English transcript available here:​
FRONTAL (ZDF) - "La Belle" assassination - Mossad and CIA companionship? August 25, 1998
Read the article '1986 – The Struggle and The Volcano: Terrorized West & Provisional Turnarounds – Pretexts against Libya continued' to get a much more in-depth story:

also available on YouTube:

CIA Declassified (UK TV Series/ American Heroes Channel) The Beirut Bomb (2014)

The true story of how CIA Director William Casey allegedly sanctioned an off-the-books assassination attempt on Sheikh Mohammed Fadlallah in Beirut in 1985. Casey was convinced Fadlallah was the head of Hezbollah and behind a series of terrorist attacks.

Declassified: Untold Stories of American Spies is a documentary series that details important cases, missions and operations of the American intelligence community, told firsthand by the men and women who worked them.

Producers collaborate with prominent intelligence, military and government agencies such as CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, DOD, Homeland Security, The State Department, et al., to tell their stories in a non-political, objective way that spotlights the perspective of people that do the work.

Hijacked: Terror in the Sky EgyptAir Flight 648 - CNN August 5, 2017

EgyptAir Flight 648 was a regularly scheduled international flight between Athens Ellinikon International Airport in Greece and Cairo International Airport in Egypt. On 23 November 1985, a Boeing 737-200 airliner, registered SU-AYH, servicing the flight was hijacked by the terrorist organization Abu Nidal. The subsequent raid on the aircraft by Egyptian troops resulted in dozens of deaths, making the hijacking of Flight 648 one of the deadliest such incidents in history.

On 23 November 1985, Flight 648 took off at 8 pm on its Athens-to-Cairo route. Ten minutes after takeoff, three Palestinian and Lebanese members of Abu Nidal hijacked the aircraft, the same group also responsible for the hijacking of Pan Am Flight 73 a year later. The terrorists, calling themselves the Egypt Revolution, were heavily armed with guns and grenades.[clarification needed] The terrorist leader, Omar Rezaq, proceeded to check all passports. At this point, an Egyptian Security Service agent, Mustafa Kamal, who was aboard, opened fire, killing one terrorist before being wounded along with two flight attendants. In the exchange of fire the fuselage was punctured, causing a rapid depressurization. The aircraft was forced to descend to 14,000 feet (4,300 m) to allow the crew and passengers to breathe.

Libya was the original destination of the hijackers, but due to a lack of fuel and negative publicity, Malta was chosen as a more suitable option. While approaching Malta the aircraft was running dangerously low on fuel, experiencing serious pressurization problems and carrying wounded passengers. However, Maltese authorities did not give permission for the aircraft to land; the Maltese government had previously refused permission to other hijacked aircraft, including on 23 September 1982 when an Alitalia aircraft was hijacked on its way to Italy. The EgyptAir 648 hijackers insisted, and forced the pilot, Hani Galal, to land at Luqa Airport. As a last-ditch attempt to stop the landing, the runway lights were switched off, but the pilot managed to land the damaged aircraft safely.

AIR DISASTERS: SEASON 3: EPISODE 3 "I'm the Problem" February 10, 2012

"I'm the problem." These are the last words heard on the cockpit voice recording of Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771. The words are spoken shortly before the plane crashes into the California hills. Those three words, following sounds of gunfire, quickly transform an NTSB air disaster examination into an FBI murder investigation. Who was the man behind the voice? How did he sneak a gun onto a commercial airliner? And finally, what triggered his cold-blooded crime, one that took the lives of all 43 passengers aboard.

Mayday, known as Air Crash Investigation(s) outside of the United States and Canada and also known as Air Emergency or Air Disasters (Smithsonian Channel) in the United States, is a Canadian documentary television series produced by Cineflix that recounts air crashes, near-crashes, fires, hijackings, bombings, and other mainly flight-related disasters and crises. It reveals the events that led to each crisis or disaster, their causes as determined by the official investigating body or bodies, and the measures they recommended to prevent a similar incident from happening again. The programs use re-enactments, interviews, eyewitness testimony, computer-generated imagery, cockpit voice recordings, and official reports to reconstruct the sequences of events.

