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David Straight: The Calendar and Frequencies 13 X 28 = 364 = 1 . April 1st = New Years Day!!  (This Is Why They Call It April Fools Day)  
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"He (Justin Trudeau) lived about a mile and a quarter from the pig farm and we were told he was a regular there." 🇨🇦

Many people believe that U.S. foreign policy lacks consistency, or that American leaders have been bungling the job. Mr. Griffin documents the fact that, not only is there a Grand Design to U.S. foreign policy, but that it has been the dominant force behind every major decision since the end of World War II.

That goal has been to disarm the United States and submerge it into world government.

Prepare to be shocked as Stanley Plotkin, the Godfather of vaccination, drops a bombshell confession. As a consultant to Moderna, a major C9v1d vaccine manufacturer, Plotkin admits under oath to using fetal tissue from aborted babies. He boldly declares that he's willing to face damnation for his actions.
This chilling admission exposes the dark secrets of the vaccine industry. Innocent lives sacrificed for medical progress. The truth about vaccine origins and the involvement of industry giants like Moderna is finally coming to light. It's time to spread the word and reveal the disturbing reality behind the C9v1d vaccine.
Share this shocking revelation far and wide because you deserve to know the truth. Together, we can make a difference. You are the media!

Every organ, every bone and tissue has a "healthy" resonant frequency. When a person is sick, the frequency of the sick organ changes. But it is possible to strengthen a sick organ by sending a wave into it, the frequency of which coincides with the natural frequency of this organ. The wave will help to restore the former level of vibration, and thus will lead to recovery.

This can be called "sound therapy" (as it was probably called by our ancestors). And Dr. Peter Guy Manners called it "kymatic therapy" because he used an electronic device he invented called a "kymatic" to heal a variety of illnesses.

The sounds of the "kymatica" must consist of five different frequencies specifically chosen for each organ/disease. This is the "Secret of Five."


This video explores the history behind ancient beliefs and their modern impact. Your view of the past and present will never be the same after seeing how interconnected the wicked mystery religion truly is and how far occult orders and organizations will go to try and usurp the place of God in the hearts of humanity. Though evil endures, the truth of God’s Word never fails.

Topics include:

- Nimrod and his many names
- Babylon and stellar worship
- The spread of Babylonian Mysticism
- The Role of Emperor Constantine
- Foundations of the Catholic Church
- Catholicism’s doctrine vs Scripture
- The Jesuits and their Origins
- The Reformations’ Big Secret
- The Black & White Nobility
- Mysticism and the Modern Church


When They Told Us The News Was Fake!!

An idealistic young television producer is approached by the representative of a clandestine agency offering an unusual job: creating the news, before it happens. And a refusal, it seems, is not an option.

Who creates the news, controls the World, a rare old TV play with food for thought.

The News Benders, are they telling us that nuclear bombs and satellites are fake? That all of the news is scripted long before we ever get it? It is quite interesting as to how it reflects upon our society today. How one is coerced by blackmail into their service, work with us and report the fake news or else. He shows him what they implanted in him during a surgical procedure and how for 3 years they have monitored his every move and everything he has done. They know his dark side...

'The News-Benders' is perhaps even more pertinent now than it was in 1968.


All around the world, unelected globalist bodies like the UN and WEF are waging war against farmers, in an attempt to seize control of the global food supply, under the banner of UN Agenda 2030—as detailed in a must-watch new documentary titled 'No Farmers, No Food: Will You Eat The Bugs?'


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Welcome to my channel! I’ve been awake for many years but this “pandemic” was the final straw. I believe that it’s our obligation to do our part in the world. I had to make a decision to either post a video once a day focusing on one topic or to scour through multiple platforms bringing everything to one spot on many diverse subjects searching for the truth. So I chose to focus on multiple topics that all correlate to one another. Hopefully adding more pieces to the puzzle. With the help from you (this community) we can help each other find sources and information that might be missing. There’s only so much time in one day for one person. I don’t always believe in everything I post but the decision isn’t for me to decide what you believe. One day when we win this battle between good and evil. I hope to retire this channel and live in peace.

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