I will be posting a series of human beings who have their critical thinking intact and share insightful comments regarding the current control paradigms being instituted globally by the predator class. Approach those who are wearing masks and watching mainstream news and seem totally lost and asleep - approach them with love and compassion to penetrate the cognitive dissonance and fear they are experiencing. together we will rise, unite with humility, compassion and love into our humanity. -thetruthferry

Marcela Piper Terry brings you Factual information via Vaxxed regarding an insurance billing company employee turned whistleblower. This woman felt so compelled to reach out to someone she began sending redacted records to Marcela. Please, please do your own research and find your own truth. We have all the power to create a better world together by being compassionate, creative, loving, collaborative, and supportive of eachother. with peace and love - thetruthferry

Another wonderful compassionate human being with critical thinking intact who is sharing his thoughts about the mask. Please do your own research on this topic OUTSIDE of main stream media (owned and controlled propoganda coming from the predator class) and form your own opinions. Please approach everyone, mask or no mask, as a brother or sister and with humanity, compassion and love. Do not let them divide us! with peace, love, intelligence and compassion -thetruthferry

If you are not aware of Agenda 21, you should be. There is a reason the global organization logos have the world map inside a target. We live on that world... and humanity is in the crosshairs. Please do your own research and find your own truth OUTSIDE of mainstream media which is owned and controlled propoganda coming directly from the predator class designed to de-sensitize, hypnotize, paralyze YOU and lull you into compliance and submission. Break your chains. Use your creativity, humanity, compassion and love when addressing fellow humans. with peace and love -thetruthferry

Politics aside, President Trump is doing important work to protect the children of this world. Melania Trump welcomes the task force that has been set up to protect Native American Children from pedophile and abuser predators in the Indian Health Services. with peace and love - thetruthferry

CIA (brought to you by Bush, Sr.) MK-Ultra Mind Control program tortures children and fractures their personalities in order to create slave children for the sex trafficking industry. This is dark stuff - but it exists in this world and how much longer will we allow this to go on? We must do something to help these children. Please do not turn away, but instead, educate yourself, do your own research, join the movement to help these most innocent and vulnerable members of our society. with peace and love -thetruthferry

Dr. Seth Gerlach has accounts on Instagram and can also here:

Are we being tortured? Excellent critical thinking and analysis on the subject brought to you by Polly St. George. Are we being alienated from our own bodies by these control paradigms we are being subjected to? Are we being subjected to the "three D's" of no-touch torture - Dependency, Debility and Dread? Discussion of Sam Vaknin, PhD's article The Body as Torture Chamber from the journal: Recovering the Self, a Journal of Hope and Healing (link below). Sam Vaknin is an expert on sociopaths and narcissists and since that is who we are dealing with from our governmental organizations, we all truly need to brush up on how these personalities work and how we are being manipulated. Here is Sam Vaknin's channel on Youtube where you can learn more:
Link to article:
Polly's website:

Does hope spring eternal? I just read an article that makes me question this organization, see the very bottom of the description box for link. In any case, I do have hope: The International Tribunal for Natural Justice and Chief Counsel Robert David Steele (ex CIA, and co-founder Marine Corps Intelligence Activity) discusses the worldwide child trafficking rings, the elite, government, and military involvement, and what we the people can do to make a change. Bless this commission and all its members. Please sign the treaty at: and learn more by watching all of their videos on their youtube channel at: Unite with peace, love, compassion for humanity, and use your creativity to collaborate with others to envision and create a better future for all of us. with peace and love -thetruthfairy


Sasha Stone as part of the UN General Assembly Event:

This video discusses water fluoridation, it's origins, its purpose, its health effects. Please do your own research and find your own truth. with peace and love -thetruthfairy

The Predator Class - sociopaths at the top (aka I%, secret societies) - they use what is known as Hegeliian Dialectic in order to create problems in society which cause reactions, which they can then provide solutions for - solutions that fit their agenda. They also take over any left-wing radical organizations and finance them, also to control their activities and message. Please do your own research and find your own truth. Treat your fellow humans, whether sleeping or awake to these truths - with compassion and humanity. with peace and love -thetruthferry

I have thought often that we can live longer, live free, do absolutely whatever we want merely by creating a new future in our mind and then walking into it. If there were ever a time to give this a try... the time is NOW people. Be the AUTHOR ity. Write, Envision and CREATE your TRUTH, then walk into it and live it everyday. with peace and love -thetruthferry

A group of American medical doctors in Washington D.C. speaking about alternate functioning therapies for Covid19. Please do your own research and find your own truth -thetruthfairy

It may surprise you to realize that the programming that lies within children's cartoons, big h0llyw00d movies is actually PREDICT1VE PR0GRAMMING... that is one of the commonly used methods to bring in the agenda of the predator class. We also have the power to do this, but WE need to create the content that COUNTERACTS their agenda! That's right, WE are the AUTHORITY! Visualize, Write, Author, CREATE a better future! Make art, books, music, films that spread love, happiness, compassion, humanity. with peace love and humility -thetruthferry

