Short trip to Goa in south central coastal India. This former Portuguese colony is known for it's beaches, spice plantations and Portuguese influence on the local architecture, language and religion. I spent 4 days at Jungle Hostel in Anjuna, starts at Goa Airport, walked a considerable distance to see the local surrounding before getting a ride up to Calungute Beach, walking up to Anjuna, checking out the fort and spending the majority of my time around there. Walked down as far south to Aguada Fort before returning to the airport.

Final stretch of my first trip to India in 2016.

-Sanjay Ghandi National Park, Kanheri Caves, Tiger and Monkeys
-Lake Powai Shive Festival
-Holi Festival at Juhu Beach
-Riding the metro to south Mumbai (fort, Gateway of India, -Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus, Rajabai Clock Tower)
-Renaissance Mumbai Hotel & Convention Centre view
-last day at work in Mindspace complex and fellow coworkers
- 6 hour layover in Frankfurt, Germany
- flying over glaciers an BC mountains on the way back to Vancouver, Canada.

Day of the Dead "Dio De Los Muertos" celebration in Old Town historic park in San Diego, CA. Filmed on Novemeber 2nd, 2019.

Wolf-dog meetup in San Diego's Balboa Park on November 2, 2019. About 20 wolf dog hybrids were in the pond area next to the Botanical Building. This is an annual event.

Houston was the first stop on the Texas leg of my trip. I never really could figure what I wanted out of the city so ended up visiting my cousin instead, though the rodeo or space center might have been interesting with more time.

On the way to Austin, I stopped at Buc-cees convience store super center. It had tons of varieties of beef jerky, fountain drinks and slushies, and every other road food and item you could possibly desire. It really surprised me and was a fun, unexpected stop.

Austin is the state capital of Texas. The capital building has color scheme of red granite that blends well with the states semi arid western environment. Full of history and relics from the states inception, you can also view the inner workings of the state legislature. The capital grounds are full of statues in a similar vein.

6th street is the best place to get a sense of Austins vibe/culture. Often described as a liberal mecca in a sea of red or a colony of California, it seems similar to several other west coast cities. The music festival SXSW (South by Southwest) was going on at the time so traffic and the local representation may have been somewhat skewed by people from out of town.

My favorite part of the city was the Colorado River which runs through downtown and is flanked by parks and woodland for almost it's entire length. It's a calm, low flower river and easy to navigate with any kind of watercraft, I took it as a chance to use my kayak. The best stretch is in Zilker Park at Barton Creek/Springs. This spring makes the waters hue a turquoise blue which contrasts to the greener water in the Colorado.

The Bat Bridge on Congress Avenue is the best place to end your evening. Around sundown, from March to November (peek season is July/August) a colony of 1.5 million bats emerge from below from under bridge and put on a show for the crowds of onlookers.

Reenactment of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo landing Ballast Point at Naval Base Point Loma in San Diego on September 28. This event celebrates and reenacts the first contact European explorers had with San Diego and by extension the state of California in 1542. The landing event starts at 1pm with the San Salvador, a replica of Juan Cabrillo's ship much like the Mayflower in New England, sails through San Diego bay and launches a smaller boat which paddles up to the shores of Ballast Point. There are military, culutural dancers, musicians, food, speakers representing the Spanish, Portuguese, Mexican, Native and America history of the area/event.

Scenes from the Viking Festival in Vista, CA on September 22, Saturday afternoon. Entry was $15. There were viking food, spirits/beer and trinkets sold at various tents, music, Viking era reenactors with camp and weapons displays, a fish toss, iron working and weapon contests with bows, spears and axes. Missed several other events.

Various scenes of protestors and supporters of Donald Trumps visit to the US Grant Hotel in downtown San Diego, next to Hornton Plaza. Protestors and the Trump balloon were set up on the northeast corner of the plaza on 4th and Broadway while the supporters were one block to the rest, with several smaller groups gathering at the other surrounding corners of the barricaded area. There were some interesting characters.... Giant MAGA hat guy, Trump in Jail (which looked like Hillary in jail without the mask), "The Wall" Suit Guy, Anit Vaxxers, lots of signs, KUSI, FOX 5, NBC 7, CBS 8. There was some arguing between Trump supports and protestors on opposite sides of the street where he was exiting the hotel and heading down to the Otay Mesa border wall.