On 7 December 1987, Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771 crashes at the speed of sound on a mountainside in rural San Luis Obispo County, California. All 43 people on board are killed. Investigators found that passenger David Burke, a former USAir employee, took a gun on board the aircraft and shot the pilots in a murder-suicide plot to kill his former supervisor (who was also a passenger onboard) after being fired from his job days earlier.

The second chapter in this investigation into the factors that led to the 9/11 attacks, with a reconstruction of the pursuit of Al Qaeda between 1993 and 2001.

This second part is dedicated to the race against the clock that began following the first attack on the twin towers in 1993. The film goes back over a major mystery of 9/11. More than a year before the attacks, the CIA was monitoring two of the hijackers, as they prepared to enter the US. And yet, the CIA did all they could to stop the FBI finding out.

This documentary pieces together the puzzle of the pursuit of Al Qaeda, highlighting the missed opportunities that spiralled inexorably into the events of the morning of 11 September 2001.

Through the perspectives of major witnesses, this film provides a thorough analysis of international relations and the factors that led to the attacks of 9/11.

Ten years after 9/11, this fascinating investigation revisits the morning's events in the light of the two decades that preceded them, retracing twenty years of secret wars between Washington, Europe and the Arab-Muslim world, from the Iranian revolution to the rise of fundamentalism and terrorism, via the first Gulf War.

This first chapter explores the spiral of events and errors of judgement that led to the first attack on the World Trade Center, on 26 February 1993. It all started with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979. Former heads of the CIA explain why they took the risk of arming Bin Laden's Arab Mujahideen and speak of their pact with the Islamist "devil". FBI agents tell of their first investigations into Islamist terror in the United States. The first and only member of the FBI to infiltrate Al Qaeda provides his account.

Politicians, diplomats and intelligence agents go back over in detail the unofficial story they helped to write, reconstructing the maze of tensions and Al Qaeda's path through them. From the tragic errors committed by some, to the blind violence imposed by others, this well-documented film interprets the unstoppable cycle of terror and counter-terror.

‘WORLD TRADE CENTER BOMBING OF 1993 - Hidden Path to 9/11: Crimes, Cover-Ups and Missing Links’ is an ever-expanding, continually revised film produced by Thermal Detonator (Truther TV /We Are Change LA) that's also a compendium of other documentaries, based off previous work done in 2015 with ‘AN INCONVENIENT 9/11 TRUTH [Part II]: Roads from NYC to OKC’.

Filmmaker note: This Bichute version differs from the YouTube version as it's nearly 12 minutes longer and features sampled portions from Adam Curtis's BBC documentary 'The Power of Nightmares' from 2004, and Mayday/Air Emergency/Air Disasters/Air Crash Investigation's 'Bomb on Board' from 2005, plus History Channel's 'Road to 9/11' 2017, that is copyright and licensed, and are unable to be viewed on YouTube. Also, 'Investigation: World Trade Center: Ground Zero’ from April 1, 1993, with Ted Koppel, is in poor audio quality. Apologies, but due to online limitations and budget, this is the best we can offer considering other costly archival sources. Please consider donating or becoming a Patreon if you would like to see improvements:

Regular YouTube version here:

For convenience and preference, this film is also hosted in 5 different 1-hour segments on our second YouTube channel:

