After more than two and a half years, with evidences, We know for a fact that:
1-Not all clot-shot vials are equal
2-There are dangerous things in the "shot" e.g graphene nanoparticles. However we don't know all of them...yet!
3-These "clot-shots" are NOT EXPERIMENTAL, but designed NOT ONLY to kill/injure people but also de-fertilize both man/boy and woman/girl if survive
4- These "clot-shots" DO modify human bio-structure (DNA if you prefer)
5- In hospitals around the world, people, especially elderly people, have been murdered either by being abandoned or by remdesivir and ventilator NOT by non-existent so-called SARS-Cov2 virus!

The last word is yours. Come to your own conclusion with all those facts.

Dr Sam Bailey: "Moneybox Shitology" Beware Of Government Horseshit, Crisis Actors, and Useful Idiots!

1. Nuclear Threat Initiative, “Strengthening Global Systems to Prevent and Respond to High-Consequence Biological Threats”, Nov 2021:

2. “Bavarian Nordic Announces U.S. FDA Approval of JYNNEOS™”, 24 Sept 2019:

3. UKHSA – “Recommendations for the use of pre and post exposure vaccination during a monkeypox incident”, 20 May 2022:

4. CDC “Monkeypox”:

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11. Mike Stone, “Was Smallpox Really Eradicated?”:

12. Mike Stone, Did William Heberden Distinguish Chickenpox From Smallpox in 1767?”:

13. Dr Sam Bailey, “Chickenpox Parties and Varicella Zoster Virus?”

Right or wrong, agree with them or not. They speak their minds fearlessly. That's why I love to listen to his show for years!
I love the "attitude" of these two men: Celente and Napolitano's toward "authority", They've never minced their words!
You Don't Have To Agree With Them Everything To Have a Good Laugh With Pleasure!


New York City began offering vaccination against monkeypox to at-risk groups on Thursday, as authorities scramble to contain a global outbreak.

But demand was so high, within hours of launching the program the city had to cut off walk-in appointments, and scheduled visits were already booked through early next week.

US synchronized swimmer Anita Alvarez was clot-shot attacked during routine performance in the pool? WHO knows! Let's wait and see if Anita Alvarez survives and says something about this herself! Hopefully ...
Meanwhile ...the sheeple around the world keep muzzling themselves and queuing for the clot-shot boosters!
It's all beyond saving....

Absolute Proof of Virus Existence Is All Crap! So is the So-called Freedom Movement!
Dr. McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, Del Bigtree, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Reiner Fuellmich, etc etc
They all are gate-keeper shills!
As a matter of fact, whoever still EITHER keeps saying VIRUS EXISTS or/and calling for taking LEGAL ACTION i.e Nuremberg Trial 2.0 and having faith in "DEMOCRATIC PRPOCESS" i.e voting... is either lying or a gate-keeper shill!

Folks, please be awake and vigilant all the time!
In order to deceive you, enslave you and kill you, THEY will stop at nothing!
Communications with Peter McCullough and other freedom advocates
Earth to Dr. McCullough – November 15, 2021:
As a result of some rather snarky public statements made by Dr. Peter McCullough (@38:20 here) insisting that:

“the virus” has been isolated and sequenced,

people saying otherwise are asking a “trick question”, and

PCR tests are “legit”…

…I asked Dr. McCullough, via an email list that we were both part of, to cite the “isolation” paper that he had vaguely referenced in the video above, or any paper that he thought showed “its” existence.

Dr. McCullough’s response: “My energies are directed elsewhere.”

No one on that email list even attempted to back up Dr. McCullough’s claims, even though plenty of famous MDs, scientists, virologists and lawyers are on that list.

Here are the emails:

Nevertheless, yesterday Dr. McCullough released a Declaration insisting that “Chinese Communists released SARS-CoV-2“:

Hmm. Well regardless of whether one suspects a natural virus (despite none ever having been demonstrated in the history of virology) or a man-made version, purification would still be necessary to know that such a thing was circulating.

Did Dr. C. read the 2nd study cited in his Declaration (“A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence”)?

Here are some quotes from it:

“Construction of SARS-like chimeric viruses: Both wild-type and chimeric viruses were derived from either SARS-CoV Urbani or the corresponding mouse-adapted (SARS-CoV MA15) infectious clone….“

“animals were monitored daily for clinical signs of disease (hunching, ruffled fur and reduced activity)…”

Source of the “Urbani strain”:
A Novel Coronavirus Associated with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.
No “virus” was purified from patient samples, quite the opposite.

“To identify viruses associated with SARS, we inoculated a variety of clinical specimens… onto a number of continuous cell lines, including Vero E6… and into suckling ICR mice…”

Did he read the 1st paper cited within the paper that he cited?
Isolation and characterization of a bat SARS-like coronavirus that uses the ACE2 receptor.

