The 911 event swells with occult symbolism, and it heralded the dawn of the Luciferian New Age. This film examines the event in light of the teachings of both the King James Bible and the New Age cult, in both a historical and prophetic context.


Clips from 2001 A Space Odyssey and 2010 The Year We Make Contact by Stanley Kubrick, and the HBO series "The Young Pope."
Images near the end taken from Hunger Games movie.
Footage of Pope Francis meeting with world leaders include these videos:
Richard Bennett teaching on Catholic Mysticism from Berean Beacon Channel:
George Bush at Sarasota, FL school original footage:
I Pet Goat II Movie by Heliofant:

All of the clips used in this movie can be found among others in my extensive playlist, "Eye Remember The New World Order"

For Biblical analysis of the first century resurrection, the best teacher on sermonaudio is James Gallagher:

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These are highlights from the first ~300 pages of Alice Bailey's Externalization of The Hierarchy which reveal the spiritual impetus of the Globalization movement, the text being read by a well-known Esoteric teacher. The more you study this book, the more clearly you can interpret the past 80 years of history, and it explains all of the apparent chaos in the world today.

Readings: Morya Federation Esoteric Education

Text: Externalization Of The Hierarchy

RIP Jeff C. This indispensable monologue, given a few months before Jeff C died, educates and motivates, exposing the tyranny at work in the world right now. Audio taken from Jeff's Monday Madness episode of 9-14-20 (

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Here's a handy little invention...

Clip of Walter Veith explaining some cryptic messages on the cover art of the Economist's "World in 2019" edition. The four horsemen of the apocalypse are shown in reverse order with the rider on the red horse wearing Mithra's crown and a face mask. Watch the full length episode on Amazing Discoveries Africa here: .

World Economic Forum Covid Action Platform:
Home page:
Interactive Covid 19 Transformation Map:

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Social Engineers plan to hack your soul through genetic, biochemical, and technological interventions, and they have published a road map of their agenda at the World Economic Forum as their "Covid 19 Transformation Map." It is apparent that the Covid-19 crisis is a planned global transformation to usher in a new regulatory order in which humans are slaves and guinea pigs existing solely at the pleasure of the elites who profit from our bodies as laboratories and machines. Only by preserving and enforcing the Bill of Rights which free nations like ours demanded as part of our founding charters, specifically for the purpose of thwarting such satanic tyranny, can we preserve our individual liberties and the prospect of self-determination.

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Revelation Chapter 18 montage (The Sharper Sword), narration by Max McClean -
Trump Press Conference - Executive Order on Safe Policing (June 16, 2020)
Ivanka Trump's message about this "brave new world" - The Hill -
Aldous Huxley and Brave New World: The Dark Side of Pleasure - Academy Of Ideas -
President Trump Coronavirus News Conference - August 12, 2020 -
BRAVE NEW WORLD Official Trailer (HD) Alden Ehrenreich -
Richie From Boston (RFB) -
Brave New World(1980)-Full Length Movie.mp4 -
Coronavirus therapeutics have come a long way, FDA Commissioner says - WWLTV July 1, 2020 -
UN chief on COVID-19 and the need for action on mental health - May 14, 2020 -
Mission Mind Control (1979) | feat James Thornwell MKULTRA -
CIA's secret brainwashing experiment: Former patients sue U.S. government (1984) - The Fifth Estate -
Why The Navy Made This Disturbing Bath Salt Abuse Video | ABC World News Tonight | -
Bath salts disguised as candy - WPTV News -
FOX 11 Investigates: Zombie Drugs -
What to expect during hotel quarantine in South Australia - SA Health -
Mass Hypnosis and Trigger Words - Truthstream Media -
The Neuro-Pathway to Happiness | Bart Baggett | TEDxUBIWiltz -
Scientists Want to Turn Consciousness On and Off Like a Light Switch - Truthstream Media -
Pills that improve morality: Julian Savulescu at TEDxBarcelona -
Walter Veith & Martin Smith - New Normal, Human Enhancement - What's Up Prof? 26 - Amazing Discoveries Africa -
Jeff Censored! -

Song: I Wanna Be Sedated (The Ramones)
Artist: The Offspring

The fulfillment of Bible Prophecy marches ahead with the Vatican's entrance into the electronic device and software market.

