Few days around La Jolla Cove and La Jolla Shores checking out the Sea Lions and Garibaldi Fish at La Jolla Cove and Leopard Sharks and Sting Rays at La Jolla Shores.

GoPro Hero 7 Black

Filmed in La Jolla, San Diego, California.

Footage from the Imperial Beach Surf Dog competition with solo, tandem with two dogs on one board, or tandem with one dog and one(or two!) humans on one board in southern San Diego. Was a lot of fun checking it out and the dogs looked like the were having a blast hanging 20.

Have a day in Iceland? I had a 24 hour stopover in Reykjavik with my parents after checking out the Christmas Markets in Germany/Czech R. and Austria. We rented a car which was pretty cheap, drove it from the airport to our hotel in the city, then set out at 8am to see Gullfoss Falls and Geysir, both a very short distance from eachother. Both destinations were incredible and the drive out was very scenic, feeling like we were driving in the Arctic. The sun didn't rise until around 11:45, so it was extremely dark when we left and the whole drive was like a slow motion sunrise. Since it was December, it was very cold everywhere, although there was no snow near the coast, almost the entirety of the road had varying layers of snow on it. We didn't stop anywhere for food, we ate in the car, stopping only to say high to the horses, a couple scenic photo ops, two bathroom breaks, gassed up the car before return (very expensive) then made it bake to the airport well before our flight. It would have been nice to spend more time in country, but for a short stopover, this itinerary, combined with checking out the city the night before, makes for a packed 24 hours. Video is done with a handycam and made more for family memories but should give you an idea of time and what you'll see.

Road trip into Louisiana and New Orleans. This was one of my better stops on the trip. While I had visited New Orleans before in 2008, I hadn't given it the time it deserved although part of that may have had something to do with hurricane Katrina having occurred more recently. While I only spent a full day in the city, I managed to take in a lot of the best sites, stopping in...

Bayou Sauvage - kayaking in the swamp/bayou (no alligators unfortunately but lots of birds(waterfowl) and lizards (anoles))

French Quarter - Jackson Square, St Louis Cathedral, Mardi Gras, eating beignets at Cafe Du Monde, French / Creole / Cajun colonial history, the Joan of Arc statue, Bourbon Street Jazz and Blues, the Mississippi River and the cities levee.

Garden District - Mansions

Cemeteries - above ground cemeteries Lafayette #1 and Lafayette #2

Parks - Louis Armstrong and City Park with Story Land, Art Museum, lakes, hiking trails, sports fields, swamp land and trees.

Downtown- Casinos, Mall, Audubon Aquarium, WW2 Museum, Mardi Gras Museum, Gallier Hall (former city hall).

Up close with Sea lions at La Jolla Cove in San Diego. Views from the area between the children's pool to the cliff caves where loads of kayakers and snorkelers come to see the aquatic mammals, fish and sharks.

Footage of Comicon protesters, costumes, crowds, displays and venues at the San Diego Convention Center and Gaslamp are of downtown.

Saw this guy scaring people walking to and from the 2019 San Diego Comic Con. His camoflage matched the bushes perfectly.

This was a short drive along Mississippi's Gulf coast. I only stopped in Biloxi and Gulf Port, with most of my day being spent in the former. It's a city with a Cajun influence like it's western neighbor, having a decent Mardi Gras celebration like New Orleans. Biloxi also has legalized gambling, with the same casinos you might find in Vegas or Atlantic City like Harrah's, Golden Nugget and Hard Rock. Other notable sites are the Biloxi Lighthouse, Jefferson Davis's home Beauvior, the Hurricane Katrina Memorial (you can learn all about it at the welcome center) and the cities shrimping and seafood industries. Two road side attractions are Souvenir City with it's Alligator and Shark head store fronts. I didn't spend too much time at Gulf Port, but it seemed a little sparser and low key on the beach.

On my escape from the northeastern winter, I decided to make a B-Line for Pensacola, FL. It was an important stop in the sense that as I traveled westbound along the Gulf Coast, the water and beaches become increasingly murkier and grosser because of the Mississippi and other river sediment. Downtown Pensacola is decent for being a smaller city, having a mix of college, military and tourist to keep it vibrant. Gulf Shores National Seashore is a national park system that incorporates several areas from mainland Pensacola, Naval Live Oaks Nature Preserve on Gulf Breeze and civil war ruins Fort Pickens on the western fringe of Pensacola Beach. The rest of Pensacola Beach is tourists areas, beach homes, and adjoining sections of National Park. The Fort Pickens section is the only part you need to pay for and costs $20. Kayaked in Gulf Breeze.