1. 9/11 WPIX News Report+ Last Man Out
2. Disinfowars - Domestic Narrative Indoctrination intro
3. Story of Sayyid Qutb & EMB - Rise of Ayman Zawahiri & Islamic Jihad
4. Afghan-Russian War & Mujahedeen - Fall of Abdullah Azzam, Rise of OBL
5. El Sayyid Nosair assassinates Rabbi Meir Kahane (Nov 5,1990) + Ali Mohamed
6. Fall of Mustafa Shalabi, Rise of Blind Sheikh - Wadih el-Hage uncovered post-93
7. The Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman & Al Farooq Mosque funding Nosair's defense
8. Meet, Egyptian FBI informant Emad Salem - infiltrating Nosair's circles
9. Ramzi Yousef first enters the U.S. and builds a bomb with Mosque members
10. (Feb 26, 1993) BOOM!- The Bombing of the World Trade Center
11. Ryder Van recovery leads to Mohamed Solameh and roommate Yousef
12. Emad Salem reactivated-Blind Shiekh & Landmark Plot Bust
13. The FBI investigates, the FBI... The Salem Tapes
14. Ryder Van Stolen Vehicle Report links to Mossad Spy Josie Hadas
15. Ramzi flees U.S. and Pakistani authorities
16. Bhutto assassination attempt - Mission Abort
17. Attempted embassy bombing Bangkok, 1994 - Mission abort+ Ishtaq Parker
18. Imam Reza Shrine bomb Mashhad, Iran 6-20-1994
19. Ramzi and KSM arrive in Philippines + Greenbelt Theatre bombing
20. Attempted Bombing of PAL Flight 434 Dec 1994
21. Bojinka Plot discovered with Hakim Murad busted - Ramzi flees the Philippines
22. Ramzi captured in Pakistan at Su Casa guest house Feb 7, 1995
23. Yousef brought back to NY to face trial for 93 bombing and other Acts of Terror
24. Family Tradition of Radical Islam or Mista'Aravim - KSM Family Tree
25. The Story of Ahmed Ajaj - Mossad asset Master Bombmaker
26. Kunstler Vs. Kahane from the Grave – Salem-Kahane-Chai link exposed
27. JDL= International-Terrorism
28. By Way of the Masada, A brief overview of Jewish Terrorism
29. KSM Family Tree Redux with cousin Ammar - Islamic Terrorism or Arab Terrorism
30. Contrasts & Crossings - Piper& Kunstler JFK to 9-11 - KSM Redux II
31. Salem in question part I - Fear Mongering & False Flag Damage control for Jones
32. Salem in question part II - Obama Deception bandwagon & Pro-Neocon Policy
33. Salem in question part III - Egyptian Agent & Zionist + Sander Hicks interview
34. Abdul Rahman Yasin - The 7th Bomber Who Got Away
35. 1st. Attack = 1st Iraqi Terrorism Pretext- Yasin=Haddas Apt. w/Salameh & Yousef
36. OBL in retrospect to Nosair &and the Gulf War-era + Ali Mohamed revisited
37. Relevance’s of 93 conspirators - Bojinka revisit + OBL brother-in-law Jamal Khalifa
38. Gitmo Vs. Supermax - Wadi El-Hage + Syrian Muslim Brotherhood & Hamburg Cell
39. Gitmo Vs. Supermax - Overview of Ramzi Yousef and other conspirators
40. Terry Nichols barging in on Bojinka- Yousef, OKC Bombing & The Texas Nexus
41. Arab Christians and Lebanese Assets - Pretexts to frame Hezbollah
42. Past and Post WTC 93 and 9/11 with an overview
43. Operation Northwoods card- Alex Jones's narrative by way of Sandy Hook Failure
44. Alex Jones - The Tip of the Fear-Spear
45. Blueprints of the WTC: 9/11 Story of Fireman Ronald Bucca
46. Epilogue - An Inconvenient Closure - Denko & Silverstein + Anthrax 1993
47. Ending warp-up with rolling credits

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An inside look at the 1995 Oklahoma bombing of a federal building. The documentary analyzes and exposes the origins and the full context behind the tragic event, proving that it wasn't conceived in the days prior to its realization but it was mostly idealized several years earlier and with other people and groups involved, way before McVeigh and Nichols came into the spot with their deadly plan execution.

