Who Cares

Lightning was rolling so I had to grab my gear and leave. That's when the hogs rolled in.............

Going down

After a devastating miss

The little ones are harder to shoot.


Tough weekend for the pigs in Texas

Bad weather in Texas

They are going down no matter what time it is.

A couple of pigs go down.

And another one from the "library"

At two different feeders

"They can't be all winners now can they" Willie T Stokes, Bad Santa

Some recent boars.

Another twofer, although not planned.

Three more

I've been after Brutus for two years

I was pretty close and this hog caught my scent. It then made the "warning sound" and cleared the sounder out of the feeder. I could hear the sound being made a few times, I was unable to get a good shot so I let them go for next time.

The new ATN LT 160 Thermal Scope is awesome.

First night with the new thermal scope

i gave it try...............once the pigs see another pig caught in a trap they won't go in...

One shot, make it count

Working on pigs over by the "Big Farm"

Another one goes down


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