Watching the speed boat races in Mission Bay around Sea World and Crown Point bridges.

This is an itinerary for fall 2019 that will take you around the world for $571 USD. It goes through San Francisco (USA), Hong Kong to Macau (China), Bangkok to Krabi (Thailand) , Stockholm (Sweden), a layover in London(UK) and back to San Francisco. This is very similar to last years video on the same subject with the biggest change being that Icelandic discount airline WOW is no longer operational.

San Francisco to Hong Kong $164 (kayak search)

Hong Kong to Macau (via ferry, 30$ price not included)

Macau to Bangkok on Air Asia for $65 (air asia website)

Bangkok to Krabi via ground transport, price not included (this should be part of a larger itinerary around the country)

Krabi to Stockholm via Norwegian Air for $130 (Norwegian air website)

Stockholm to San Francisco via Norwegian Air (Again) for $212

Two Rhodesian Ridgebacks wrestling, running and swimming on Fiesta Island in San Diego. Dogs are aged 1 and 8 years old(black ears).

Rhodesian Ridgeback meetup in San Diego on Fiesta Island. Shot in slow motion on GH4

Part 2 of snorkeling in La Jolla cove. More sea lions and schools of fish doing sea life stuff. Shot with GoPro Hero 7 Black August 26, 2019.

Near perfect conditions at La Jolla Cove in late August 2019. Sea Lions were romping around and fish were all over the place. Shot with GoPro Hero 7 Black.

After leaving New Orleans, we head into Blue Bonnet Swamp Nature Center to check out the snakes, turtles and lizards that inhabit the area's swampland. A short drive into downtown Baton Rogue brings us to the banks of the mighty Mississippi. The most prominent sites and the new and old capital buildings, the former being the tallest capital building in the country and the later looking like a castle! Other highlights are the cities gambling river boats, military displays, sculptures, fountains and parks. Continuing on through the state I can't help but bring back my terrible Louisiana accent. The last portion of the state is a vist to Gator Chateua where we actually do see some gators (babies), followed by a scenic drive down to Louisiana's Gulf coast toward Holly Beach, passing nature reserves Creole Trail and Sabine National Wildlife Refuge and tons of gas/oil refineries on the way

Few days around La Jolla Cove and La Jolla Shores checking out the Sea Lions and Garibaldi Fish at La Jolla Cove and Leopard Sharks and Sting Rays at La Jolla Shores.

GoPro Hero 7 Black

Filmed in La Jolla, San Diego, California.

Footage from the Imperial Beach Surf Dog competition with solo, tandem with two dogs on one board, or tandem with one dog and one(or two!) humans on one board in southern San Diego. Was a lot of fun checking it out and the dogs looked like the were having a blast hanging 20.

Have a day in Iceland? I had a 24 hour stopover in Reykjavik with my parents after checking out the Christmas Markets in Germany/Czech R. and Austria. We rented a car which was pretty cheap, drove it from the airport to our hotel in the city, then set out at 8am to see Gullfoss Falls and Geysir, both a very short distance from eachother. Both destinations were incredible and the drive out was very scenic, feeling like we were driving in the Arctic. The sun didn't rise until around 11:45, so it was extremely dark when we left and the whole drive was like a slow motion sunrise. Since it was December, it was very cold everywhere, although there was no snow near the coast, almost the entirety of the road had varying layers of snow on it. We didn't stop anywhere for food, we ate in the car, stopping only to say high to the horses, a couple scenic photo ops, two bathroom breaks, gassed up the car before return (very expensive) then made it bake to the airport well before our flight. It would have been nice to spend more time in country, but for a short stopover, this itinerary, combined with checking out the city the night before, makes for a packed 24 hours. Video is done with a handycam and made more for family memories but should give you an idea of time and what you'll see.

Road trip into Louisiana and New Orleans. This was one of my better stops on the trip. While I had visited New Orleans before in 2008, I hadn't given it the time it deserved although part of that may have had something to do with hurricane Katrina having occurred more recently. While I only spent a full day in the city, I managed to take in a lot of the best sites, stopping in...