Why the only future worth building includes everyone. Pope Francis TED Talk (April 2017).
Clip From The Circle Movie
Clip From The Matrix Movie
Clip From Metropolis Movie
Clip From 1984 Movie
Clip From NieR: Automata
[NieR: Automata | YoRHa Commander SPOILER!]
Vatican asks technology giants to protect children on Internet.
Click To Pray - The app that connects your prayer and the real world
Digital rosary for learning to pray
Viral Chinese Game Measures Your Applause For President Jinping
Chinese President Xi Jinping's ‘Little Red App’
Vatican moves to new era, launches Click-To-Pray wearable eRosary device
SWTOR KOTET ► Kneel Before the Dragon of Zakuul - Vaylin's Conditioning (Chapter 3)
Pope Francis delivers his first livestreamed prayer from the Vatican | AFP
How to Gain a Plenary Indulgence With No Mass
Pope Francis Asks Chicago Girl to Sing
The life and death of Marina Abramovic
(Terramoto de 1755) Perfect Storms: Gods Wrath, Lisbon
Priest (2011) - Ex-Communicated Scene (3/10) | Movieclips
G.I. Joe: Retaliation (7/10) Movie CLIP - London is Destroyed (2013) HD
Click To Pray - Pope Francis

Deied - Tribal (dark symphony electronica)
Thras | Elder Scrolls Inspired Battle Loops
DANZIG - Mother

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What is the notion of YEAR ZERO? It is the Great Reset, the destruction of the Great American past and the birth of the new Satanic Abnormal. Can we stop it in time?

The satanic Marxist revolutionary strategy is being implemented in America with support from global banksters and the Roman Catholic Church. If you study this evil method, which arose during the French Revolution, you will learn to spot the signs and avoid its traps. Here, we look at a modern example from the Khmer Rouge revolution that devastated Cambodia in the 1970's. The main lesson is: DO NOT SURRENDER YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

Missionary and scholar Peter Hammond is one of the most traveled, educated, and informed speakers you will ever hear. I just found the video portions to his lectures on vimeo: . Anyway, the satanic Marxist Revolutionary strategy is a distinct pattern of tricks and crimes that is clearly being implemented in America and other countries across the globe right now, behind the smokescreen of a health crisis and with the aid of mainstream media propaganda. Raised in South Africa and having been imprisoned himself by some of these Marxist revolutionaries on the African continent, Dr. Hammond will keep you riveted to your seat for the entire 2 hours of this presentation with his encyclopedic knowledge, insider information, and razor sharp analysis.

Get more from Dr. Hammond on here:

Reformation Society:

Frontline Fellowship SA:

descriptionHear from Cubans, not the Marxist-owned mainstream media, what Castro's Cuban revolution was really like. This especially deals with life as a worker and the financial insanity imposed under the dictator.

1961 Panorama - Cuba Anti Castro Rebels - BBC Documentary

Alex Gimenez presents “Cuba’s Plantation Economy” 03/14/16

A Compilation from around the globe proving that the pandemic is a hoax and that the culprits have power over the entire world's media, healthcare, and governments. These are not redundant with yesterday's post. *One error in the headings: the Hospital after London Hospital is in NSW Australia.

Most of these videos can still be seen on youtube, ive put them in this playlist:
The trick to finding real content on YouTube and avoiding the preferred propaganda is to turn on the "creative commons" filter when searching by keywords.

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A compilation of citizen journalist visits to 18 hospitals and test centers in 7 states between June and August 2020, proving that America's hospitals are empty and there is no pandemic going on. Credit to @DPotcner as my main source. If you have links to other videos dated AFTER May 2020 showing more empty hospitals or relevant footage, please paste links in the comments below.

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One of the main whistleblowers, General Benton Partin, in this event was a friend of the mighty Christian missionary and truther, Peter Hammond, who gives a useful lecture on the subject (I only have the audio) here: Hammond also maintains the General Partin website here:

A quote from that Hammond lecture is: "By the mid 19900's [Parton] was convinced that the biggest threat to America was not from an external source, but from our own government." [time 59:55].

There is a youtube video of Partin here:

If you like being educated and informed about current events in their grand historical and religious contexts, then follow Peter Hammond. I have just found the cideo portions to his lectures on vimeo: . Here, Dr. Hammond reviews the common strategy behind today's global turmoil and the Bolshevik and French revolutions. Every lecture I've ever heard from this man has been brilliant. Hear more from him in these sites:

Frontline Fellowship on sermonaudio:

Reformation Society:

Frontline Fellowship SA:

How much corruption and deception does it take to convince you that Big Government is the biggest threat to your health and safety?

