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Blade Runner is one of the most influential movies ever made. The film has inspired creators across the globe to pay it homage or just completely rip it off. The influence of Blade Runner on Japanese Animation cannot be understated and the popularity of movies like Ghost in the Shell and Akira further gave inspiration. If you haven't seen Blade Runner, this month (the month in which the movie is set) is the perfect time to watch it. If you have seen Blade Runner, fuck you go watch it again.

For the last two years, I have lived in Japan. While it might seem like the greatest place in the world for a fan of Japanese animation and culture, there's more to it than just that. In this video I talk about the parts of Japan and my experience there than led to my decision to return home from the land of the rising sun.

Okay so, right off the bat two things:
1. This was supposed to be a shorter video to react to a more recent event, but because I apparently seem barely capable of making a video under 15 minutes long it turned to a much bigger task. What’s more, I pretty much had to stop myself from turning most of the things on this list into 20 minutes videos in themselves. Hopefully I can get another video finished before I start work again but this is probably the last of 2018.
2. I was sick when I recorded this video. I did my best to use the best takes and the outro is post sickness but some parts might sound crappy, sorry about that.

I hope you enjoy this list recommendations for all things Sonic and that I can encourage you to pick at least one of these things up. Sonic has been a part of my life pretty much as long as I can remember and although that might spell doom for others, I think I turned out somewhat normal and would love to make others understand the positives of our Blue Messiah.

Here are the links promised

Sonic Mania Adventures
Holiday Special


This How You Don’t Play Zelda

Most of the gameplay footage comes from myself but because I apparently can’t work OBS right, some of the clips were taken from these nice people.

Netflix just announced a live-action Cowboy Bebop series and based on their track record it probably won't be good. What's wrong with live-action anime? Why will Netflix Bebop most likely turn out bad? Is there a silver lining? Tune in and find out!


It's not unheard of for manga to get spin-offs or share continuity with other works. It is however uncommon to have multiple works within the same series running simultaneously written by multiple authors; at least as far as I know. Let's take a look at Souichiro Yamamoto and his flagship series Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, and examine how his work-style sets him apart from the rest. Along the way we'll dip our toes into his core series's companion pieces Ashita wa Douyobi, Koi ni koisuru Yukari-chan, and Karakai Jouzu (moto) Takagi-san to see just how this unique release structure may be a taste of what the future holds. There's even hitherto unseen in the west pages from a recent release that I personally scanned at a nearby Family Mart specially for you!

Bonus point: this video contains a sick hand reveal from me, nursing or pregnant mothers may not want to view the video due to the damaging effect the sheer brilliance of my hands may have.

Happy Halloween! What says Halloween better than monsters and sweets? Well here's a series full of monsters that's so sweet you'll end up with diabetes. Grab the insulin and join me as I dive into Jitsu wa Watashi wa, a secretive love comedy where all girls are cute and dumb. Allow me to share with you one of my favorite series and explain what merits the manga and anime each have.

source for BTTF music:
Hackbeat by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Let me make this clear, I do not wish ill on any of the people involved in this show, Raye and Alania seem like nice people, but I think the show is going to contribute to the divisive landscape than many fandoms are going through so I want to give my two cents about where this might go in the future. I am not rooting for the failure or success of this show
I don't have crunchyroll and probably wouldn't have noticed it if people on youtube weren't discussing it. My interest is mainly curiosity to see how things like this demonstrate the feelings
of the anime community as well as the industry's ability to cope with it's less approving fans.

Original Video
Treasure Hunt Video

If your a fan of anime but you don't read much manga, you may have never noticed the ways creators use Kanji, the Chinese characters used in Japanese, in their character's names. These kanji add an element to characters that can serve comedic or expository functions. In this video, we look at some examples of this convention and how it informs the characterization is a number of anime.

The translation website referenced is:

Source for DBZ WC3 mod clip:
The music is from VA-11 HALL-A which is great and you should play it.

A look into the anime adaptations of Mahou Sensei Negima, as well as an analysis of the quality of said adaptations. Join me as I question the quality of my own tastes by talking about something I like, just so the internet can shit on me for liking it. Part one of a two part delve into Negima's anime and manga.

In which we delve into the modern trend of outrage marketing. Are fanboys really so toxic and hateful towards things that are different? Yes. Does that mean the things they hate are flawless? No. Will the Anime Industry ever weaponize the hate it gets from fans as a tool to mask the issues in its financially crucial series? Or will it just continue to mock them on twitter and tell them to "calm down nerds"? Perhaps only time will tell...

In Part 2, I delve into the aspects of the Negima Manga that go overlooked in the anime adaptations. I also highlight the parts of the series that make it worth seeking out. You really should watch it. It's pretty good.

What is gatekeeping? Why do people do it? Is it a good thing? The answer to all of these questions is yes. Let's explore how posers and exclusionary attitudes both negatively affect fanbases.

In this video, I attempt to answer the question: Just what is an ironic weeb? The term is thrown around on many a site as anime has gained a greater and greater popularity on the internet. Do you know an ironic weeb? Are you an ironic weeb? Perhaps you should watch this video to find out.


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