Final video on the free Champion generator basket-case. Assembly and testing.

Installing a secondary JB in this old house to make the wiring safer and easier to work on while repairing a bad connection issue.

NOTE: Working on household current is NOT for the average do-it-yourselfer, if done wrong it can permanently flip your off switch. Get help or hire a professional. This video is not a how-to, it is for entertainment purposes.

Join me as I replace, again, the shocks in this 1993 Ford Crown Victoria.

Join us in part 12 as the 1966 Dodge A100 Van moves under its own power for the first time in years!

Cooling system fine tuning and fluid checks.

The rabbit hole keeps getting deeper with this 1966 Dodge A100 Van, but here in part 11 the new water pump finally gets installed on the slant six.

Changing a thermostat turns into an episode itself in part 10 of this long series.

Dayco Heater Hose, 5/8" x 6':

All other replacement parts from:

More reassembly and testing of the Free Champion Generator.
Includes governor adjust.

In part 9 we reinstall and test the junk brake master cylinder in the 1966 Dodge A100 Van.

In part 4 we reassemble the primary components on the Champion generator for a possible start up.
Including valve lash adjustment.

Cylinder and head cleaning, inspection, and re-installation on the 6.5hp Champion Generator.

Engine gasket set:

Here in Part 8 of the 1966 Dodge A100 Van series we dissemble, inspect, and do a mock rebuild of the single-pot brake master cylinder.

Note: Do NOT use faulty, damaged, or used parts in rebuilding your master cylinder. The information in this video is educational only.

Found out why it lost its coolant, this is an odd one!
1966 Dodge A100 Van.

Wrapping up the electrical repairs on the 1966 Dodge A100 Van

In part 5 we disassemble, inspect, clean, reassemble, and test the Carter BBS carburetor in the '66 Dodge A100

In Part 4 we're discovering and correcting the hidden sins of past owner(s) performed on the Dodge's electrical system. (Including ballast resistor wiring and function.)

Wiring Schematics here:

and here:

Part 7 of the Tiller Battle

In part three we're inspecting, testing, and diagnosing the electrical system in the 1966 Dodge A100 Van.

Come along as we see if the Leaning Tower of Power comes to life after a long hiatus. 225 CI Slant Six.

Part 1 has the link to the manual.

6.5hp Champion Generator. Dead and tired, diagnosis and attempted start.

Looks like it's a model #C46540

Manual can be found here:

Start & Part #2: Mechanical forensics; looking over some old dead mowers, attempt to start, and parting them out.

Mechanical Forensics, Episode 3; Postmortem and Disassembly of Old Mowers Video

Start & Part: Mechanical forensics; looking over some old dead mowers, attempt to start, and parting them out.

Follow along in part 6 as I attempt to repair/save the crusty carb on the 8HP Briggs on this Troy Bilt Horse tiller.

Replacement carb:

Seized Briggs Model B. Can we un-seize it?
Are the bore and piston serviceable?

Edit: Upon research I have confirmed that top piston groove is not for a ring, it is a carbon groove.


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