The Coronavirus Rebellion. Debunking the jewish propaganda word "hate". Through all history, no race is more hateful than the jews. Response to viewer implying the road to power hasn't been addressed.

WAR & PESTILENCE! What to do about the plague. The secret behind the impeachment. This episode's Jew Who Doesn't Get To Leave. Many people are saying this is the most important episode yet.

The video podcast jews love to hate is back after a year hiatus. The foundation of the power and reach of jew media and what we can do about it. Avoiding an attitude toward government that doesn't make sense. The need to purge society of a particular jew "innovation" once they are gotten rid of. How to donate to keep this podcast going. The latest N.O.W. inductee. "Where's your passport" incident with Zoomers causing tears to flow.


Virtually all major news media blaming this video podcast for recorded phone calls they don’t like. News media must be regulated, exactly like lawyers & doctors are. Unregulated news media presently a menace to society. Some words of inspiration. Jews again laying foundation for their assassination of President Donald Trump. Jews haven’t given up on their planned WW3 between U.S. & Russia. The new meaning of Nike in the wake of the Colin Kaepernick backlash. Tennis silverback Serena Williams meltdown perfect example of how negroes can’t comprehend White sports & standards.

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Happy Leo Frank Execution Day. News media is blaming this video podcast for robocall about John Fitzgerald for Congress, controversy & jew hair-pulling result. After We Come To Power. This week’s Jew Who Doesn’t Get To Leave. The Mr Jew Show. Negro: A Space Oddity.

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What is the meaning of America’s 4th of July? New vaccine for HIV is another jew swindle regarding AIDS. This week’s Jew Who Doesn’t Get To Leave. Yet another example of anti-White double standard as Spokane woman attacked. What to do about leftist activists posing as media professionals? America’s future is not Brazil after all, but another country. Story exposed behind viral video of poor harmless sheboon oppressed by po-po.

Story of Englishman vs Indian. A challenge issued to leftist viewers. This week's installment of Jews Who Don't Get to Leave. Our calls to VFW halls about our "best friend" Israel. A worthy successor to destroyer of the jew-hegemon Patrick Little has been found. More Whites get their livelihoods destroyed by negroid ape creatures. 80 year old New Jersey woman has more spine than her sniveling coward of a son who debases himself to Korean invaders.

“News” media slandering and attacking this video podcast. How it’s obvious that leftists are wrong and they know it. Jew hegemony after winning the (((cultural revolution))). How to win the hand of the White Race. This week’s installment of “Jews Who Don’t Get To Leave”. News including Patrick Little doxing, Russian submarine missile launch, jews persecute for satirical music video mocking the holocaust lies, Rachel Dolezal really is a negroid after all.

This podcast under jew attack, please share links. How jews lie about slavery and why. Support Patrick Little for U.S. Senator from California versus evil jew Dianne Feinstein. Is Daily Stormer dead? Why is it silent about Little? This week’s Jew Who Doesn’t Get To Leave. Hear our phone calls to some jew businesses. Arrogant jew Aaron Schlossberg isn’t racist. Example of how negroids can’t follow rules. Another of our police goes down to negro violence. Niglet’s tall tale about fantasy abduction by racists, and more.

Special message to the California jew working at a news outlet who got our account canceled. Awareness of the jew menace is rising. This week’s Jew Who Doesn’t Get to Leave. Sheboon flight attendant caught drunk. Negress with skin disease removed from plane: Was the “skin disease” the fact it’s black? Violent sheboon chimp hits 80 year old White man for calling her mean name but he is one charged with a crime. Three negroes in D.C. get $4,000 handout from negress mayor to compensate for racist backlash online to their NASA competition hopes. Locked restaurant door baffles sheboon. Loud negress cries because White man calls her a monkey. Ghetto negroid indignant that moving into apartment building 11 o’clock at night prompts police visit. Fake negro activist Shaun King puts out bounty of $35K on White man from Charlottesville rally. Montreal police menace Zeiger from Daily Stormer for…nothing at all. More on the multiple (((lawsuits))) against Andrew Anglin of Daily Stormer. Boy Scouts of America lose their will to exist. Police raid apartment of Jakub Zak either because of his Patriot Front t-shirt or because they don’t like how he misspells his name. Flyering in Durham North Carolina by National Socialist Legion upsets jew mayor Steve Schewel.

