Some success in resurrecting the abused 5.4L engine in this Ford F150. New intake, new spark plugs, cleaned injectors, tested coils, changed oil and filter.

Final assembly and test of JiangDong powered Chinese Gen-Set.

Looking over a newly acquired Wheel Horse tractor, inspection and evaluation.

Not a "how to" video, just some musings on cheap plastic intake manifolds and other misc stuff.
5.4L 2-Valve

A quick video to show how to replace the bearings in your evaporation cooler, (swamp cooler). Pulley side shown as that is the more difficult side.
Sorry for the poor lighting, but you'll still be able to get the idea of what needs to be done and how to do it.

Part 2 of Generator #2, JiangDong repair.

Part 1, diagnosis and repairs on Genset #2

JiangDong 5.5hp manual:

A diagnosis turns postmortem as we delve into the insides of the the first of the three broken gen sets.

sixtyfiveford's video on removing generator rotors:

I picked up these three broken generators from FaceBook Marketplace for cheap. Come join me while we see what's wrong with them and if they can be repaired.

Freebee mower that only needed a good service to run great again.

Do not neglect your small engine, clean/change the filter(s), plug(s), and change the oil!

A short update on The Mystery Motor and its current state. ( I know it's an engine, but Mystery Motor just sounds better. )

New update: It's been identified as a Briggs & Stratton Model B

Just a little fun with a quick inspection, diagnosis, and some repair on a vintage Power Trim edger with a 2hp Briggs and Stratton.


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