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documentary made in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021 the day of the so called "Capitol Riots", "insurrection"

Let us each take a moment of silence to remember what our forefathers had to go through on that beach in Normandy, France 77 years ago today. June 6 1944.

John's Odysee channel.

Actually as I’m half asleep in this video I said the election is in the middle of the week they shut me down....actuality right at the beginning of the week that’s today....shit!!


Weird shit happening

Rambling again..if Jesus wasn’t what he said he was who are you to question it? What if He was in authority to tell you what words would get your spirit to ascend and not just the exacting truth of reality? Proverb 3:5-6 trust in th3 Lord with all your heart and lean not unto thine own understanding , acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will make your path straight”.. why would Gos say that.? “You will do greater works than I” why would Jesus say that? “ Your faith has healed you” why would he say that?

The rest

All of it.


screen rip from a livestream we did on Sept. 25 2019

a screen rip from the livestream we did on August 28 2019

screen capture of a livestream we did on sept 11 2019 Donald Marshall in the live chat answering some questions.

retro blocked video from a livestream don back in october of 2019


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This Channel is to help Donald Marshall expose cloning, the parasitic takeover of human beings by genetic means and by electronic means...the use of the "class yearbook" as a catalogue where they choose children then pirate a sample of medical DNA of these children and then make cloned copies of them for games and torturous mayhem down in the deep underground military basses (this effects the lives of the original donor in terrible ways)...also to inform about the alien presence underground as confirmed by Phil Schnieder who gave his life for the truth to be told. The logo photo is a depiction of one of a routine torture scenario that occurs in the arena in these cloning centers... the audience members surround a subject hanging by a harness and cable, mock wings are attached on the person, and their wrists are chained to the ground..someone with a bow and arrow in the distance shoots arrows into their chest while the audience derives a twisted sexual pleasure from the pain being inflicted on the subject....yes they did do this to me, and probably many others as well.