An instructional video on how to alter a standard pattern and add a contrast or decorative edging to the neck, sleeve and pocket edges to medical scrubs. This is a great way to use up small amounts of lovely fabrics or to make otherwise plain scrubs more decorative for community situations like care homes, GP surgeries and private medical facilities.

Full start to finish making process of custom made hand sewn lined curtains with unusually short buckram headed double pinch pleats. Made in the most beautiful cotton silk effect mustard colour velvet fabric and cotton sateen linings.

See the full process including me discussing the fabric itself and the direction of the velvet pile, potential faults in the piece of fabric, the cutting process, machining the widths, hand sewing the linings in place including adding weights and inserting the buckram right through to making the double French pleats.

đź•‘ TIMESTAMPS đź•‘

00:11 - Unboxing the velvet
03:11 - Fabric fault discovery
05:25 - Pile direction
07:02 - Cutting the velvet
08:18 - Machine joining the velvet widths
08:52 - Pressing the velvet seams open
09:15 - Measuring and pinning the double hem & adding lead penny weights
09:44 - Turning side hem, mitred corner and adding weight and hand sewing mitre
10:56 - Hand herringbone stitching double velvet hem
12:15 - Measuring and cutting linings
12:47 - Machine seaming & hemming lining widths
14:02 - Pressing lining hems & seams
14:25 - Turning velvet side hems & locking in linings
15:00 - Adding bar tacks to hem
15:08 - Turning & slip stitching lining side hems
16:45 - Adding buckram to heading
17:18 - Slip stitching heading closed
18:34 - Calculating pleat spacings and pinning out on heading
18:54 - Machine stitching pleats
19:29 - Folding double pinch pleats
19:40 - Stitching bottom of pinch pleats
21:04 - Close up of finished double pinch pleats
21:19 - Finished curtains hung in situ

#CurtainMakingTutorial #HowToMakeCurtains #HowToSewVelvet

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Here I show how I sew velvet and other pile fabrics for curtains and drapery. Practice this method to create beautifully flat seams with no puckering or gather so that your velvet curtains hang flat. This method is one I developed over many years of running a professional curtain making workroom and requires no pins or tacking first. Just take the velvet to your machine and sew. Velvet, corduroy and other napped fabrics can be very tricky to work with as the pile causes seams to creep making sewing a real challenge. this method utilises an industrial sewing machine but may be possible to replicate on a well fixed domestic machine.

đź•‘ TIMESTAMPS đź•‘

00:10 - Comparing methods, the velvet pile, how velvet creeps when sewn, handling, time saving & domestic v industrial sewing machines
02:52 - Sewing velvet at the machine
04:21 - Test seam
04:48 - Method to sew velvet without puckering or creep demonstration
08:08 - Impromptu bobbin refill
09:45 - Sewing a full velvet seam end to end
11:01 - Pressing the seam
12:41 - Showing the full seam on the right side
13:33 - completed double pinch pleat curtains

#CurtainMakingTutorial #HowToMakeCurtains #HowToSewVelvet

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Full start to finish film of how to make a pair of huge five width hand finished lined and interlined full length curtains with stuffed and capped cartridge pleat heading. Includes cutting, joining, pressing, inserting linings, hand sewing, measuring, pleating, stuffing and folding. The first part of the video has no music so records the many sounds of fabric being cut, sewn, moved, ironed and well as me foot stepping a million times round the worktable. Faster sections have a music background.
This a long video as the curtains are huge so there's a handy index below to help you locate specific sections if you so wish.

đź•‘ TIMESTAMPS đź•‘

00:08 Unpacking fabric
00:30 Measuring & cutting face fabric
01:35 Trimming selvedges & cutting interlining
02:50 Measuring & cutting lining
03:19 Machine joining & hemming linings
07:38 Machine joining interlinings
10:29 Pattern matching face fabric
13:15 Pressing face fabric seams open
16:20 Laying up and locking in the interlining
18:30 Turning & mitering the hems
23:48 Herringbone stitching the hems in place
26:50 Laying up, locking in & daisychain stitching the lining
29:20 Turning & hand sewing the side hems
30:45 Continuing herringboning face hem & locking in lining
33:58 Turning other side hem & hand sewing
34:35 Measuring drop & adding buckram to heading
35:44 Hand sewing lining to heading
38:55 Turning curtain over and pressing buckram heading
39:08 Calculating & pinning the pleat spacings
39:35 Machine sewing pleats
40:19 Opening out pleats & checking finished width
40:30 Stuffing cartridge pleats with interlining & fabric cap
41:10 Marking and adding pin hooks
41:25 Folding curtain
41:35 Finished cartridge pleats

#CurtainMakingTutorial #HowToMakeCurtains #DraperyMakingTutorial

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Try this easier way to insert pin hooks in curtain and drapery headings without the aid of a pinner. A better way to save your fingers from all that pain.

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Start to finish build of my home garden wooden cabin workroom for my custom curtain and furnishing making business. Also includes garden makeover and the three crazy hounds; Ted, Daisy and Balou.

Timelapse from start to finish of making a huge 8 width Wave headed blackout lined curtain including cutting, joining, hand sewing, adding the tape, counting millions of tape pockets, adding the curtain hooks and folding!

Hyperlapse video making beautiful James Hare yellow silk into interlined and lined inverted pleat headed curtains with a feature self piped and padded leading edge border.
These curtains were featured on display at Kevin Mccleod's Grand Designs Live show on the fabulously talented Oliver Thomas's maximalist room set. The pic at the end shows them in situ with another pair of curtains we made.

Time lapse video showing the making of a scatter cushion using Swaffer fabric with plain Ian Mankin velvet on the back and withTroynorth bobble trim around the edges and mitred and set it flat braid on the back.


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