Let's play some fucking quiplash, boys.

Game 2 of this fucking game

I lay bricks on top of pricks in this gem

Larry shares his knowledge on why South Africa is in it's current state.

I talk with losers

Jim, you can't hide from the truth anymore! you SLUT!

I disavow the man in the thumbnail

A man who can't be alone is a man who should be alone for the rest of his life.

Women are toxic

He slaps everyone from top to bottom without hesitation. Fuck the bern

The battle of the big brains

An "indigenous" rapist from Kawartha Lakes

a quick lesson for the common pooper

A big ahahah to those who sell their bodies

I help the autistic in this one.

I was given proof that he is trolling our asses

Dead or alive?

Dead or alive?

Video evidence of queers acting like queers

The most important question you could have asked 5 years ago

I tell it like it is in this dope ass vid

I talk with a muzie and an englishman

Money talks. I talk money. Therefore I am money. Don't spend me all in one slut run.

Bernie IS LIT AF! Billionaires in this cunt!


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