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This is a hip-hop instrumental I created sampling Beethoven's Piano Sonata in F Minor, Op. 57 No. 23, commonly referred to as the Appassionata sonata. I took the sample from the third movement of the sonata, "Allegro ma non troppo - Presto," the very end of that movement.

As you can probably tell, the name of this song is a play on words. Appassionata - A Passion; Not A...

The piano has a very powerful rhythmic pattern which I enhanced with a heavy kick and clap snare and emphasis with a string section.

All of my music production is done in Propellerhead's Reason 5, using an Akai MPK49.

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This is a track I wrote about playing chess. I mean, I'm not all that great at chess, but it looks good on paper. This is written to GZA's "Exploitation of Mistakes" instrumental. Let me know what you think.


Brace yourself for this attack. Secure your king in the back.
Leave yourself space to breathe and to quickly react.
'Cause when the knight strikes, it gets dark. And in fact,
It's like a barbeque with forks and all these skewers attached.
I'm roastin' foes on the spit. And don't you ever forget
That the bishop is only as holy as the gaps being left
In your line of defense. And no, I never relent.
I'm like an anaconda closing in, stealing your breath.

You find it hard to breathe. And it's easy to see
That the strategy you've conceived is basically elementary.
I'm picking apart my enemies. Depleting their energy.
When they strike back, they find that there's a bite that is deadly
Awaiting their every move. There's nothing left to do
But to give up the fight in lieu of the torture that comes soon.
There's nowhere to run to. What I've done is just undo
Any idea or concept that your mind could have come to.

I'm the all-seeing eye peering deep in your mind.
Making even your deepest secrets just as clear as the blue sky.
Try your wit against me. My loss column is empty.
Put your simplistic lines against my tactical geometry.
My harmonious, synergistic moves are like music.
I can see your timing's off trying to sense where I'm moving.
Can you see what I'm doing though the fog that I'm brewing?
Your material's depleted and your plans have been ruined.

So, back to the drawing board is where you go with your plans.
Try to reformulate an attack, but by then it's the end.
You slink back in the corner 'til your defenses are gone,
Until the only thing you have left to your name is a pawn.
So, give up the fight because it's time to say night-night.
With your king in my sights, and when the timing is just right,
I'm thinking I just might make a couple of moves
To make you a little confused... and then resign.

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An original track I wrote and produced called "Student of the Universe." Recognize the sample?


First Verse:
Swimming in this sea, the cosmos engulfs me.
Echoes of the past resonate like a memory.
Similar yet contrasting forms emerge.
But they soon fade, disappearing in a surge
Of a chaotic intertwining of time and space.
Swirling and meandering as I find my place
Through pleasure and pain, highs and lows,
And the rippling of space through which I now flow.

Stars shimmer and galaxies collide.
In a symphony of sights that astonish the mind.
And the magic of it all is there's no magic at all.
Just myself and the Universe from which I've evolved.
From this place of wonder I can reach for the stars.
See the Universe in panorama right where we are.
And as the sky opens wide to meet my curious eyes,
I feel a sense of unity in being alive.

Second Verse:
From deep within my mind there's a part of my being
That yearns to explore, see all there is to see.
But I'm dwarfed by the Universe and all it contains.
Cause I know it's impossible to fit it all in my brain.
My thirst for knowledge will never be quenched.
Immersed in information, I'm perpetually drenched
In pools of wisdom illuminating my view through
These tunnels of ignorance I continue to struggle through.

My mind's eye is open, seeking vistas unseen.
Hoping to catch a glimpse of where the truth might lead.
Regardless of the path or direction it takes,
The trials and tribulations, despite my mistakes,
I'm staying the course, seeking my reward.
Truth and understanding and the obtaining of more
Insights into the world I find myself in.
The only question now is just where to begin?


Let me know what you think. This isn't my best work. That's still to come. Look for new music soon!

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This track on SoundCloud:

This is a song I wrote a few years ago but never really finished up. Finally had a chance to put together a more polished version and I'm really happy with it. Was fortunate enough to get Jack to put a verse on here, as well. Hope you enjoy!

Do you hear me, do you feel me, do you read?
Copy that? Copy, do you see?

First Verse (Theseus Wrex)
My desire to write is overwhelming to me.
I don't care what it's about. I just don't want to cease.
I keep on jotting and scribbling all these words on a sheet.
Hour after hour with these beats on repeat.

So, I'm picking up a pen and I'm putting down my feelings.
Pile up the pages. Stack 'em to the ceiling.
Kind of like a card game. Words are what I'm dealing.
I open up my mind, man. You don't need to break in.
I'm writing what I'm thinking, man. I don't need to fake it.
This is just a hi-hat, you don't need to shake it.
This is just the fast part. Take it how you take it.
Words are just noises. Meaning's what you make it.

