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A nostalgic point & click horror game that takes us back to the golden age of point & click game with a nice dose of H.P Lovecraft & Edgar Allan Poe spookyness.

Rain city, a somewhat depressing point & click game that looks like a classic children's tale book.

Went on the neighbours tour of Tomorrowland 2019 to check out the decors, stages and stuff myself with free food and drinks lol.

The 'new' Fallout 76 canvas bag arrived at my doorstep.
Let's do a recap of the entire F76 bag failure and compare the new one to the old bag.

I try out the limited edition valentine version of the iconic twinkie.

Gather around social degenerates, addicts and misfits, for this time we are cooking up our very own batch of Skooma!
#skooma #TheElderScrolls #TESrecipes #Khajiitisinnocent

The first movie review is... a random B-movie flick..myeah.

Trying out and reviewing the food & drink items I found in the British military ration pack which I bought at the military fleamarket. (previous vid)

A compilation of random clips recorded during my first playthrough of the sheepsquatch questline in Fallout 76.
Yes, I still play it ... sometimes.

Check out our visit to a military fleamarket in Ghent.

Some footage of Gaten Matarazzo's (actor from Stranger Things) Q&A session @ Facts 2019

Time for a good old fashioned Lovecraftian horror mystery, gang!
We face off against some cosmic horrors and chill with ya boi, Cthulhu in this review of Call of Cthulhu for PS4.

Just throwing together a few of my personal thoughts and opinions about Fallout 76, focusing mostly on the immersion aspect of the game.

Lay's released a new flavor in Belgium: Giant burger.
The Giant is a burger from a Belgian fast food chain named Quick.
Pretty odd & niche choice for a flavor but okay, let's roll with it.

This is the current 'halloween forever' style i'm rocking in Fallout 76.
And I love messing with people haha.
I've had several times where people just started shooting at me when I popped up around a corner.

Some glitches and random stuff I recorded during my time playing the great meme that is Fallout 76.

More snacks from the land of the free, review time!

Got this little random encounter during my roaming around in Appalachia on Fallout 76.
An Eyebot followed by a pack of radrats who seem mesmorized by his flutetune.
Yes, I know the bot is not playing any music in the recording but he was playing a flutetune when I found them but for some reason stopped playing it when I got closer. (a glitch maybe?)

During our first episode of 'The council of night owls' we gave Bart a late birthday gift we got him in Japan.
Something weird and awkward obviously.

A Grub review Christmas special where we review some familiar American snacks wrapped in a holiday jacket.

The first episode of our weird podcast thing and we already hit it right off the bat with a special christmas edition.
In our first episode we tackle a few random subject like youtube, videogaming, conventions and cosplay.
We also learn more about the elusive Bart.

A short vlog'ish fragment I recorded a while ago while me & Nielios got stuck in Poland after an airplane debacle during our trip to Japan.
Guess I manage to be a somewhat decent vlogger when i'm greatly annoyed lol.

The title says it all, just a short vid of me unboxing some random trading cards I bought in Tokyo.

Together with the ever-hungry Nielios, I went on a vending machine hunt in Tokyo to find some of the most interesting softdrinks we could find and obviously we try them out.

Unboxing the Power armor edition of Fallout 76.
This is merely me unboxing and checking out all the different items that come with this edition.
No comments on the actual game or game footage.


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