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Diego Antolini (The X-Plan Group) interviews Crystal Skulls Explorer Joshua Shapiro on the origins, power, and meaning of these controversial artifacts, linking them to Extraterrestrial activity, and with a glimpse into the fascinating forgotten civilization of the Great Tartaria.
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Diego Antolini (The X-Plan Group) and Shuomo Chatterjeel (Stealing From The Future Channel) discuss about the 2022 cover of The Economist. Its symbols, its implications, and what is to be expected to happen.
This video has been banned by YouTube immediately after its release.

This is the final message, not much for the present generation, whose sacrifice will lay the foundation of a new humanity, but for future generations on Earth.
This is the time of understanding.
This is the time to awaken.

Every year we check, that vertically cut piece of stone is always there, immovable, since the year we discovered it in 2017.
As for its use and meaning, the mystery remains.

Crossing the Little Men's Pass, and entering the Silent Valley (named after the incredible absence of sounds in that area,) reality appears to overlap with a more subtle perception. What the eye sees is different than what can be perceived while there. The presence of giant crystal quartz and ferrous material has a big part in this phenomenon. In that area, halfway to the mountain top, nothing is as it seems...

Amidst the Valmalenco pastures, a rocky mound reveals an astounding discovery. Here the investigation takes a sudden turn, and it's only the beginning...

Day #2 - Hiking to The Little Men Pass and a glimpse to "The Witch Valley", one of the darkest and least known valley of the Valmalenco area. On the list for a future investigation...

The X-Plan Group is back in Valmalenco for the fifth year with new places to explore, more to understand, and even more questions to answer.
Day #1 ends on top of the "Spundascia" Mountain, where a large entrance of a cave was spotted.

The X-Plan Group is back in Valmalenco for the fifth year with new places to explore, more to understand, and even more questions to answer.
Day #1 continues with hiking off trail on the "Spundascia" Mountain, looking for a way to the top

The X-Plan Group is back in Valmalenco for the fifth year with new places to explore, more to understand, and even more questions to answer.
Day #1 starts from the place where the tracks were found, back in 2018...

The X-Plan Group is in Valmalenco for the fifth year following multiple trails in what seems to be the most prominent example of Exointegration. From environment modification to footprints on stone, to the elusive winged creatures and the dimensional rip there is so much yet to understand and accept...

Stay Tuned...

"These injections can kill you...And if they don't kill you, they change you...[The] Human Being has short memory, and because time is going fast...The question remains, why this evil agenda to depopulate the world?"
In Panphobia #8, Diego Antolini speaks of the totalitarian regime attempted by the Big Pharma and Big Tech multinationals to control the world population via medical terror.
A plan that has failed in the way they had conceived it, but that nonetheless will have tremendous consequences for millions.

Dr. V answers to the following questions, and reveals more disturbing findings from his laboratory analysis of the poisons contained inside the injections.
1. How much can these mRNA/DNA artificial instructions injected into the human body change humans?
2. In which way or ways the change may occur?
3. Is this genetic experimentation just a money machine for the Pharma companies or there is more?
4. The social implications of changing humans into transhumans...who owns the new genome?
5. Your discoveries about the content of these injections, can you update us about what you have found to date?
Full transcript coming soon

Sembra che all'ingresso di Agolla stava una creatura simile a un gigantesco serpente che viveva in una grotta. Era chiamato Maraone ed era così aggressivo da attaccare chiunque entrava o usciva dal villaggio. Abbiamo trovato altri toponimi nella zona che indicano come Maraone doveva essere qualcosa di più di una semplice leggenda e che la sua presenza era considerata seriamente dagli abitanti di Agolla.
Riguardo al destino di Maraone, pare che ad un certo punto sia semplicemente svanito, lasciando dietro di sè solo la grotta e i suoi misteri.

It seems that at the entrance of Agolla there was a huge serpent-like creature dwelling in a cave. It was called Maraone, and was so aggressive to attack every one coming out from or going into the village.
We found other toponyms in the area suggesting that Maraone was something more than a legend, and that its presence was felt heavily by the Agollans. As for Maraone's whereabouts, it appears that at some point in time it simply vanished, leaving behind only the cave and its mystery.

La cima del monte Cesito è probabilmente il luogo dove il mago invocò forze demoniache che potessero aiutarlo nella creazione del Libro delle Virtù. Solo ipotesi poichè non abbiamo trovato alcun segno chiaro di una presenza eccezione di strani graffi su una roccia...

Mount Cesito's Peak is the likely location where the Mage might have summoned demonic forces to aid him in the creation of the Book of Virtues. Only speculations, for we didn't find clear signs of evil presence...except those strange marks on a rock

Il Gruppo The X-Plan visita la grotta dove un potente mago avrebbe vissuto e creato il Libro delle Virtù, una fonte indistruttibile di malvagità ottenuta grazie ad un patto demoniaco.
Oggi la grotta è ricoperta di immagini sacre ed è chiamata la grotta di San Bernardo. La religione ha provato a cancellare il passato o semplicemente ad esorcizzare il luogo. Ma la leggenda del mago e del suo Libro è sopravvissuta nelle memorie degli abitanti di Agolla...

The X-Plan Group enters the cave where allegedly a powerful mage lived and created the Book of Virtues, an indestructible source of evil obtained thanks to a demonic pact.
The cave today is loaded with sacred images, and it is called Saint Bernard Cave. Religion tried to cancel the past, or simply exorcise the place. But the legend of the Mage and his Book lived on in the memories of Agolla villagers...

Il Gruppo The X-Plan esplora il Passo del Tribbio, un incrocio a tre direzioni che in tempi antichi era luogo di rituali magici e oscure invocazioni. La grotta del Mago è nelle vicinanze, all'inerno del bosco...

The X-Plan Group explores the Tribbio Pass, a 3-way crossroad which in ancient times was the place for magic rituals and obscure conjuring.
The Cave of the Mage lies nearby, deep in the woods...

The X-Plan Group is back to Marche region, in a deep, secluded valley enveloped in darkness. Agolla, an ancient village claimed neither from the popes nor from kings lies dormant and loaded with sacred images that seem to cover an obscure past, memories forgotten by many that speak of mages, a demonic book and reptilian creatures...
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Dr. V is a well renowned virologist with more than 30 years of experience.
He accepted to work with The X-Plan Group to unravel the deliberate lies concocted by modern medicine, especially the pharmaceutical companies and its minions, with regards to the nature of viruses and their relationship with human body.
Dr. V's life has been threatened several times for his statements. For this reason The X-Plan Group will protect his identity until the times where the truth is established, and brave scientists like Dr. V can come forward without risks.

For the full transcript of Dr.V's answers, visit:

Il Gruppo The X-Plan Group segue una leggenda di 500 anni fa su un drago o serpente che sembra fu ucciso nelle foreste intorno ad un piccolo villaggio dell'Italia centrale.
In quel territorio, voci silenziose sulla presenza di giganti...
L'indagine ha coperto un'area triangolare delimitata da tre luoghi, in cui il paese di Arcidosso rispecchia stranamente il trattato monumentale ARCIDOXA di Paracelso, sia nel nome che nei simboli.


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