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Nancy “Squirt Bottle” Pelosi-


Make California Mexico Again-

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It’s A Ticking Timebomb

Democrat congress woman from Florida needs to shut her fat mouth!!!! Nobody gives a shit what you have to say!!!! Go back to your double wide and fry something!! She wants republicans to stop making fun of Democrats In Congress!!! She says it’s against the law, listen here slightly better looking version of Maxine Waters stool,
Free speech is not your right to take away!! take your circus to another country, we’re all stocked up on clowns over here

There are rumors Michelle Obama is a man. But this video proved Barack might just like women after all. Michael or Michelle is gonna be pissed.

Democrats need to be shipped to the nearest deserted island where they can live in perfect harmony with their Bullshit ideas and insane thoughts

This is a parody, it’s not real and it’s all In fun. Read from an actual letter written and sent in to The United Spot. Have a great day. Youtube is awesome

Ever wonder what it would be like to see Democratic Family life? Well now you can. Make sure to pee before you watch this video.

Fake tears, fake cry, fake detention center. #AOC has outdone herself by doing a photoshoot at a parking lot with her fake crying and camera crew ready to take her bullshit lies and make them pictures!!! I am sick of this lying bartender!!!

One searching for reparations, one searching for free shit, one searching for weed and the other searching for legal pedophilia, what could go wrong?

Democrats at full speed


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