Bear Pig to unleash upon planet Earth. The same United Nations tool, who predicted at the 2009 COP15 in Copenhagen that the world would have been underwater by 2016. Gore now has a solution to fight climate change that is just as pig headed and doomed to fail. From the domain of private jets and super yachts gathering at the COP 26 summit, Al Gore touted his latest solution to curb carbon emissions, mass surveillance via satellites, sensors and artificial intelligence. But, per usual,Man Bear Pig didn’t think this one out. As Zero Hedge points out” What Gore and his 300 satellites will find is that it is the elite super rich luxury class who are the world’s largest polluters.

New research by the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) has found that by 2030, the carbon footprints of the wealthiest 1% of humanity are on track to be 30 times larger than the size compatible with limiting global warming to 1.5°C by the end of the century, the Paris Agreement’s more ambitious temperature target.

The report notes that should current trends continue, the richest 1% will account for 16% of global CO2 emissions in 2030.” We can all thank the Man Bear Pig hunter for targeting the true source of Climate Change. Mr. Gore and his so called friends.

It is a pattern of politically motivated destruction facing our nation that has become far to obvious. The liberal media is a weaponized propaganda death cult singularly threatening to shred the fabric of our Republic by repeatedly using their platform to incite nationwide rioting.

Rewind the tape to the events that lead up to the unfolding Kyle Rittenhouse debacle menacing self defense law in America by Kenosha Assistant DA Thomas Binger.

On August 23, 2020, Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old black man, was shot and seriously injured by police.

The media weaponized the blinded outrage while ignoring the facts. Two days later, This fueled the events that lead to over 50 million In property damage in Kenosha, Wisconsin and the deaths of the brainwashed convicted child molester Joseph Rosenbaum and the criminally violent Anthony Huber.

And as the Kyle Rittenhouse trial proceeded. The mockingbird media continued its campaign of disinformation. Unraveling our Justice system and putting Kenosha back in the cross hairs with every lie.

And Kenosha is merely a small example. Enough is enough. While media outlets the establishment consider threats are raided for using the first amendment rights that lead to the truth. CNN, MSNBC, and countless other media propagandists must be sued and put on public televised trials. The Soros backed mouthpieces corroding our Justice system must be forced to face the truth they have distorted for far too long. Or they will be allowed to play a massive role in destroying the United States from within.

Official data says no.


Now you see him, now you don't.


Fool me twice...


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