So, does that mean words are meaningless?
Yes, it does. The meaning's in the context.
Without other beings with which your thoughts collide,
Words are just noises which emerge from your mind.

Write a couple more down. Make them fit the rhyme scheme.
Gotta get the syllables to fit into the timing.
Keep up with the flow, gotta keep up with the rhyming.
Fit a couple more words. Gotta keep on trying.
Writer's block setting in. Gotta push past it.
Throw a bunch of words out. Random and erratic.
Listen to the hi-hat. Fully automatic.
Not even a segue. Sounding like a spastic.

Second Verse (Jack of Co.Z)
I spit more words than a dic
tionary out this bitch
When I say bitch I mean place
When I say place I mean sitch

When I say sitch that's abbreeeev.
Which you can say like abbrev.
And that fast part coming next
So ima rest, take a breath

But i will not go fast
Cause you can’t follow that
You won’t look up those lyrics
You won’t play that track back

You like songs, not rap, I know
Why you think crackahs loving the hamilton show?
The wack lullaby rap flow go so slow

And I won’t slow down don’t care if the beat changed
I’m on my flow now right there hit the replay
I’m on my flow now right there hit the replay
And I repeat don’t care if the beat change

Don’t care if the beat change
Yeah we all recycle
We repeat we refine redefine
Reduce reuse what we’d like to

And everything sample, especially words
Your vocab ain’t ample to comprehend what you heard
Who’s fault is that? It’s also mine, if I want to be clear
I never really tell ya what I mean just something near

Do you follow? Feel me? Comprehendo? See and hear?
Can you read me mutherfucker need to clear your eyes and ears
I’ma leave something here that’s profound and absurd

Third Verse (Theseus Wrex)
I think it's interesting that when I sit down to write,
I get caught up in the thought of making a song that people like.
But, it's just not me and it's not the way that I wanted to make these lines.
I want to stay true to myself and take this song and make it mine.

All I want to do is put the focus on the lyrics.
I don't want to write 'cause I think you want to hear it.
I’m putting pen to paper 'cause I think it and I feel it.
Motivated strictly by the meaning and the music.
Language is a tool and I know how to use it.
Take it out of context. Use it and abuse it.
Fiddle with your mind with the tools that I'm using.
Manipulate your thoughts with the words that I'm choosing.

Okay, so let's admit it's post hoc.
The meaning you get from these words are just your own thoughts
Taken from mine and filtered through your cortex,
Interpreted, translated - whirling in a vortex.

Starting now to question everything you're thinking.
Look at your perspective. Everything is changing.
Mutable opinions, always rearranging.
Look into your mindset. You are always chasing
Models of the Universe, in and out of phase with
Fluctuating thoughts and the ebbing, flowing changes
Of integrating words and their purpose and their meaning.
Try to find the truth through the knowledge you are gleaning.

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Messing around on the piano tonight. I'm pretty rusty. I end up playing just a medley of different songs. I start out with a Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody (#2, to be specific), then to another Liszt song - Liebestraum. Then on to the second movement of Mozart's Sonata in C Major. And on we go to Beethoven's Appassionata.

Some random runs, then I progress into Flight of the Bumblebee. I screw that up pretty bad. Back into some more random playing, then the first movement of Beethoven's Pathetique sonata.

Random playing again... then that's it.

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Another instrumental I put together the other day. I really like how the sub bass turned out in this track. I also like how the sample turned out. This is my first time sampling and really liking the results. It doesn't sound choppy or awkward, and all of the transitions are smooth. I've learned quit a bit from making this song.

I used Massive for the bassline, and Absynth for the bells in the hook. As per usual, I used my MPC Renaissance for the production environment. I feel like I'm making some real progress in terms of production quality. This sounds a lot more polished than any of my other instrumentals, and I'm hoping to build off of this experience and continue to improve.

Thanks for listening!

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Another hip-hop instrumental I put together and finished up today. Rachmaninoff is one of my favorite classical composers, and for this track I sampled his Prelude in C# Minor, Op. 3. I had a lot of fun with this one. Once again, I used my MPC Renaissance for the production environment.

I ended up putting in a hook melody near the end and it's been stuck in my head since I put it together! I hope you enjoy, and thanks for listening!

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I've been on a roll lately. Here's an instrumental that I put together in a matter of a couple hours. It's titled "R.O.S." because I sampled part of Stravinsky's 'Rite of Spring' for this beat. I really like how it turned out.

It's got a short introduction, then it goes into what would be a 32-bar verse, then a short outro. Enjoy!


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