Mechanical Forensics, Episode 3; Postmortem and Disassembly of Old Mowers Video

Start & Part: Mechanical forensics; looking over some old dead mowers, attempt to start, and parting them out.

Follow along in part 6 as I attempt to repair/save the crusty carb on the 8HP Briggs on this Troy Bilt Horse tiller.

Replacement carb:

Seized Briggs Model B. Can we un-seize it?
Are the bore and piston serviceable?

Edit: Upon research I have confirmed that top piston groove is not for a ring, it is a carbon groove.

Some climbing vines that have overtaken a couple of Chinese Sumacs are blossoming here in Northern California in Mid-November and the Bumblebees have found them. Late winter this year.

Come along with me as we check out why this "brakeless" axle has a wheel that keeps locking up.
And a cool tool recommendation/reviews. (Not sponsored.)
OTC drum puller tool:

In this episode I install some new parts and get some action from the engine.

Quick diagnosis on a highly abused 20" Bolens mower.

Messing with a damaged and faulty coil. Cleaning the carbon off of the head, valves, & piston. Adding oil to the transmission/axle/tine shaft.

Part three of the 1972 Troy-Bilt Horse Tiller.

Here we free up and service the forward/reverse selector yoke/clutch system.

Cameo appearance of the Craftsman/Atlas 618 lathe.

More diagnosis, some speculation, and a tire repair.

Part three will be more interesting, we get the shift system working.

Troy-Bilt Tiller Serial Number List:


Inspection and diagnosis of a 1972 Troy Bilt Horse 1 with a 1996 Briggs 8 Horse.
Video Part 1
Repairs to begin in Part 2

Doing some repairs to an old 1966 Dodge A100 van project in preparation for listing for sale. Coming out of a long hiatus.
225 Slant Six, Three speed on the column.

Installing new fuel line fitting on carburetor, changed the oil, replaced the tires, and oiled the recoil. Then a test run.

A quick follow up on the RX95 with an explanation of the John Deere variator drive system.
Belts I used:
Primary drive:
Secondary drive:

Taryl's video on replacing the belts on this model:

This brake system applies to many different models of riding mowers and lawn tractors. Example used in this video is a John Deere RX95 riding mower. How to diagnose and repair a non-functioning/stuck brake system.

Inspection and start up of Troy-Bilt Shredder/Chipper, Briggs and Stratton 850 series

Replacement fuel inlet elbows for carburetor:

Parts and owner manuals for 850 Series Briggs and Stratton Model #120212-05218:

Quick diagnosis of the last of the three generator series.
Troy-bilt Generator, Briggs and Fail engine.

A small load of lawn equipment that could become future videos if there is any interest.
Picked up Aug 2019
Old MTD Rototiller
Murry lawnmower
Troybilt Chipper/Shredder

All powered by Briggs and Stratton

Final repairs and assembly of the Makita G4101

Quick overview of a recent purchase.

Tanaka TLE 500

Service Manual:

Parts Catalog:

Could not find the owners manual for the 500, but here it is for the slightly newer model, the 550:

Some success in resurrecting the abused 5.4L engine in this Ford F150. New intake, new spark plugs, cleaned injectors, tested coils, changed oil and filter.

Final assembly and test of JiangDong powered Chinese Gen-Set.


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