A Colorado cop is under investigation for the forceful arrest of a 73-year-old woman with dementia after she walked out of a store without paying for cheap items and even returned them when asked.
The woman was arrested for attempting to steal $13 worth of merchandise from Walmart last June.
Body camera footage shows that Officer Austin Hopp forced Karen Garner to the ground before Hopp and Officer Daria Jalali held her against a police car.
Garner — who weighs 80 pounds — suffered a fractured arm and dislocated shoulder, and was left with bruises and scrapes, according to a lawsuit she filed against the department. Garner has dementia and sensory aphasia, the lawsuit states.
Walmart employees called the cops to report that Garner tried to walk out of the store without paying for a T-shirt, a soda, a candy bar and wipes, according to the article. [288]


They formed a substitute entity, a foreign commercial corporation, named it after us, and started doing business “in our names”—- impersonating us and illegally accessing our assets and credit— starting in 1868.
And in 1871, they began this same process of impersonation “for” the District of Columbia— by creating the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation.


False positives and the Drosten PCR Test. The widely-praised German model of the Angela Merkel regime to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic is now engulfed in a series of potentially devastating scandals going to the very heart of the testing and medical advice being used to declare draconian economic shutdowns and next, de facto mandatory vaccinations.

The scandals involve “professor” Dr. Christian Drosten at the heart of Merkel’s corona advisory group. The implications go far beyond German borders to the very WHO itself and their global recommendations.

Dr. Drosten will now likely face court charges for holding a fraudulent doctoral title. Charges have been filed on November 28, 2020.


Maybe they should've stayed in the basement. Joe Biden, career politician, is propped up for the Presidential Debate, with strings attached! The radical left and Chinese Communist Party have their hooks into this Manchurian puppet. And the only way they're going to survive the election is to make it look like Biden has!
Will they make it through Sleepy Joe's cognitive decline? Or will America and Freedom persist in the face of the radical left, and new world order?
A political ad from No To Joe PAC released the night of the final presidential debate, two weeks from the 2020 US Presidential election. (240)

After a three month bender on crack and hookers, Hunter Biden wakes up in Washington D.C. (which is weird because he fell asleep in Beijing)...
He realizes that his laptop is missing and begins a quest to find it. Money's been tight since daddy's no longer in the White House, but if he can just find his laptop, daddy might be President and ready to put the family on easy street once again.
This song is a parody of "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" by John Fogerty. This is also a fictional story about how the Hunter Biden laptop went missing in the first place.

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What would be the answer to the following quiz: "Today the disease X is the biggest infectious killer. Bacteria cause it and it most often affects the lungs. Disease X is spread through the air when people cough or sneeze. A person needs to inhale only a few germs to become infected. What is X?" Most probably, nine out of ten people will say today that it is the coronavirus disease. However, it is not. It is … tuberculosis. And it is indeed the biggest killer even today.
As of September 7, more than 890,000 people have died from coronavirus related illnesses. According to some estimates, the total death toll from that disease this year perhaps would reach 1.4 million, or 17.9 people per 100,000 populations, which is a big number. But let's have a look at other reasons on which people die these days.

A Christmas Hit from Charlie Cheswick, presented to the Sovereign People of the World.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden once described himself as a “gaffe machine” and we have to agree.
Here’s a hilarious collection of epic awkward moments throughout his career in politics. From several out-of-place jokes to some seriously unfortunate incidents, former Vice-President Biden's goofiness is either considered charming or alarming by the US electorate.
Ironically, in 2008 Mr Biden said that Hillary Clinton is “more qualified than I am to be Vice-President of the United States of America.”
Maybe it helps that the then-President Barack Obama reacted to most of his gaffes with bemusement.
However, could some of these embarrassing moments make his race for the White House against incumbent President Donald Trump more difficult?

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France has passed a decree outlawing the far-right Grey Wolves, but Turkey has said no such organisation exists.
A move by the French government to outlaw the Grey Wolves, a Turkish far-right organisation, has provoked both anger and confusion in Turkey.
The decision came after a memorial to the Armenian genocide was defaced near the city of Lyon last week. The words "Grey Wolves" and the initials of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

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Amar Singh Azad, a 71-year-old doctor in north India, has not worn a face mask since March, when a surge in coronavirus cases led to a national lockdown.
While the World Health Organization (WHO) now recommends the use of masks in public as a measure to curb the spread of Covid-19, Azad is doubtful this will have any effect.
India has recorded some 7.6 million infections – making it the world’s second-worst hit nation behind the United States – but, also, high recovery rates.
The doctor specialised in community medicine and studies epidemics in Patiala, Punjab, treating about 70 clients daily. He now practices chiefly naturopathy and believes the pandemic will run its natural course like any other virus; that we should rely on immunity to beat it.

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Fascism not in our book, it's in yours, Turkish President Erdogan tells Dutch politician Wilders over insulting caricatures as he renews his call for his French counterpart Macron to undergo mental checks.
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has hit back at Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders over an insulting cartoon he shared.

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During the Cold War, the U.S. Stationed B-61 nuclear bombs in Turkey, among other NATO countries. Formally, the U.S. controlled the weapons during peacetime, but the host countries’ forces trained and equipped planes so they could drop the bombs with U.S. support in the case of war. The idea was to deter Soviet ground forces and reassure U.S. allies by making clear that the U.S. would be willing to risk nuclear war to block a Soviet invasion of a country hosting the bombs.

