Be careful those who would fight the abyss, for the abyss fights back!

But I thought organized religion could ALWAYS be trusted!

A new "Dracula" is about to emerge...


We climb the clock tower, only to be met with Death himself!

Looks more like a head huntress to me.

No giant demon from hell to see here. Nope nope!


Wait, Dante's the BAD GUY now? Something's not right here!

To be fair, if I just woke up in Dracula's Castle after going to see an eclipse in Japan, I'd have a bunch of questions too.

What? what do you mean the title sounds like something else? I don't know what you mean? This title is totally original!

We is everyone so grabby? Also, I get EXTREMLY mad in this part, you've been warned!

She descends from above with "love" like a graceful, murder dove!

Momiji sets out for a nice relaxing cruise and while she brushes up on her combat skills.

Kasumi dons her tropical sailor outfit one last time for some boat hopping, ninja fighting action!

Kasumi is back with her newest and last outfit! Too bad for me I'm extremely rusty with this character.

Ryu show off the rest of his costumes, expect that one that isn't in the WiiU version.

Butterflies in the sky, they can fight twice as high!

This is a long one, but, Kasumi is finally done with these, and has all of her costumes unlocked. Now she just needs to finish up her chapter challenges.

And now I can FINALLY finish up the chapter challenge videos with all characters now that I've got their costumes unlocked!

Sorry I didn't finish the Test of Valor in this one, but like I said, the boss is the same as one that Ayane already beat, so, whatever I guess.

This is the end of the story, BUT NOT THE END OF THE GAME! Stay tuned for post game content!


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