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Uploaded by Archibald Baron YouTube channel on 18 March 2019 with the caption The TRUTH is OUT and comment "approx 5.30pm Sydney talkback radio 2GB 873am Hosted by Ben Fordham".
Neo-Nazi Andrew Wilson, responsible for former Senator Fraser Anning's media, trolling a radio station in the days following the neo-Nazi Christchurch terrorist attack.
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Video uploaded to neo-Nazi Andrew Wilson's now deleted andrew4council Facebook Page during his campaign for Mosman Park Council in Perth, Western Australia

Fascist Morgan Munro from The Unshackled harasses the African Music and Cultural Festival in Federation Square in December 2018 with neo-Nazi and convicted racist Neil Erikson


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Welcome to the White Rose Society

In a time of ascendant fascism the members of the White Rose Society came together in a loose coalition to combat Nazism.

And so our coalition of antifascists, here and now, take their name to renew the fight; sadly necessary once more.

We come from across the left and together we have worked quietly in the background, producing intelligence and feeding it to other outlets. But, the time has come, where the threat is so great and the speed of working through third parties so slow, that we now prepare to speak directly to our comrades.

In coming posts we will share with you some of the information we have gathered. Only that which we have complete surety about will be published, rest assured though, we have much much more in development than we will post at any one time.

While the combined reach of the White Rose Society is broad, we are not omnipresent and we will ask you, our antifascist comrades, to help up us with research on particular individuals and groups.