Two decades ago, the Turkish Air Force stopped equipping its planes to drop B-61s. Now the bombs at Incirlik could only be used if U.S. pilots first flew nuclear-weapon-capable planes there to load them up. The bombs were left in Turkey even after a 2016 coup attempt raised serious concerns about their safety. After that event, the U.S. Defense and Energy departments began planning how to remove them – but didn’t actually bring them back to the U.S.

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Turkey's decision to test the S-400 is another defiant step that is likely to reignite tensions between it and its NATO allies.
Reports, following the appearance of videos on social media, suggest that Turkey has begun live-fire testing of its controversial Russian-made S-400 surface-to-air missile system. Doing so risks provoking the wrath of traditional allies, especially the United States, which has threatened new sanctions in the past if Turkish authorities were to take this step.

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“I wanted to go to Libya and I registered my name, but the brigade leadership told me that deployments there have stopped, and that I can go to Azerbaijan.
The salary was US$1,500 per month – $500 less than was paid to mercenaries fighting in Libya, but still a massive sum in Syria, where the value of the local currency has plummeted due to the war and crippling US sanctions.“ Khaled told us.

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The Battle of Lepanto took place on 7 October 1571 when a fleet of the Holy League, a coalition of southern European Catholic maritime states, decisively defeated the main fleet of the Ottoman Empire in five hours of fighting on the northern edge of the Gulf of Corinth, off western Greece.
The Ottoman forces sailing westwards from their naval station in Lepanto met the Holy League forces, which had come from Messina, Sicily, where they had previously gathered. The victory of the Holy League prevented the Ottoman Empire expanding further along the European side of the Mediterranean.
Lepanto was the last major naval battle in the Mediterranean fought entirely between galleys and has been assigned great symbolic importance by Catholic and other historians. Some historians argue that Turkish victory could have led to Western Europe being overrun.

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I noticed that many people tend to side with the Armenians because ot their history and genocide.
Don't make this mistake and side with the wrong party. Armenia is not the country in the early 1900s anymore.
Armenia like Azerbajan, in 1922, became constituent republics of the Soviet Union and were former enemies of the west.
A parade where priests march with the military is not a good thing. Don't fall for the propaganda from both sides.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), parents should avoid putting cloth masks on children under the age of two—and the reason for this is not simply because young children seem to be at lower risk of contracting COVID-19. On the contrary, the CDC's recommendation is rooted in the fact that masks can actually prove extremely dangerous for children in such an early stage of life.

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On August 24, 2020, in honor of the 949th anniversary of the 1071 Battle of Manzikert, (today Malazgirt, Turkey), the Turkish Ministry of Communication released a music video titled the "Red Apple March."
Seeking to present the modern Turkish military as the heir to the armies of Turkish states stretching back 1,000 years, including the Ottoman empire and the Seljuks, the clip cuts between images of the Turkish military, including special forces, tanks, fighter jets, attack helicopters, rockets, naval vessels, and images of men in Ottoman and Seljuk military garb.
One section of the video features footage of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan walking past a row of soldiers, cut with footage of an actor portraying an Ottoman sultan doing the same.

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Gov. Ron DeSantis suggested Tuesday that the Republican-dominated Legislature could consider a controversial proposal aimed at cracking down on disorderly protests when lawmakers return to Tallahassee in November for an organization session, as Democrats declared war on what they decried as a racially motivated election-year ploy.

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Markets, bars and restaurants are crowded again. Local virus transmissions are near zero. But some worry that people are letting their guard down too soon.
In Shanghai, restaurants and bars in many neighborhoods are teeming with crowds. In Beijing, thousands of students are heading back to campus for the fall semester. In Wuhan, where the coronavirus emerged eight months ago, water parks and night markets are packed elbow to elbow, buzzing like before.

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Turkish cologne is high in alcohol, which gives it the power to destroy 80 percent of germs, including the deadly coronavirus. We trace its 150-year-old history, originating from the Ottoman Empire.
As Covid-19 pandemic infection rate reaches almost two million people worldwide, various forms of hand-sanitisers have become popular with handwashing one of the most potent measures to keep the virus at bay. Among them is Turkish cologne

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The only good white is a person who submits, denies his whiteness and apologizes for his 'White Privilege'. Also part of being a good white is allying with BLM

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What does Ashura celebrate?
Actually, it’s not a celebration. The day marks the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the son of Ali. Ali was Muhammad’s cousin, son-in-law and, after Muhammad’s death, his caliph. But Shia Muslims believe Muhammad designated Ali as his rightful immediate successor, while Sunnis accept him as the fourth caliph, after several of Muhammad’s companions.
That’s the root of the major sectarian split in Islam: Sunnis believe the community should just pick the best man for the job, while Shias believe leadership of the Muslim world should pass through the Prophet Muhammad’s bloodline.
After Ali was killed, Shias believe that his son Hussein was the rightful leader of the Muslim community because of his matrilineal descent from Muhammad. In 680 A.D., Hussein and his supporters refused to submit to the oppressive rule of the Umayyad caliph, Yazid. As Hussein and his family attempted to leave Mecca, Yazid’s forces clashed with Hussein's caravan at Karbala, in present-day Iraq. The bloody battle at Karbala ended with Hussein martyred and then beheaded.
That scene – the suffering and sacrifice of the figure Shias see as Muhammad’s true heir – has been formative to Shia identity and theology.

Testing positive for Covid in New Zealand means your family can be taken from your home under guard, held in compulsory quarantine, and separated from your children. It is happening right now.
Could this come to Democrat states in America?


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