“we report the first recorded isolation of a live SL-CoV (bat SL-CoV-WIV1) from bat faecal samples in Vero E6 cells….“
“Despite the rapid accumulation of bat CoV sequences in the last decade, there has been no report of successful virus isolation.”
“We attempted isolation from SL-CoV PCR-positive samples. Using an optimized protocol and Vero E6 cells, we obtained one isolate which caused cytopathic effect during the second blind passage.“

I’m not attacking anyone here; just helping to bring forward the truth re the core lie behind all virology-related crime.

“Confusion” in the Freedom Movement – January 4, 2022:
Here is my recent email exchange with Dr. Peter McCullough, resulting from confusion caused by his wild, unsubstantiated claims [THAT LINK IS NOT BROKEN, DESPITE WORDPRESS PRETENDING THAT IT IS] that a “scientist” named AJ Venkatakrishnan and a company called nference “have over a million of these samples of people with the virus, they’ve sequenced it, they know everything about the virus in terms of its genomic sequence” – claims that were unfortunately broadcast to millions of people via the Alex Jones show:

This Is The Absolute Proof Of People Having No Brain Let Alone Memory!
No more word needed!

Very informative, educating, and entertaining conversation. This reminds me of what Lao Tzu said in his "Tao Te Ching" and what Buddhism says about "the mind" in the "Heart Sutra," especially the ancient holistic approach to health care and healing.
Anyway, I listened and laughed with pleasure till the end of the conversation!

The Latest and Most Important Conversation Of All by Dr Cowan
His explanation is clear, simple, and scientific. His argument is simple, logical, and sharp.
The problem is once the "mass formation" is formed/established upon the sheeple, facts, logic, and evidences no longer matter. Only belief rules!
Once the "public" accepted the Government explanation that a person who was shot dead or run over by a truck, died of "covid" you know the "mass formation" has been rooted in firmly and the Plan is a complete success!
So don't be surprised that Government explaining of the current SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndromes) is caused by "Russian-Putin" and "climate change!", and people do "believe" it for whatever reason! That's mass psychosis/formation is all about! The more absurd, the more illogical narrative, the more the mass (especially the formally educated ones) believe it. The more people will defend and protect it against any otherwise "explanation!"

Folks, this is a very "interesting" conversation about "mass formation" or the "psychology of the mass" in which the current Covid mass formation is the focus point.
I strongly urge You folks to watch and listen to WHAT this "expert" in psychology has to say ... and USE YOUR BRAIN and your critical thinking to make your own conclusion.

-As for me, apart from his main analysis, I do not agree with his conclusion at all.
First he either folly missed or consciously omitted the oldest, longest and the most destructive continuous mass formation of all which are religion and statism! Statism is the most dangerous religion of all!

My argument is that without the permanent statist mass formation, this current covid mass formation would never have lasted a week let alone being formed globally. As a matter of historical fact, all mass formation in the past were effectively in essence statist mass formation! The Crusade, the Witch hunt, the two World Wars, the Nazism/Fascism, the Soviet, Communism, Colonialism, Imperialism, current consumerism and wokeism they are all initiated, ritualized, and prolonged by statism with government's brute force! This current Covid global mass formation is part of statism itself. The State knows best and decide everything with brute force! Don't forget that Statism mass formation has been the universal foundation of human societal structure for thousands of years.

More importantly, since this is a statist mass formation (started and being maintained by the statist authority and the systemic statist belief of the mass) speaking out alone can never change anything. The fact that the continuing persistence of religion and statism in the world today despise the intrepid speaking out with principle of humanity by the 5% wise men and women continuously for thousand of years proves that speaking out alone can never stop such mass formation by Statist authority. It needs more than just speaking out. But speaking out is the indispensable first step.It needs more than just a first step to solve the problem.

Anyway here is a typical "non-compliance "argument"

-THEY have been killing us with the clot-shot and now with food supply and energy crisis!
-We should revolt!
-No no no! Don't revolt! If we do we will fall into their hands. We will give them an excuse to use brute force to kill us all!
- But THEY have ALREADY been KILLING US for two years! And now THEY "release" more fake viruses to force more boosters, and create more food, energy crises!
-Yes, but... but...but

Complete centralization, total control, and absolute submission.
All of the "sudden" (a.k.a pre-planned) after the (s)election...Monkeypox appears, the SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndromes) attack across the continent a.k.a drop dead by clot-shot, then food crisis, and now energy crisis and... many more are coming !
Well, as I said the sheeple of left and right will swallow every shit from their governments.
It's very interesting to see that Governments have been blaming everything on fake-war Russia, climate change hoax....while the "leading dissident and leading alternative voices" keep barking at the wrong trees i.e Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, WEF, WHO, World Bank etc... and now at CHINA...
THEY literally tell you ... just forget the imperialist Yanks, forget the Talmudic Jews....forget government thugs beating people up, shooting people down for defying the lockdown and not wearing muzzles. Forget all the government's laws and regulation that have been strangling people life and liberty since covid... It's CHINA that gonna to invade the whole world!
-Yeah! Folks, that shithole somehow gonna to invade the whole world!
So don't you dare to do anything against "our government"! We "need" our government to be stable to fight ... RUSSIA and then ... CHINA's invasion!