Ramola D has done her in-depth research to reveal documents from various global health organizations reveal that we are currently experiencing a "live exercise" in Global Health Preparedness, and that future viral releases are in the pipeline coming from the predator class. 194 countries worldwide have signed onto this plan. Please watch, share, learn... as always, stay strong, bring light into the darkness with peace and love - thetruthfairy

Aaron Russo - Hollywood insider (Trading Places, The Rose, America Freedom to Fascism) and ex-friend of Nelson Rockefeller discusses the plan to RFID Chip everyone to create a cashless society to silence protesters and achieve total control of the world population under a one world government aka "The New World Order". Please awaken to this without fear - others are also learning these truths. Band together, awaken friends and family gently with compassion and love. We hold the power. Use your creativity and visualize a better future - collaborate, create, discuss with other awakened friends. We CAN do this! with peace and love - thetruthferry

Valuetainment presents: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has spent his life studying the vaccine industry and works as an activist to insure safety trials and regulations are implemented with transparency and correct science - so that any end product is truly safe for wide use in the population. Alan Dershowitz, Constitutional Lawyer, agreed to debate on this topic. Watch and learn as it is an informative look at how the vaccine industry works. share this video with compassion and understanding and spread the truth. - with peace and love - thetruthferry

Dr. Rima E. Laibow, M.D. gives a chilling talk at the NANP Conference 2005 on Codex Alimentarius' FAO WHO Food Standards. This topic I had never even heard of but when I did it blew my mind. The lengths the sociopaths at the top will go to to cull the herd boggle the mind. World Trade Organization Epidemiological projections state that just the vitamin and mineral guidelines alone will result in a MINIMUM of 3 billion deaths from "diseases" of starvation and under-nutrition. For more information: She has a website currently at: Please do your own research and find your own truth. with peace and love - thetruthferry

5G and S.M.A.R.T. (Secret Militarized Armaments in Residential Technology) is being rolled out without safety studies or sufficient regulation - and the local governments are being hogtied by legislation stating that if they question the technology rollout, they can be sued by the wireless companies. This is low-level microwave radiation that is extremely harmful to our DNA and to our health and fertility. Dr. Barrie Trower who studied microwave weaponry for his entire career is interviewed along with activist Mark Steele, a Weapons System Head of Display expert. Please do your own research and find your own truth, this is crucial for all of us to understand and move into action to protect ourselves and future generations. with peace and love - thetruthferry

Please research "Cognitive Dissonance" before watching this film, as it may prevent you from allowing this information to penetrate the veil that has been placed over your mind. This video looks behind the curtain of one of the biggest psychological operations, false flag events, and theft of taxpayer monies and human lives perpetrated on the global population prior to the current "Covid19" Plandemic. Please stop watching mainstream media paid liars, manipulators and programmers. You will find the truth in your gut and feel it in your heart on alternative news and on decentralized blockchain platforms like bitchute. You will have to use your gut, take time to view a lot of material, and use your critical thinking skills to find the truth. best wishes to you all. with compassion, peace and love - thetruthferry

This video goes behind the scenes of Nestle's involvement in the bottled water industry. And they own nearly EVERY bottled water brand! Buy a ceramic filter and drink tap water, people... The rabbit hole goes much deeper than this if you follow where they source their water from, and how much they pay for it, but for this short clip - it's all about the former CEO of Nestle revealing what big business thinks about access to water as a human right. Be kind to others who are not yet awake to these truths. with love and compassion -thetruthferry

You might think GMO foods are harmless, but you could be sorely mistaken... please do your own due diligence and research. This video will tell you the truth behind genetic modification of our food supply. Be awake. be informed. Collaborate, create cooperate and we will have a better future together. with compassion, humility and love -thetruthferry

R.I.P. Michael Murphy.... Geoengineering threatens the global population, the fertility of soil worldwide, the biosphere and all animal life. The scientists behind it are complete sociopaths. Please do your own research on this topic, you will be surprised to learn that we have been sprayed covertly and overtly (weather modification) for years and there are no regulations, no agencies in charge of keeping tabs on this practice. Aluminum is extremely toxic to the human body and to soil microbes, and one of the main ingredients in these spraying operations is nanoparticulate aluminum. Both we and the earth are being slowly poisoned and there is no mask or filter that can filter out nanoparticles. The elite have their own organic seedbank in the permafrost in Norway (research it). I have many friends who do deep research on this topic and they opened my eyes to this reality. Please do your own research (outside of mainstream media sources) and find your own truth. with peace and love -thetruthferry

This beautiful woman gives me hope for the future. Her critical thinking is intact and she shares important thoughts about shedding virus, herd immunity, puts the whole story together in an easy-to-understand short video. You can find her on IG @elliegreymusic

Analysis of the process in play behind the sanctioned version of current events projected out by the tell-a-vision programmers of mainstream (lamestream) media. You can find Max Igan here:


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