As the NWO torments us with dystopian social engineering schemes, head shaving is an identifiable meme emerging from the fake news noise, and a probable next step in the satanic personal identity transformations demanded of us by our psychotic overlords. This video sound an early warning via a montage of evidence garnered from YouTube and Google in July of 2020. Why would Luciferian elites want this? Because head shaving is common to many rituals in the mystery religion that they intend to impose on the world, and they want us to practice and participate in their worship of Lucifer.

Head shaving, as you will hear in the video, is symbolic of transformation and cleansing, mourning and consecration. Psychologically, head shaving helps to break down personal identity, which is of particular value to despotic god-kings who covet control over the mind, body, and soul of their subjects, like you!

Nurses in Wuhan cut hair to fight against coronavirus outbreak -
Medical workers shave their heads in battle against coronavirus -
Did Selena Gomez SHAVE Her Head BALD?! -
Bruce Willis Shaves Daughter Tallulah’s Hair Before Topless Photoshoot With Rumer Willis -
Will Smith's Daughter Willow Shared Heartbreaking Update On Her's Health As She Shaved Her Head. -
Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Shaving Their Heads -
I Shaved My Head! | Health & Peace Alchemy -
V is for Vendetta - Headshave 20 (HD) -
I Shaved My Head - And Why Buddhists Do It -
Hajj gives barber shops a boom in business -
Kelowna Mayor, WFN Chief shave their heads for health care -
Shave Your Head?! 5 Reasons To Get A Buzz Cut | The StyleJumper Collab -
Why Is Mundan Done After Death in Hindus? | Artha -
Learning to live together in peace through Global Citizenship Education -

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Artist: Jameson Nathan Jones
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Just another quick observation... This is the backdrop behind Premier Doug Ford whenever delivers a public message. I noticed a cryptic symbol displayed behind him.
SONG: The Mean One
ARTIST: Thomas Herudek
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This is what happens when you dont hire shill bots to post favorable comments on your scamdemic propaganda. Join the party at . If your screen is too small to read the comments, sorry I didnt think of that, but you can go see the action on their video directly via that link!

SONG: You Are So Beautiful
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Satanic Secret Societies are fond of the number 33, but the Lord is in command, and he has a message in Psalm 33 for the heathen who plot against him. The narration is taken from a sermon by Walter Burrell called "God is in Control" from 2000:

SONG: City Angels
ARTIST: Oliver Michael
Licensed from

The accelerating crises befalling America are the unmistakable Judgment of God, who has promised to destroy any people that does as we have, in a manner outlined clearly in the Bible. This sermon was a warning delivered at the beginning of 2017 describing generally what America can expect in the near future if her people did not repent and change course. Those warnings were not heeded, and the commensurate calamities are now unfolding according to Scripture.

Find the original sermon here:

The Protestant Reformation established liberty and civil rights in the Western World, but the Roman Catholic Church developed a response at the Council of Trent, called the Counter-Reformation, to destroy Protestantism by infiltrating and immolating all governments and churches which do not bow to Papal Supremacy. All of the major events in world history since then, and the New World Order agenda today, are the direct result of Rome's ongoing pursuit of the Counter-Reformation agenda established at Trent, with the Jesuit Order being its principal catalyst. This video gives a summary of the spiritual developments in this war, particularly a brief history of the Ecumenical movement.

This Reformation Day sermon is the sequel to my previous upload, "Jesuits: Shock Troops For The Papacy" ( ).

The original title of this sermon is "Negating the Reformation." Original source files and more from Rev. David Mook on here:

Infiltration, Assassination, Terrorism, Espionage, False Doctrines and Propaganda: the Jesuits are the Delta Force for the Holy See. This Video reviews the principles which formed and guide the Jesuit Order as part of a Reformation Day sermon given in 2004. I have restored the audio as best as possible, but the teaching is so well constructed it is worth hearing despite the imperfect sound quality. The relevance of this information is that today's New World Order Agenda is merely a continuation of the Vatican's global agenda, and the original mission of the Jesuits was to bring all the nations of the world together so that their master could rule all. It took them 500 years, but as of 2015, when the Pope set foot in the White House, they have finally fulfilled their charter mission.

The source files and many more sermons from Rev. David Mook are available for free on here:

Just a quick observation...

SONG: Soul Travel

This is the first section of the sequel to "LOCK STEP: The Old Plan For A New Normal." Because the content is so timely, I wanted to release it before the rest of the movie is complete, which will not be for another month or so. One correction: Ring Movie is from 2002 not 2013!

Watch the first movie here: .

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