—Rodrigo Amaro

BBC TWO: THE CONSPIRACY FILES - Oklahoma Bomb - December 2006

The Conspiracy Files investigates whether the Oklahoma City bombing was the work of lone bomber Tim McVeigh, a decorated Gulf War veteran, or whether there were others involved who are being protected in a government cover-up.

The bombing of April 19, 1995, was the biggest attack on American soil before 9/11, killing 168 people, including 19 children.

The programme talks to conspiracy theorists who claim that the US government not only had foreknowledge of the attack, they had informants inside the conspiracy who actively encouraged the bombing.

The film features revealing interviews with the leading FBI investigators in the case, one of whom, for the first time, is now calling for the investigation to be re-opened.

Producers: Ivan O'Mahoney and James Giles
Series Producer: Mike Rudin
Executive Producer: Frank Simmonds

Michael Collins Piper & Mark Glenn Gun Nut Sandy Hooker Truthers Love Buying Zionist Guns and Propaganda - broadcast from The Piper Report Feb 10, 2013 - edited by Thermal Detonator

YouTube version -

This is ‘Explosives on The George Washington Bridge: 9/11 Truth or Urban Myth?’ which is the first part of a film series we call, ‘Urban Truth of 9-11 Myths’. It was intended to be a new release for 2020 in greater quality with newer graphics. However, due to unforeseen technical delays, this is the demo version we last worked on in 2019. A newer version of this film will eventually be released as well as the additional series pertaining to the subjects of September 11th and New Jersey.

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Inside 9/11 provides insight into the events that led up to 9/11 by tracing the timeline from al Qaeda's earliest origins through the aftermath of 9/11 and the ongoing investigation.

Watch Here - Blueprints of the World Trade Center: the 9/11 story of fireman Ronnie Bucca:

Stories of FDNY New York fireman Chief Orio Palmer and Marshall Ronnie Bucca

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THE BOMBING OF PAN AM 103 - JANUARY 23, 1990 - Frontline profiles the efforts of the surviving families of the 270 people killed in the terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in December 1988, to seek justice for their loved ones. The families’ crusade focuses attention on issues of airline and airport security, on the lack of coordination between international police and intelligence services, and on whether the US government has the will and means to respond effectively against terrorists and the countries that support them.

TRACKING THE PAN AM BOMBERS- NOVEMBER 28, 1989 - A Frontline special report investigates the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in December 1988. The broadcast pieces together the latest information about the bomb, how the terrorists built it and placed it on board, and whether warnings about the attack were ignored by government officials. Frontline profiles the terrorist network believed responsible for the bombing and details blunders made by the German police that may have contributed to the tragedy.


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Eric Gill interview from 'Unsafe At Any Altitude: A 9/11 documentary' - also in '6 on 77: The Dulles Airport 9/11 Cover-Up [2017]' -


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PLO History of a Revolution - full Al Jazeera documentry

9/11 Truth has a new ally: SATAN.

keep up the good work with the nano-no-planer nonsense...

Narration by Marshall Thomas from the documentary 'MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program'

interview of Michael Aquino from The Bases Project with Miles Johnston - June 13, 2019, Bases 70 part 3 – The Mind War Series Bases

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This film is targeted as it's also to be appreciated by both the 9/11 Truth Movement and defenders of the official narrative, as this documentary contains new evidence of an unheard-of 9/11 cover-up and mystery solved, with a surprise piece of the puzzle coming from the most unlikely of all sources.

This is not a scientific or academic expose about the physical attack at the Pentagon on September 11th, it is a multi-media researched expose about some of the alleged 9/11 hijackers, particularly those that boarded American Airlines Flight 77 at Dulles International Airport, as well as addressing some of the outlandish alternative conspiracy theories against Flight 77 and the Pentagon attack, including official evidence such as flight calls and security videos.

What this film entails is a cover-up that occurred at Dulles Airport with the release of the airport security CCTV video capturing the hijackers boarding Flight 77, while also providing a collection of unnoticed interviews from airport staff, including some from Boston Logan Airport.

