There are only two photos of Epstein being taken from his jail cell to the hospital on August 10th - and both those photos are fake. Now we know there is no DNA evidence to prove an autopsy was ever done on his body. In other words we don't know what happened to Jeffery Epstein, and the most plausible explanation is that he was secreted out of his jail cell and is at large.

Inmates at MCC wore blue jumpers, not orange! Epstein, the alleged cadaver being evacuated from MCC was wearing an orange jumper! The photos of Epstein being taken out of MCC are fake. So what really happened to Jeffrey Epstein and why is his 'story' back in the news..? I, and many others, think Epstein is still alive. This video doesn't re-hash all the information about Epstein's disappearance. It reveals more information that will convince you that Epstein isn't dead...

In April of 2018 reports began circulating that there was a horrific video showing Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin torturing a little girl. Video clips of the alleged video and screencaps have appeared. This video was allegedly found on Anthony Weiner's laptop. The NYPD and the FBI have access to this laptop. Ten NYPD officers have committed 'suicide' this year in connection with the information on this laptop. Does the video exist, and will this video be released..?

Donald Trump is too connected to Epstein, to other child pornographers and child traffickers. Anyone who can't see that he's implicated in this child sex trafficking scandal is deceiving themselves.

In this video I cover all the allegations and connections between Trump, Epstein, and NXVIM. This video leaves no doubt that Trump’s inner circle is involved in sex trafficking. And it is impossible to believe that Trump, given his relationship to these people, is not a pedophile himself.

The jewish media has 'disappeared' Gislaine Maxwell and other pedophiles in legal jeopardy in this unfolding scandal. With all their resources, no jewish media site has been able to locate Maxwell. At least one of the recent news stories about Maxwell, that she was spotted at an LA burger joint, was faked. Are they incompetent, or are they aiding in Maxwell's efforts to avoid prosecution..?

Every once in awhile a jew tells the Truth. Not because they have cultivated a conscience, or they are sorry for their massive crimes. They can't resist gloating over the troubles they have caused Western Civilization...

Rattlesnakes don’t commit suicide. Neither do billionaire pedophile jews with mossad connections. Jeffery Epstein is not dead. He certainly didn’t hang himself by kneeling on the floor! And as for the rumors that the Clintons had Epstein murdered in his cell, Epstein could sooner have them killed.

In this video I dissect the official story. There are only two photographs purporting to show Epstein being taken from jail to the hospital – and one of them is fake. There is no video, none. There were no guards present and Epstein’s cellmate had been inexplicably transferred out. In other words, no witnesses.

The jews who control our media and financial system simply cannot allow this trial. If Epstein had appeared in court to face charges, he’d have brought down the Clintons and Trump. Epstein has been ‘disappeared’ and we’re supposed to think he’s dead…

This video was uploaded to an obscure server And posted to Gab as a meme by Michael Winner. Here's a link to the thread on Gab where this vidoe was first uploaded: Also note, the Fox Jews anchorwoman says 'Horizon' that is another Wal Mart in El Paso area.

Jean Carroll is clearly a member of the jewish crime syndicate, and her role is clear: Obfuscate, look like a ditz, and distract us from the real child sex scandals embroiling the country.


Trump Rape Accuser Photographed with Lisa Bloom at Democrat Event in 2006

Anderson Cooper Cuts CNN Interview After Trump Accuser Calls Rape “Sexy”

FRAUD GETS CAUGHT! Crackpot Trump Accuser’s Story Likely Stolen from Law and Order Episode of Rape Fantasy in Bergdorf Dressing Room (VIDEO)

Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll claimed she was raped in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room & said yesterday most women think of rape as a fantasy! Here’s a clip from Law & Order of a rape fantasy in the dressing room of THE SAME STORE!

BREAKING: E. Jean Carroll Offered People $17,000 To Have Sex With Trump With Their Eyes Closed In 2012

JANE DOE, proceeding under a pseudonym, Plaintiff, v. DONALD J. TRUMP and JEFFREY E. EPSTEIN

Why The New Child Rape Case Filed Against Donald Trump Should Not Be Ignored

Iran ceased all monetary trade in US dollars nearly four years ago. This includes their trade in oil. Iran is the world’s fourth largest oil exporter, half of their oil goes to China and India.

Iran’s refusal to trade oil in US dollars has finally put an end to the “petrodollar monopoly”.

Here is the my Essay, Why the Zionists Want War With Iran

Sited News Articles:

Iran Eliminates US Dollar in Foreign Trade: Official

Oil Rich Venezuela Stops Accepting Dollars

Japanese refiners halt Iran oil imports as waiver expiry looms

U.S. Won’t Renew Sanction Exemptions For Countries Buying Iran’s Oil

Japan’s Abe warns of armed conflict amid soaring U.S.-Iran tension

Video Shows Iranian Forces Removing Unexploded Mine From Tanker in Gulf of Oman: US Military

‘Flying Objects’ Damaged Japanese Tanker During Attack in Gulf of Oman

Japan demands more proof from U.S. that Iran attacked tankers

EU warns against blaming Iran for oil tanker attacks

Mossad intelligence helped link Iran to UAE tanker sabotage — report

U.S. Central Command Statement on June 13 Limpet Mine Attack in the Gulf of Oman

Secretary of State visit to USCENTCOM

Iran Shoots Down U.S. Spy Drone It Says Was In Its Airspace

U.S. Central Command Statement: Iranians shoot down U.S. drone

Downed US drone turned off ‘all identifying equipment’ in violation of intl rules, Tehran says

Iran says downed US drone recovered in its territorial waters

If you think Trump is a populist, or a patriot, you have been deceived. He is a tool of the jews. This video reveals his connections to the jewish crime syndicate.

I don't know who made this video. Hat's off to you, whoever you are. Jewtube has taken down two uploads of this video - for good reason. Vidme followed suit today. So I've uploaded it to BitChute. Let's hope they have some balls, and some integrity. This video is embedded in an essay on my website, The Truth Times dot net.


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