Our adventure in Alabama starts in the state capital, Montgomery. The capital grounds features the capital building and it's surrounding statues and memorials, some of which are to the states confederate and civil rights history with the Confedrate Memorial Monument, a statue of Jefferson Davis who was inaugurated as the rebel president on the capital steps and a plaque to Martin Luther King who led the Selma to Montgomery March which ended on those same steps. The city sin't too big and has a minor league baseball team, "The Biscuits". There are several other confederate and civil rights places of interest throughout the city like the winter house, a church where MLK preached, the bus Rosa Parks made history in. Up on the city heights is the National Memorial for Peace and Justice. Part is a museum and the other is an art memorial to racial injustice in America, focusing on slavery, lynching and segregation. It's defining characteristic are 805 hanging metal boxes representing every county where a lynching was documented.

I actually drove down to Florida after this, but for the sake of keeping the videos more oriented by state than consecutive order of the trip, I added a portion where I crossed from Pensacola to Mobile. The first stop was Elberta, Alabama. This area is road trip worthy because a millionaire decided to create a foam replica of stone henge called Bamahenge, random dinosaurs in the forest, a lady in the lake, and several other oddities on his property and it's all free for the public to visit.

The last stop was the USS Alabama. This WW2 battleship was purchased by it's namesake state before it was scrapped like so many others in the US navy's historic arsenal. The grounds not only includes the ship, but dozens of tanks and aircraft used during WW2, Vietnam, The Cold War and Iraq. Parking is $4 and if you want to actually walk onto the ship it costs $15.

My first stop in Georgia was Toccoa Falls at Toccoa Falls University. This is a actually a really good waterfall and it's easily accessible through the campus parking lot and visitor center. The School Bus Graveyard was an unplanned stop I just happened to be passing and it's one of the post apocalyptic looking roadside gems you always hope to stumble upon. Next up was Stone Mountain just outside of Atlanta. Entry is $20 which is not worth it, you can actually walk or bike into the park for free if you park outside of it's perimeter, I failed to mention this in the video. The giant stone the park is centered on is interesting and along the lines of Ulur/Ayers Rock, Sigiriya or Devil's Tower geologically, but smaller. It's somewhat controversial because of the confederate memorial sculpted into it's main faces depicting Jefferson Davis, Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Hiking up to the top is relatively easy and there is a gondola for those less inclined to hike an incline. The park features several other attraction relating to southern culture and outdoor activities. Atlanta was the last stop for the day and state. I wasn't expecting a lot but appreaciated the vibe and layout. Top sites were the Atlanta Aquarium, Coca Cola World Museum, Centennial Olympic Park and the CNN Headquarters.

Just a short drive through the western edge of South Carolina, crossing the border from North Carolina and the Eastern Continental Divide. There were two stops in Natural Bridges Wilderness Area. The first is Caesars Head Overlook and the Second is Bald Rock. Bald Rock seemed noteable to me because it had a ton of graffiti scrawled across the entirety of it's surface. I had mixed feelings about it. By that point the sun had set and the rest was just nightly highway driving.

Driving through Raleigh, Chimney Rock and Dupont State Forest in North Carolina. Before stopping in Raleigh, I took a look at the Neuse River Trail on the city outskirts. The North Carolina State Capital building and grounds had a dozen statues from the civil war, vietnam to the presidents who originated in the state, Polk, Andrew Johnson and Andrew Jackson. The downtown wasn't overwhelming which was nice, but there wasn't anything that really stuck and grabbed my attention as unique or noteworthy. Chimney Rock is a large granite spire overlooking the Appalachian foothills and lakes. This and Dupont State Forest were the filming locations for The Last of the Mohicans (1992). While the movie/book is set in upstate New York, many of films locations, especially the waterfalls were filmed in Dupond State Forest, while I believe the end scene was shot in on the upper portions of Chimney Rock. This area is closed in the winter, but the $17 high season admission price is cut down to $10, which is still worth it as the site also includes a number of interesting geological formations like caves and Hickory Nut Falls. Dupont is free. Hooker Falls, Triple Falls and High Falls were all featured in Last of the Mohicans, it was fun comparing my footage to the scenes, but the movies water flow is noticeably less since it was filmed in summer rather than winter. While the waterfalls might look more impressive, the greenery makes spring/summer a better time to visit.

Fifth stop in a round the world trip in January 2018, a city that touches 2 continents, Istanbul, Turkey. Leaving Sofia by night bus with a short stop going through customs at the Turkish border, I spent 1.5 days amd one night in Istanbul but i recommend 3 days at least for first time. Exploring Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Tokapi Palace, Hippodrome of Constantinople, the Istanbul Archaeology Museum and the Grand Bazaar. Also walked across the bridge and checked out Galata Tower and Taksim Square. Took the ferry to the Asian side of the city over the Bosporus. Aksaray station to the Ataturk Istanbul International Airport.

"Off Leash San Diego Rhodesian Ridgebacks" meeting in the fenced dog park on Fiesta Island in Mission Bay San Diego. Group went from 5 to 11 over the course of a few hours.

