Since you now have to scan your 'green' code everywhere you go, they are floating the idea of replacing people's phone with an implant to make it easier for them, so they won't have to worry about their phones getting lost or not working.

When it was announced last week that China was easing up on lockdowns, what was not mentioned so much was that they had become totally unsustainable and had resulted in mass civil unrest and violence against sanitary police.

Tabletop exercise from 2021 predicted monkeypox pandemic that would start on May 15, 2022.

So they are telling us now up to 22 people have confirmed or suspected monkeypox in Montreal and this supposedly started with gay people getting it on in Europe and apparently they also went all over the world and started getting it on with more gay people and now there are monkeypox outbreaks all over the western world, suddenly within 2 weeks, which has never happened before, but it's nothing to worry about.

A professional hypnotist describes how he brings people into a suggestible and obedient state, and it starts to sound eerily familiar, doesn't it?
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If this can happen in China and our government controlled media is silent about it, . who is to say it couldn't happen here? If our governments aren't against it, they are sanctioning it and we could be next. Watch out this fall.
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mirrored from my youtube channel

People are locked in and are running out of food and becoming desperate.

Yuval Noah Harari describes the plan to hack all humans and says that this will give the rulers tools no dictatorship has had in the past.

Ugghhhh I am so fed up with censorship on Youtube! They take everything down, but their guidelines say it's ok to do DRUGS in a music video*. So I did a whole music video about doing drugs. They would probably take it down on Youtube anyway.

*Disclaimer: no drugs were consumed during the making of this video!

With programmable digital currency, you will have limits on what you can spend your money on. They are already working out the details, such as how much gas and clothing you can buy.
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Training neo-nazis in eastern Europe, it's like the new Operatio Cyclone.

During the protests on Feb 18, the Ottawa police trampled a man and a Mohawk grandmother called Candy who uses a walker. Both victims survived the attack.

GiveSendGo has been hacked by what appear to be leftists who love the government. These are highly unusual hackers.

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Update on the convoy.
I tried to upload this video on youtube but it wouldn't play, but you can see it here. Thanks for subbing.

Face masks to keep you clean and free of germs. Yay! :)

Mirrored from Games n Roses on yt. Horacio Arruda, director of public health of Quebec had said if there was 'bullshit' going on, he would quit. He recently did quit. Probably because there is a lot of bullshit going on.
"Le jour où je sentirais que c'est de la bull shit je tirerai ma révérence."
"Je perdrai pas ma crédibilité pour ça..."
"The day I feel that it's bullshit, I will pull out. I won't lose my credibility over this.'

Dr Christian Peronne donne ses opinions au Parlement de Luxembourg


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