Well You just cannot make this shit up after two and a half years of clot-shot and muzzling!
I really don't know whether to laugh or cry!

I am not going to say anything.
I invite you to watch this short clip carefully, and think carefully, question what you see and hear...then come to your own conclusion

Folks, here is the four episodes of "My Struggle" in the X Files series in which all things are evolving around the "Bio weapon conspiracy", the "Viruses", "the alternating DNA Vaccine" a.k.a transhumanism , the "depopulation plan" and the "powerful" PCR "test"...blah blah blah! very very tempting eh!

I have to admit that THEY are really clever indeed, in the way of understanding the "we the people" and their thinking or the lack of it.

That's why they made their plans "known" to the public as an entertaining fictional conspiracy with every real conspiracy in it, including the "moon landing!" This is a kind of a conspiracy theory within conspiracy theories to make all just conspiracy fiction! So, this kind of "future prediction" is NO COINCIDENCE at all. Don't forget that Hollywood is one of their tools and instruments of the social engineering machine. And their MO is always mixing limited hangout, half truth, and lies in order to make a perfect disinformation!

Whatever viewers may think of after having enjoyed these episodes, two things will be reinforced deeper and stronger in the mind of the public: That is the forever battle "viruses vs vaccine" is "real" and that whatever "conspiracy" is being discussed out there will be shrugged off as fictional tv series as "the X Files!"

THEY always win. Because whatever THEY do is always beyond people's comprehension, beyond what people have been taught and indoctrinated.

Enjoy the conspiracy folks.
I hope you can take away something from this fictional conspiracy!

The Clot Shot Is Working Perfectly ! Babies and Adults Sudden Death Syndromes!
You see Folks! Not only the Clot-shot makers knew, but also the "riches" and the "elites" THEY ALL KNEW WHAT THIS CLOT SHOT WOULD DO TO HUMAN BODY, only SHEEPLE DON'T!
So, If you are fully-shot and doing fine for now ...don't jump for joy just yet. Because if you do, you yourself trigger the myocarditis itself! That's why and how FULLY CLOT SHOT healthy sport people drop dead while ...well, you know what these healthy sport people would do, right?

Even Unborn Children are used as guinea pigs!
The Last Word Is Yours to Speak!

Can These Psychopaths Force You, The People Into Their Plan Without Your Own Government's Brute Force?

By the Way, It’s The Brute Force System of Government That You Believe in, Obey, Support, and Protect!

The just-in-time war of distraction between Russia and Ukraine has generated so much hatred and division within and among people in the world right now as per perfect ruling text book intended: divide to rule!
The whole kosherized West has been openly and provokingly threatening and attacking Russian-Putin Bear on every front! Uhm..... but...However.. well, somehow Russia -Putin just puts up with every "brazen existential threat" and keeps doing normal business with such a bunch of Western "evil existential enemies!" Russian Oils and Gas keep flowing out... and Russian "co-operation" on Covid-clot-shot-Moneypox (and whatever variants and pox) with their Western existential enemies keep "booming", so to speak!

Oh Yeah! THEY ALL have united to protect and to care for all precious Guinea pigs on this planet against all the viruses...(that do not exist) ... while keep droning and bombing people with expensive state of the art weaponry everyday! And keep imposing all the "crippling sanctions" which deliberately make people life on this whole planet more miserable with prospect of global starvation! Go figure folks!
How can a person with a normal brain swallow such obvious shitty absurdity?
I don't know!
It's a amazing world!

The Viral Delusion: Explaining to Deaf Ears and Waking Up Dead Brains
The fact that THEY use the PCR, a research technique to "TEST" /Diagnose infection is a fraud! This PCR fraud alone proves the whole so-called "pandemic" is absolutely a criminal conspiracy You don't need any more proof and evidence at all!

If one cannot see this obvious PCR fraud and the Covid crime, one must either be an idiot or an accomplice! Period!
Without millions of doctors and nurses being accomplices, this hoax and crime would have never been succeeded in such global scale!

Unfortunately, there are more dead brain sheeple than humans in society. Sheeple swallow everything fed to them!

Water - it's often said that, is a living substance, the most common and least understood.

I beg to differ!
IMHO the above statement is wrong. "we, the modern sheeple on this planet" do not understand water (our ancestors somehow did). But THEY, the real RULERS of this planet of sheeple do understand water very well! That's why THEY centralize and control the source of water and deliberately poison it with many toxic substances for "the sheeple own good". While THEY exclusively have their own source of water. The same is true with foods. "We the sheeple" consume junk GMO foods produced by the rulers, who have their own private organic farms!