It also covers the airfone calls made from Flight 77 as well as touching on others made on Flights 11 & 93, plus some of the stories and recounts of victim’s family members of Flight 77 and the Pentagon attack, including those who have been at odds with the official story and the 9/11 commission report as well as the establishment treatment. ~ Thermal Detonator

Documentary references -

Pentagon Plane Puzzle + David Chandler: Going Beyond Speculation:
Unsafe At Any Altitude: A 9/11 documentary:
Flight 77 (Documentary of 2011 about American Airlines Flight 77):
Empire Unmasked:

Research links -

Blink Comparator Views of the Plane at the Pentagon By David Chandler, based on prior work by Ken Jenkins:
The 85 Pentagon Area Surveillance Cameras By Ken Jenkins:
The "Pod People" And The Plane That Crashed Into the Pentagon:
ANC Report:

Watch the over 4-hour painstaking demonstration 'Explanation of the Evidence at the Pentagon on 9/11 - Answering the 9/11 Consensus Panel Challenge" of Scientists for 9/11 Truth members, Wayne Coste's research narrated by David Chandler. This is a brief overview:

Books -

The Star and the Sword / Wayne Madsen:
Unsafe At Any Altitude /Joseph J. Trento & Susan B. Trento:
Within Her Grasp / Joane Simon Tailele:

This film is subjected for future corrections, revisions and updates. Submissions or contact for additional documentation and data pertaining to support this subject is welcome, as so are production tips, assistance and inquiries are too. [email protected]

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[Part I] Chapters:
1. Painful Mysteries
2. 3:28 Keepers of the faith (A Zeitgeist)
3. 7:23 The Last Man Out - Meet William Rodriguez
4. 10:34 Un-Mysterious squibs
5. 13:28 Demolitions by Xentris
6. 23:31 Van with Explosives on George Washington Bridge
7. 29:47 Witness’s in New Jersey
8. 32:01 Meet The Dancing Israelis
9. 39:34 Arrested by Sergeant Scott DeCarlo
10. 43:44 King St. Mural Van
11. 52:21 Witness's to Holland Tunnel Van
12. 53:56 Urban Moving Systems owner bails & Kurtzberg fails
13. 55:21 former Mossad spy Chuv Luval on UMS
14. 57:20 Jane Harman on Israeli's arrested
15. 59:55 Israelis w/Sears Tower video in Van + arrests in TX
16. 1:02:23 Fabled Fox News Israeli spy ring report of Dec 2001
17. 1:13:48 Carl Cameron + Israeli Art Students in Utah & FL
18. 1:21:07 Zim shipping and elevator repairs
19. 1:25:20 Denko Mechanical, The Tennessee 5 & Katherine Smith
20. 1:31:52 intrigues of Chief Bernard Kerik + Paul Bremer
21. 1:37:55 the tip from Odigo and the 4000
22. 1:40:48 FBI agent John O’Neill - The Man Who Knew Too Much
23. 1:45:01 Jerome Hauer, Kroll, OEM & Building 7
24. 1:49:25 Airport Security / ICTS & Ellen Mariani lawsuit
25. 1:55:32 Hijacker Introduction
26. 2:01:32 Who Killed Dr. Graham? Man who meet 2 Hijackers
27. 2:10:47 Living hijackers in Florida
28. 2:15:16 Mossad Art Students lived next-door to Mohamed Atta
29. 2:17:10 Hijacker Ziad Jarrah & Cousin Ali The Mossad Spy
30. 2:22:57 who is Mohamed Atta?
31. 2:26:22 Fanatical Heathens?
32. 2:32:11 Florida Flight Schools & INS
33. 2:37:45 Rudy Decker & Arny Krutoff - The Flying Dutchmen
34. 2:40:45 Huffman Aviation, Boehlke & The heir Organized Crime

