I was pretty close and this hog caught my scent. It then made the "warning sound" and cleared the sounder out of the feeder. I could hear the sound being made a few times, I was unable to get a good shot so I let them go for next time.

The new ATN LT 160 Thermal Scope is awesome.

First night with the new thermal scope

i gave it try...............once the pigs see another pig caught in a trap they won't go in...

One shot, make it count

Working on pigs over by the "Big Farm"

Another one goes down

I take down three hogs, the hard way.

A great hunt.

The feeder at the library has been closed during the winter. Time to open it.

Just watch it

I had to shoot through the trees to get this boar.


This feeder location was a good one.

I've been hunting this pig for a long time. She's big, mean, smart, fast and very tough. If you are new to pig hunting, this will help when you need to follow a blood trail. Also, look for pig trails and pig rubs (on trees) in the video. Hard to find but they are great indicators for hog hunting.

Three of my first hog kills, they were good ones...

I caught this sow and her piglets out in a flooded field.

I ambushed these two boars within 5 minutes of each other. The first kill shot was muffled by the mud so the second boar did not know I was coming.

I called this sow the "Scout Pig" because when this sounder would show up at the feeder she would run around looking for me and giving what I call "the warning" grunt.

I missed getting everything on camera, it happened very fast. This is a very brutal video, I'm not kidding

I put this feeder in a new location at the "Cove". The time and date of the pictures are shown at the bottom of the picture. You can see how I use the feeder to get the pigs coming in and staying.

My continued pursuit of three wild hogs...

It's not easy getting these hogs in the heat of Texas. But a cold beer after a long day, you could not ask for anything better.

I watched this hog run after I shot it, I knew it would not get very far.

With the lake level down I can ride on the shore and get to places that are very hard to hike into.


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