Had no choice, it's like Tupac and Biggie up in here!

A civil war has just erupted inside Venezuela! Hours ago!

After the legitimate new president, Juan Guiado, called upon factions of the military to fight for the future of Venezuela ... Well, as I type this, running street battles are taking place in the streets of Venezuela - The military has split, firefights are beginning to erupt around the country.

It looks as if a legitimate civil war has just begun in Venezuela. Given that Russia, China, Hezbollah, and Iran are all inside of Venezuela (with military troops, equipment, heavy strategic bombers, etc.) supporting the fraudulently reelected Nicolas Maduro, the United States has claimed the Monroe Doctrine as its justification for a potential military intervention, with Brazil and Columbia also taking part.

From Stalin to Putin, Soviets/Russians have always backed down when met by force.

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~ The Roundhouse Report ~

Russia, China, Iran, Hezbollah, and Venezuela's "Bolivarian Militia" mobilize their forces inside of Venezuela as America, Brazil, and Columbia begin preparations for a possible military invasion to topple Maduro's fraudulently elected government. Maduro has also called for the conscription of up to 1 million additional "soldiers."

The potential for a civil/proxy war in the Western Hemisphere is at the highest it's been since the Cuban Missile Crisis more than 50 years ago, at the height of the Cold War. Meanwhile, America's National Security Advisor John Bolton is claiming the Monroe Doctrine to justify any military intervention America may make inside of Venezuela. Keep your eyes peeled!

~ The Roundhouse Report ~

How Russia can dissolve NATO as a viable alliance structure overnight ... explained in only 5 minutes!

What exactly IS America's New "Space Command" and what will it do to protect us?

Democrats would have no political fodder if the truth was told regarding national security threats streaming in from Canada and Mexico.

Europe is ablaze with riots, increasingly far-right nationalists, street protests, the Yellow Vest movement, and general violence caused by newly-arrived Syrian migrants and the native nationalists who oppose them. If nothing is done and things continue as they have been, Europe will turn into "Eurabia" within a generation or two.

So who will come to the fore and act as an anchor to stabilize an increasingly volatile Europe? Watch and find out!


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