Driving into the capital city of Virginia and former capital of the Southern Confederacy, Richmond is a city steeped in history. Exploring Monument Avenue with it's several confederate statues like General Lee and JEB Steward, this stretch of city streets is as beautiful as it is controversial, accented with well crafted row homes in varied styles. Next is Maymont Park. Centered around Maymont Mansion, this estate turned park is incredibly scenic and along with the old victorian home/museum and is surrounding buildings, the grounds also have an Italian garden, Japanese garden, childrens farm and nature center, as well as being home to local, wild fauna. Further down the James River in downtown Richmond is the American Civil War Museum, Tredegar Iron Works. This area also contains the Virginia State Capital House, the White House of the Confederacy, Edgar Allen Poes House and several statues of famous Virginians like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

AWSM S01E06: BULGARIA 04 – Sofia Fourth country/stop on a round the world trip. Ryan Air flight ot Sofia, Bulgaria from Brussels, Belgium. Cheap train into the city from Sofia International Airport. All the top sites are walking distance from city center, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, St George Rotunda, Ivan Vazov National Theater, Central Mineral Baths, Statue of Sveta Sofia, Sofia Synagogue, Banya Bashi Mosque, National Museum of Military History and Monument to the Soviet Army. Since it's January and snowy I didn't check out Vitosha Mountain and Boyana Church this time but they are an easy bus ride from the city center and good for hiking and views of the Sofia.

*** One of the first things I say somewhat jokingly as an American in this video is that Belgians don't speak Belgian, they speak French, completely forgot to add Dutch despite the first shot of Brussels having the Flemish Flag - Apologies! *** Third stop/country on a round the world trip. Took a Ryan Air flight to Brussels South Charleroi Airport. About an hour to Brussels by train for a day trip just to see the center of the city. Starting from Cinquantenaire (Triumphal Arch), European Parliament, Royal Palace of Brussels, Cathedral of St. Michael, Royal Galleries of St Hubert, Brussels Stock Exchange, Mont of Art and Grande Place/Square (Kings House and Town Hall). One night backpacking in brussels price breakdown (hostel/food/transport).

This is a pretty short video and exposition of the first few states I hit since leaving New Jersey. I completely skipped Delaware, only made one stop at Gunpowder Falls State Park in Maryland and took a short stroll through National Mall in the District of Columbia, viewing the White House, Washington Monument, Thomas Jefferson Memorial and Lincoln Memorial.

A small exposition of my home state "South Jersey" not to be confused "North Jersey" the New York part of the state. South Jerseys top draw is the beach or "Jersey Shore" if you will. Atlantic City is like the east coast Las Vegas, while the rest of the coastal barrier islands are dominated by family friendly Ocean City, wacky Wild Wood and historic Cape May. Inland are the pine barrens, the rural farmland in the Alabama part of South Jersey, and a civil war reenactment in Mullica Hill. Beginning of the video is footage of Asbury Park in Central/North Jersey.

Just a quick drive through New York City and New York State. Starting off with the state capital, Albany, we explore a few buildings in the heart of the city, the New York Cultural and Education Center and Empire State Plaza, where you can find the capital building and several monuments and parks. We skip through Sleepy Hollow, NY as I've already done a video on it


I didn't see too much in New York City aside from Central Park, Time Square, and the Empire State Building. I actually spent most of my time in the Metropolitan Museum of Art where I couldn't use the footage for this video as far as I know, but if you ever find yourself in the area, this is a great museum and in fact one of my favorites in the world.

Second country/stop in a round the world trip, Porto, Portugal. 7$ round trip rail from Porto Airport to city center. Exploring the main sites around the city, started at Avenida dos Aliados, Clérigos Tower, Porto Cathedral, view from Dom Luis Bridge, São Francisco Church and Vila Nova de Gaia. Next video explores the remainder of Porto and a day trip to Guimaraes.

"Around the World at the Speed of Mike" Glasgow from Edinburgh Waverley Train Station in Edinburgh via a train, and price breakdown for all of Scotland over 5 nights. Glasgow is an easy day trip though I stayed noon to noon and 1 night at a hostel, visited George Square, Tolbooth Tower, Duke of Wellington (Traffic Cone Statue), Glasgow Necropolis (19th century cemetery), Glasgow Cathedral. Price breakdown of total hostel, food, transport while in scotland and total for entire trip.

"Around the World at the Speed of Mike" First destination/stop in a full circle around the world trip, Edinburgh, Scotland. Leaving from Stewart International Airport in NY, USA to Edingburgh International Airport, Scotland, UK. Bus to center city to see The Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle, Capital Hill, Arthur's Seat, Holyrood Palace, Scottish National Gallery, National Museum of Scotland, Harry Potter sites, Scott Monument, St Giles' Cathedral, Dynamic Earth and Nelson Monument. Next video is a day trip to Glasgow and a price breakdown for everything spent in Scotland and the trip thus far.

Driving through Vermont, stopping in Macnhester in the Green Mountains, Quechee Gorge near Woodstock, Vermont Law School in Royalton, the Rock of Ages granite quarry, the Vermont State Capital Montpelier, the Ben and Jerrys Factory, the Sound of Music Von Trapp family estate, Vermonts largest city Burlington, and Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge.


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