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This is a short video that's appeared on the eve of John Kennedy Jrs' big reveal, or so we've been told, slated for September 6, 2022.

Here is an exposé of the next challenge: removing the 5G bioweapons from your city!

Royal families around the world are full of transgender people. Here's a short clip of some of them.

Short video showing that the wall on the southern border of the US appears to be a tuning fork at 432 Hertz (harmonic with the Schumann Resonance).

On Sunday, May 22, 2022, the Schumann Resonance is through the roof. We were promised this week that there would be a big attempt to take the Earth to 5D. This could be it.

This was a webinar recorded on May 4, 2022 giving an update on the Great Awakening Underway and also what we can expect very soon as part of GESARA.

This was a video apparently recorded in Germany showing starships "etching" out this message to mankind. We're in the final countdown. This was posted last last week (May 13).

This is an example of how they've been able to look ahead into the future, although I can't talk to the veracity of this clip. But if true, a fascinating look into this technology.

This video shows that certain brands of bottled water are not safe; they're poison.

As a television director with over 45 years professional, it was obvious to me right off the bat that this video was a fake. (I also knew he'd had a little bit of a mishap with a firing squad)

This is green screen and if you look closely, you can see the fuzziness around the edges of his head. It also appears to be CGI (computer animation) because his head seems to float in his collar (a bit like one of those bubble head dogs in back window of a 70s car). And then there's the problem of sound. Anyone on a lectern microphone is going to have room noise in the background. Here there's nothing. Wouldn't he at least have an audience. Well, that sound isn't there, either, and it's not like you can strip it out after the fact.

Fake, fake, fake. You're watching a movie.

Deborah Birx has been removed from the face of the nation (if you catch my drift) along with that fiend, Fauci. He's been exterminated, not sure about her. But this video of her looks very strange. As a television director for over 45 years, it's obvious to me that this is either CGI or a mask. It looks more like CGI to me.

She's lots about 20 years in age, her neck is now about twice as long as in other pics of her, and what are those apparent ham hocks on her cheeks? You can also notice something weird going on with her neck where it looks like the head meets the torso. That's what looks like CGI rather than a mask.

Here's a CGI (deep fake) of Kevin McCarthy spouting lies about what's going on in Ukraine and Poland. Maria is also look a bit weird around here hairline.

Hunter Biden's nefarious activities are finally coming out into the main stream media. They are way more horrendous than what's come out so far. We'll see how far the exposé goes ...

As Hunter Biden's laptop hits the main stream media, the spin ramps up. Jonathon Turley helps set the record straight.

This is a great little video that gave me goose bumps while watching it. Nothing can strop what is coming!

So much of our food is poisoned. Here's what's in Oreo cookies.

This is a clip from the satanist funeral of Lady Bird Johnson, the wife of President Lyndon B. Johnson (36th president of the USA).

It is said that he commissioned the assassination of JFK and that he really sparked the Vietnam War.

Pay attention to the hand signals of the "funeral attendants," the hand is formed in the devil's salute, in homage to Satan.

Here's an exposé in 10 minutes of the "blue marble," which is NASA's idea of that the world looks like. However, the images are photoshopped; they're not real at all. The Earth is actually flat — just another lie that you've been told since you were born.

Here's a video of Hillary Clinton on Meet the Press on April 3, 2022. You can look at the lower neck to see the CGI line where the head meets the body.

Queen Romana, at a stop along the route of her convoy, accepted a gift from Putin, a great friend of Canada and the freedom movement. (March26, 2022

A short summary of the revolution with a description of the strategy used to win our freedom.

Steve Pieczenik explains that the 2020 US election was an elaborate sting operation. All was know ahead of time. All legal ballots were watermarked.

Riccardo Bocci from AustraliaOne explains very succinctly exactly what is going on in Ukraine.

A short video on the truth behind the Syrian gas attack that happened shortly after President Trump as elected.


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An analysis of the scene that played out inside the capitol building on January 6, 2021. Originally from Wooz News.