The only reason Clinton and friends haven't been arrested is because the political left + the media had enough cultural and political power to make anyone considering pressing charges reconsider.... Or else risk their reputation and life.

The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh shows us that the medias power to manipulate the public to further their agenda no longer works like it once does.

Honestly. Read them, then try and come up with an explanation for insane amount of coincidences that are at play if you refuse to believe the conclusion. You won't be able to. QAnon is Trump and his generals maybe an advisor or two. That's it.

By nature I am a sceptic. I won't believe anything until I see it / read it / work through the arguments myself.

If I had have found out about Qanon through reading articles that are in favour of the phenomenon I feel they would not have been enough to persuade me to believe in the phenomenon.

I had read the posts since the first few days they appeared and it's been through my direct experience of reading the posts and researching the leads that I have come to believe it is legitimate.

Those who have read the posts, thoughts?
Those who haven't, what are your thoughts? If you have been persuaded to go read them, let me know if your thoughts change afterwards.

The coordinated media freak out against the phenomenon should give you an indication that something interesting is happening.

An article appeared on Australian software company Kiandra's blog.

It is full of Marxist and post modernist propaganda and flies directly in the face of reality.

This sort of stuff is taken at face value by most (seemingly otherwise) intelligent university educated people despite how wrong it is. This is the power of the Leftist cultural standards imposed from academia and the media.

Is Trump using some of the spy apparatus that were used against him illegally, against people who actually have committed crimes against innocent American citizens for political purposes? ūü§Ē
Also I discuss the psycho/social/cultural phenomenon of projection used by the criminal elites against the public in order to get rid of Trump who threatens to expose them.ūüėé

Finally a break from #Auspol!

Talking Trump and his plan to deal with the democrats + media as the mid terms approach.

Also some meta stuff about the show.

Leave your thoughts as always my friends

"Literally Hitler"

In order to make sure people go to their assigned jobs there'll need to be a police state too.

But hey who cares about human differences, choices and freedom!

When we don't have 50% of sewer workers as women, and don't have 50% of nurses as men we must take drastic measures to achieve equality!

Scott Morrison has cucked to Globalism. He's in favour of authoritarian climate deals, doing whatever the UN wants re: massively growing our population, and puts international virtue signalling ahead of National interests.

And these people are supposed to be our right leaning conservatives.

It'll be 100 times worse under Labor.

A new coalition of Nationalist, Australia-first parties must be voted to power.

Continuing to vote for LibLab is going to ruin this country.

In November Gavin McInnes comes to Australia for a speaking tour.

Feral Leftists are already advertising their plans to show up and assault those attending.

Screaming into people's ears with megaphones IS assault.

Assaulting people / using violence for political purposes is the TEXTBOOK definition of terrorism.

The media and the establishment cover for these Leftist terrorist groups and downplay their violence.

The Australian People must defend their right to have ideas the Left doesn't agree with. Our media and establishment aren't going to help us.

Politically, culturally, and now on the streets. The citizen pushback against government forced and propagandised mass migration to Western countries has well and truly begun.

For reasons I explain in the video I'll be a little inconsistent with uploading content for the next week or so.

Cheers m8s!

The cultural zeitgeist has shifted.
The silent majority is waking up.
The loud and deluded Marxist Minority are loosing control of the narrative and are getting more and more desperate and aggressive in their quest for Open Borders.

Title says it all on this one.

Talk tomorrow cobbers!

According to a survey by a queer website, only around 3% of straight people will date trans people.

And of those, ONLY half are exempt from being labelled bigoted transphobes.

The other half WOULD date trans people but only BASED on their birth gender, not their "chosen" gender.... How problematic!

I wonder why? Maybe because people like to reproduce?

The Leftist Outrage Mob will NEVER be satisfied.

If you cave into it and no-platform Blair Cottrell, then they'll come for the next most extreme Right Wing personality. Then the next. Then the next.

All this does is shift the window of acceptable discourse until one day people like Andrew Bolt are considered Far Right Extremists who need to be shut down.

Regular conservatives take note. As far as the Leftist Outrage Mob is concerned, you are Nazis too.

The people in America being beat up by Antifa aren't "Far Right", they are regular middle class conservatives. Voting for family values and nationalism means you deserve to be beat up and shut up, according to the massive Leftist Outrage Mob.

The Leftist Outrage Mob doesn't see the political spectrum as Left --- Conservative --- Far Right Nazis...

They see the world as LEFT VERSUS NAZIS.

Therefore if you're not on the Left, you're a Nazi.

This WILL effect you. The Left want ALL conservatives gone. And they'll do it by starting at the extreme right and working to the middle. After someone is no-platformed the next person standing becomes the Far Right and so on.

So all you regular conservatives out there, pay attention because they're working their way towards you too.

So you'd better grow a spine and start defending the right of people like Blair to speak - or you'll very quickly be next.

If Australia is a democracy, why then wasn't mass immigration and Multiculturalism up for discussion and voting?

The debate has been corrupted by calling anyone who doesn't toe the line "racist".

It's also been corrupted by allowing many people (especially Triple J listening useful idiot young people) Ro conflate the issue of mass immigration with refugees. These aren't refugees!

Finally the lie of Multiculturalism. If we want to be a Nation of Western Values, then you cannot be Multicultural. How can we say the culture of FJM, oppression of women, sharia courts, have no place in Australia when we are to embrace ALL cultures as equal?

If we are multicultural then we must allow religious police, child marriage and other barbaric "cultural" practices.

In a democracy, to have western ideals you must have VOTERS who want western ideals. If you have millions of people who DON'T believe in western values, and if your subjectivist education teaches people that all cultures are relative and therefore equal, then you will no longer have a Nation of Western values.

We're running out of time to have this discussion. Our government and our media REALLY do not want us to have this discussion. Which means it is IMPERATIVE that we do.

Use the last of your free speech before it's made illegal, I implore you. It's only going to get tougher from here.

The only way to have a productive social discourse on immigration and stopping #BigAustralia, is to take race out of it.

Currently people feel they cannot criticise the government's immigration policy without risking being called racist. This has significantly stifled the debate.

Trump managed to convince all but the most far left liberals that criticism of mass migration isn't a racial issue. He proved this with his "Blacks/Latinos/Asians For Trump" contingents. Australian Conservatives must do something similar here.

It's a PR issue.

I also discuss getting the Environmentalists onboard. The Right Wing and Environmentalism are destined to come together.

Freedom of speech is under attack.

Twitter FB etc must be regulated as utilities for the sake of western civilisation. They are too powerful to be so extremely politically biased. They have the power to influence democratic outcomes away from the organic will of the people.

Any other ideas of what to do?


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