Bayou Sauvage - kayaking in the swamp/bayou (no alligators unfortunately but lots of birds(waterfowl) and lizards (anoles))

French Quarter - Jackson Square, St Louis Cathedral, Mardi Gras, eating beignets at Cafe Du Monde, French / Creole / Cajun colonial history, the Joan of Arc statue, Bourbon Street Jazz and Blues, the Mississippi River and the cities levee.

Garden District - Mansions

Cemeteries - above ground cemeteries Lafayette #1 and Lafayette #2

Parks - Louis Armstrong and City Park with Story Land, Art Museum, lakes, hiking trails, sports fields, swamp land and trees.

Downtown- Casinos, Mall, Audubon Aquarium, WW2 Museum, Mardi Gras Museum, Gallier Hall (former city hall).

Up close with Sea lions at La Jolla Cove in San Diego. Views from the area between the children's pool to the cliff caves where loads of kayakers and snorkelers come to see the aquatic mammals, fish and sharks.

Footage of Comicon protesters, costumes, crowds, displays and venues at the San Diego Convention Center and Gaslamp are of downtown.

Saw this guy scaring people walking to and from the 2019 San Diego Comic Con. His camoflage matched the bushes perfectly.

This was a short drive along Mississippi's Gulf coast. I only stopped in Biloxi and Gulf Port, with most of my day being spent in the former. It's a city with a Cajun influence like it's western neighbor, having a decent Mardi Gras celebration like New Orleans. Biloxi also has legalized gambling, with the same casinos you might find in Vegas or Atlantic City like Harrah's, Golden Nugget and Hard Rock. Other notable sites are the Biloxi Lighthouse, Jefferson Davis's home Beauvior, the Hurricane Katrina Memorial (you can learn all about it at the welcome center) and the cities shrimping and seafood industries. Two road side attractions are Souvenir City with it's Alligator and Shark head store fronts. I didn't spend too much time at Gulf Port, but it seemed a little sparser and low key on the beach.

On my escape from the northeastern winter, I decided to make a B-Line for Pensacola, FL. It was an important stop in the sense that as I traveled westbound along the Gulf Coast, the water and beaches become increasingly murkier and grosser because of the Mississippi and other river sediment. Downtown Pensacola is decent for being a smaller city, having a mix of college, military and tourist to keep it vibrant. Gulf Shores National Seashore is a national park system that incorporates several areas from mainland Pensacola, Naval Live Oaks Nature Preserve on Gulf Breeze and civil war ruins Fort Pickens on the western fringe of Pensacola Beach. The rest of Pensacola Beach is tourists areas, beach homes, and adjoining sections of National Park. The Fort Pickens section is the only part you need to pay for and costs $20. Kayaked in Gulf Breeze.

Our adventure in Alabama starts in the state capital, Montgomery. The capital grounds features the capital building and it's surrounding statues and memorials, some of which are to the states confederate and civil rights history with the Confedrate Memorial Monument, a statue of Jefferson Davis who was inaugurated as the rebel president on the capital steps and a plaque to Martin Luther King who led the Selma to Montgomery March which ended on those same steps. The city sin't too big and has a minor league baseball team, "The Biscuits". There are several other confederate and civil rights places of interest throughout the city like the winter house, a church where MLK preached, the bus Rosa Parks made history in. Up on the city heights is the National Memorial for Peace and Justice. Part is a museum and the other is an art memorial to racial injustice in America, focusing on slavery, lynching and segregation. It's defining characteristic are 805 hanging metal boxes representing every county where a lynching was documented.

I actually drove down to Florida after this, but for the sake of keeping the videos more oriented by state than consecutive order of the trip, I added a portion where I crossed from Pensacola to Mobile. The first stop was Elberta, Alabama. This area is road trip worthy because a millionaire decided to create a foam replica of stone henge called Bamahenge, random dinosaurs in the forest, a lady in the lake, and several other oddities on his property and it's all free for the public to visit.

The last stop was the USS Alabama. This WW2 battleship was purchased by it's namesake state before it was scrapped like so many others in the US navy's historic arsenal. The grounds not only includes the ship, but dozens of tanks and aircraft used during WW2, Vietnam, The Cold War and Iraq. Parking is $4 and if you want to actually walk onto the ship it costs $15.


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