"We, the sheeple" love convenience and prefer to be governed so that "roads can be built" by "government" with sheeple own labor... and bombs can be dropped on others, whom "we, the sheeple" don't like!

As a matter of fact, "We the sheeple" don't want to understand anything let alone water!
Even after having been explained many times over about everything by many wise men and women, "we the sheeple" still keep doing the same stupid things and believe and trust "our benevolent government" even more!

Two and a half years of fake Covid have proved decisively that the human race is going to be extinct. Only digitally controlled zombies, sheeple, and guinea pigs remain on this planet!

Unless, of course, the true sense of self-preservation in those who still remain human is somehow being re-activated and revolt to fight a real existential battle once and for all!

This is a great informative film on NOT ONLY medical fraud. especially the so-called virology, but also about the evil nature of system of government authority, without which the Cabal and its front men such as Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and their ilk could not have done a thing with such scale! The nature of thuggery of the brutal force a.k.a cops! without which not a single thing could have been forced upon people!
This Terrain film should be an eye- opening documentary.... But...

Well, as I said many times that once one fell into a matrix of mass formation/psychosis, evidence and fact no longer matter, only belief rules! That's how hypnotism works. That's how mass formation/psychosis works. It kills the mind! The "hard part" of this social phenomenon is that the more "formally educated" one is, the more vulnerable one becomes a victim of this formation psychosis!
That's why the 911 still "there" with the hate of "Muslim terrorists" still "here".
That's why after two and half years of "lockdowns" and brutal violation of human rights and human dignity... people still keep voluntarily wearing muzzles! Still adore, admire, and "looking up" to the "greatest pandemiologists and virologist of all time" Bill Gates and his doctors...:-)... still listen to Government's bullshitting!

This human race is really beyond saving!
Complete slavery is already here on this planet!
Revolt and fight back to get rid of system of government?
Uhm... what about the roads?

Thank you Dr Thomas Cowan!
Your analysis is so sharp and so entertaining.
It's so clear that NOT ONLY Sars Cov2 and the vax industry are fraudulent and criminal, but the whole so-called virology and the modern medical science are a total fraud and a crime against humanity.

Well ! It's just a joke! Right?
Of course NOT, but it's the people that are really a joke!
Where are all these clapping, laughing, and cheering people in the audience now?

Oh yeah! Covid is still here , the clot shot has been proved to be very effective in causing all sort of "effects" (a.k.a drop dead, sudden collapse and many many sickness!).. So the monkey pox or whatever pox has come back to get the blame! Oh and HIV, AIDS whatever, all come back together at the same time! Who cares!
The majority of the people is a bunch of fearful dumbshits and brainless as always.
They keep swallowing every shit their governments feed them regardless anyway!
The more government fools them, beat them up and murder them ... the more they trust and believe government. Otherwise governments would have stopped lying and murdering people thousands of years ago!

Here we go again!
Belgium becomes first country to introduce mandatory monkeypox quarantine as global cases rise

Anyway, all ships have sailed! As I have consistently shouted: The only solution left is pitchfork revolt! Everything else is futile! Unfortunately and sadly so far I am the only one!
This is really a case of the commonsense that is not common at all!

The most important remarks on modern system of education and on modern established science. It's so true that it reveals a horrifying reality of our modern societal system of power and authority that destroys intelligence and wisdom by dictating and enforcing a system of obedience and conformity of peer group pressure and group think upon students and workers at all levels of society!
I know this fact personally! Been there, done that myself unfortunately!

Listen to their laughing! Instead of being angry and, outraged for being blatantly insulted with brazen lies and shameless hypocrisy ... They were laughing approvingly and shamelessly!
The Westerners, the Americans and the Russians in particular have been murdering others and being murdered for the Talmudic rats for hundreds of years at least since the so-called WWI!
Any sign of waking up?
They all keep doing it right now for those Talmudic rats all over again!

Did I tell you that I had smelt the stench of Talmudic rats all over the Covidcrime and the war of distraction?
Whatever you may argue, at the end of the day, the most important thing is how to stop them!
Well, you JUST CANNOT STOP THEM since these Talmudic rats have never done anything to you directly. They have always done everything through your own system of government power/ your own laws, which is designed to support and protect them...not you! In one word, it's your government authority that you believe that allows these Talmudic rats to exercise their so-called "Jewish power!" Without your system of government protecting them and doing works for them, THEY HAVE NO POWER at all!
As a matter of fact, if it weren't for your own government, they would have never dared to do a thing to you! Because THEY know that you outnumber them and would wipe them out in no time!

You just cannot fight them without fighting your own governments!
It's just stupid and futile!


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