AN INCONVENIENT 9/11 TRUTH [Part II] (2015): Roads from NYC to OKC:

This was initially reinterpretation of Ryan Dawson's versions of ‘War By Deception’, by DJ Thermal Detonator spliced along with 'Core Of Corruption: In The Shadows' and the Mike Rivero portions of 'Fabled Enemies' and other worthy portions from popular truth documentaries like '9/11: Mysteries', 'Zeitgeist', "Who killed John O'Neill?', 'Zero: 9/11', 'Ring Of Power', 'Welcome To Terrorland: 9/11, Mohamed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus' and others including mainline ones in addition to short films, extra archives and bits of satire along with some personal soundtrack work.

This film is essentially designated for truth activists, rather than just being a introductory documentary. Its a poorly produced demo concept that's still short of completion due to copyright issues with YouTube.

Some text and narration may be taken out of context, and not readable. The sound may not always be on par because of its original rough source.

For questions regarding info on how to get a DVD, file or if you'd like to donate and contribute to more film-making and collecting archives, email or Paypal: [email protected]

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6 on 77: The Dulles Airport 9/11 Cover-Up -


1. 00:00 From Medellin to Panama to the BCCI
2. 02:47 Meet Barry Seal
3. 03:57 Meet Chip Tatum
4. 08:44 Bye bye Barry
5. 12:58 Freedom Fighters
6. 14:51 Iran Contradiction
7. 26:03 Project for a Neoconservative American Century
8. 36:09 Wolfe
9. 44:10 The “special” offices Douglas Fief
10. 53:09 Patriot Act & DHS
11. 55:57 ANTHRAX! (no, not the Thrash metal band you idiot)
12. 58:06 You've Got Anthrax!
13. 1:03:51 The Anthrax bust
14. 01:08:24 Cipro, yo
15. 01:10:20 Meeting in Prague, WMD's & more Anthrax
16. 01:18:29 Sibel Edmonds
17. 01:20:36 Meet Michael Spring-man
18. 01:25:41 Pakistan ISI connections
19. 01:33:51 Al CIA-duh
20. 01:37:59 The Power of the Mujaheddin Nightmare
21. 01:54:45 From Cuter to Ayman to the Al Farooq Mosque NY
22. 02:02:56 The Blind Sheik & assassination of Kahane by Nossair
23. 02:09:00 Meet Emad Salem
24. 02:14:47 Ramsey Youssef comes to town
25. 02:16:29 The Bombing of the WTC in 1993
26. 02:20:20 Ryder van bomb leads to Mohamed Salameh and 3 others.
27. 02:25:24 Reactivate Emad
28. 02:31:45 The FBI investigates, the FBI...
29. 02:41:59 Kunstler Vs. Kahane from grave: Meet the JDL!
30. 02:47:15 Ramsey bails and bombs away with Uncle KSM.
31. 02:56:34 Family Tradition of Radical Islam, or Mist’Aravim?
32. 03:05:58 The OKC Exodus

Apologies for overdubbing and black & white conversion on "The Power Of Nightmares", that was to mend the first upload that had worldwide copyright block. Some text and narration may be taken out of context, and not readable.

This is a reinterpretation of Ryan Dawson's versions of ‘War By Deception’, by DJ Thermal Detonator, edited along with some of the more mainline documentaries in addition to short films, extra archives, and bits of satire along with some soundtrack work.

This film is essentially designated for truth activists, rather than just being a 9/11 truth introductory documentary.

Part II is now available:

For questions, and info on how to get a DVD, file or if you'd like to donate, email or Paypal: [email protected]

You can watch the original versions of Ryan Dawson 'War By Deception'. &
ANTI-NEOCONS.COM: Keep an eye out for his new film "Empire Unmasked" that is set to surpass this film on 9/11 alone.

Also, check out:

Mike Rivero:

Also pick up a book from the late great author and radio host, Michael Collins Piper (RIP):


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