Californians: flee now or stay and fight? Tips on flyering. Pro-White, anti-jew U.S. Senate Candidate Patrick Little seeking to unseat (((Diane Feinstein))). Border Stormers & Patriot Front. This week’s installment of Jews Who Don’t Get to Leave and Nig of the Week.

An exclusive reveal about the Waffle House shooter Travis Reinking.
Does the White race have the right to exist? The unexpected answer. The problem with the current evolutionary situation. In support of genetic engineering and what kind. This week’s installment of Jews Who Don’t Get to Leave and the Nig of the Week. Result of the Newnan Georgia rally by the National Socialist Movement.

Why the “gas attack” in Syria & Trump’s strike will not cause WW3, but what will by 2020. The clown Christopher Cantwell & half-jew Molyneux. More about voiding the 14th Amendment leading to refounding the U.S. government based on race. The need for a State Religion to compliment a new race-based U.S. govt & how “freedom of religion” is wrong and is a jewish-inspired principle to our detriment. Was Hitler christian? National Action in the U.K. apparently reformed under new name. 911 operator kills White teen. Outspoken jew-woke millennial in Oregon running for state congress & Republican party disavows & pressures him to withdraw. Part-negro mayor in Mississippi who passes for White dares “cowardly racists” to hate him after flyers against White genocide are distributed in his town. The most recent Taylor Swift controversy regarding her de-negrification of a well-known song.

Our unexpected phone call to Christopher Cantwell’s Virginia apartment catches him off-guard when his negro ex-girlfriend answers his phone. How we will legally deport all negroes from America and convince African countries to take them. How we will legally make all jews flee and force them to go to Israel only. Our planned anschluss with Canada. Our war against Mexico followed by ethnic cleansing. The first White Nationalist movement to come to power over their country must spend as much as they can afford to bring fellow organizations to power in their respective nations, before the jew pits those countries against you. Hunting down every last Rothschild. Recent news items.

Detailed proof that podcaster Christopher Cantwell is an idiot. Racism alone is not enough. The White instinct for retreat from despair and chaos. Those who don’t know history advocate libertarian laissez faire capitalism. The planned World War 3 with Russia.

Revealing interview of podcaster Christopher Cantwell, former anarchist jew-capitalist and advocate of jewish libertarianism. Current tactics of the Alt-Right are mere air power without a more substantial ground war. How to recruit members. How to conduct meetings. How to deal with disrupters.

Race differences in IQ scores. Are jews White? What is their origin? Jew and neanderthal similarities. “The Riddle of the Jews Success” by Theodor Fritsch America not founded as a mass democracy. A group or political party run democratically is easily infiltrated and dismantled from the inside. Modern-day National Geographic magazine used as destructive propaganda, this time telling a lie that race doesn’t exist, similar to previous issue pushing child trannies. People’s libidos used to trap them into slavery. Mestizo media personality Gustavo Arellano gloats about the capture of California, deserved for its past “sins”, and threatens the rest of U.S. with the same.

Racists don’t hate people’s skin color. No White civilization has ever survived multi-racialism. “Race, Evolution and Behavior” by J. Philippe Rushton “Race” by John Baker “The Origin of Races” by Carleton Coon “The Races of Europe” by Carleton Coon The proven differences between negroes, Whites, and orientals. Libertarianism is jewish. Government is not an evil and a strong government is needed provided it’s correctly formulated. Groups should not tolerate even mere discussion of illegal violence. Patriot Front, Thomas Rousseau and leaked Discord chats. Asheville NC police officer Christopher Hickman being scapegoated after subduing negro who illegally flees. Furor over White House use of term “globalist” and claimed anti-semitism. Canadian immigration law firm receives mail claiming White genocide makes jew genocide deserved. The Inlander exposes NAACP Spokane president Phil Tyler as a violent animal.

Calls for secession from the U.S. are dumb. A new National Movement is the answer and what method it should use. The true nature of revolutions. Why a paramilitary arm is necessary. Nationalist Action and Nordic Front both outlawed. Offense not defense. Charlottesville VA was stupid. Mayor of Oakland CA, Libby Schaaf warns illegals about pending raid by ICE. The extortion of the mother of Richard Spencer by Tanya Gersh. The U.S. state with the highest per capita number of “hate groups” according to the SPLC. Playground statue of a gorilla deemed racist. Ridiculous tale about how jews saved Los Angeles from Nazi takeover. FBI tricks violent leftist from Charlottesville VA into arrest.


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