Yugoslavian Woman Issues a Warning - All Americans Need To Hear

WHO is little more than a Chicom tool.

More and more good doctors are coming forward.

See if you can notice a difference in attitude.

Why? Just simply continue to ask why. The reason will become obvious.

American Doctors Address COVID19 Misinformation (aka fraud, crimes against humanity, murder etc) PT2

American Doctors Address COVID-19 Misinformation (aka fraud, crimes against humanity, murder etc) PT1

We are at war. All those in #LawEnforcement heed my warning. If you continue to protect the work of the leftists, your #Blue shirts will turn brown, and you’ll soon become the henchmen for the communists.

Porn is a weapon. Porn Hub is a traffickers, abusers and sociopaths paradise. Rest assured, if you are consuming porn you are not only encouraging horrific abuse, you are damaging your ability to have a normal relationship, you are crippling your potential to have a loving family, and you ARE ABSOLUTELY part of the pedophilia and trafficking problem. Stop it. Pray for forgiveness and get in the fight to expose and eradicate this evil.

The globalists must be understood and stopped.

Someone knows how to get to the point. Well done. BLM is a communist dumpster fire. Period.

Think doctors can't be corrupt? Think doctors always tell the truth? Think doctors can't be straight up evil manipulators? Wake the F up.
Blindly following "Science" has become an idol of worship to many, to everyone's peril.

Hilarious Indian Dad - Take a minute and laugh along, its good for the soul

The reality of SRA. This must end. This must be exposed and those involved dispatched with utmost resolve. Pure evil.

Those who know can not sleep

The Deadliest Virus In The World - Communism

Portland Police Officer Jackson Speaks Out against Racism/Marxist radicalism

Linkin park - time to fight back

CDC playing games with numbers, cut out of the loop

BLM is largely a marxist white liberal movement.

Taking back America - We must be intentional and fearless

God bless the Truth tellers. Together we stand.

Mask science and proof they are wildly unhealthy for constant, everyday, non-clinical use.

Do not comply with tyranny. It is time for civil disobedience. These marxists will not stop until they are stopped.

Cultural marxists at it again.These cowards are not only mentally unstable but violent and destructive. Ironically, young, brainwashed, white liberals seem to be the majority of the BLM problem at this point.


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