Bigger update mostly focusing on rhymthic features. This video shows a few of the new presets: disconnect, coininit, rattlesSs, basis by cup, Drassin

What's new:
Triplet and dotted timings for patterns
Pattern length added (patterns longer than steps get wrapped)
Retrigger rate and window can now be changed
Clear can also include sliders
Pattern selector improvements
New presets rattlesSs, alarm techno two, For only, basis by cup, Drassin, rustvvvia, disconnect, mewtwo, coininit, polyi

Five synths coded in Pure Data vanilla and controlled via midi through a Novation Remote sl-mkii and Korg padkontrol

Another longer live electronic jam:

All synthesized and coded with puredata

Messing with Miguel Moreno's cymbal patch. Download it here:

Coded and synthesized in Pure Data

Remix of Eraser (Polite) by Nine Inch Nails off of the album Further Down the Spiral. Remix coded in Pure Data and everything besides the original track is synthesized.

Download mp3:

Original track:

Randomized "snare" patterns and modulation coded and synthesized with Pure Data

Big update to Fang Synth. This demonstrates the new features of the motion modulated synth with the presets DSLIME, Hethodic, viros, wobble, and Carnival that come with it.
New features:
Sequence can be changed from any page
Each step of a sequence can be triggered after the piano roll to allow for chord pads
Notes to the arpeggiator will wait for the next step instead of beginning timing at the first note on. Old behavior can be restored with the control named Independent time
Arpeggiator has the ability to randomize notes
Pitch can also be randomized under synth menu to allow for unison like effects
New oscillator type shapes from sine to square
New presets viros, DSLIME, Carnival, sn, further down, wobble, and Hethodic

Download Fang:

Drum synthesizers coded in puredata and controlled via midi through a Korg padkontrol

Trying some newer stuff, different hand swipes and holding bass drum notes. All programmed in Pure Data and synthesized in real-time. Controlled through midi via Korg padKontrol. Feel free to use video/audio for whatever

Remix made in Pure Data controlled by midi through a Novation Remote sl-mkii. Heavy use of generative and glitch elements

Download mp3:

Small update to the puredata and libgdx powered drum machine for Android. Added a few new parameters and presets. These are crushed hornet, 807, grid grime, and Dinon

Download Dragon:

Demo (saving and recording disabled:)

Formant filters, generative melodies and other things in this pd patch. All synthesized in vanilla

Algorithmic interactive visuals controlled by touch and accelerometer I'm finishing up called Munagi: Cloud

Coded with libgdx

Pure Data controlled by mouse and probability. Everything synthesized, no samples. Download 320 mp3:

Jamming with drum synthesizers I programmed in Pure Data. All one shots, no loops

Coded in puredata. Quick jam of a dnb-ish rhythm. All synthesized, all one shots.

More pd drums:

Built a pd patch with a bunch of synths and some effects routing, and triggered the synths on the padkontrol without using any loops or samples.

Another puredata controlled midi jam, threeheat:

Playing some home made drum synthesizers in Pure Data with the Korg padkontrol

Fang synth, the motion modulated Pure Data powered synth, is now available. Here is a presentation of a few presets. Download:

Audio synthesized in puredata vanilla. Unaltered performance:
Video edit I:

Audio synthesized in puredata vanilla. Everything triggered, no loops. Unaltered performance:
Video edit II:

Making music from scratch using the libpd powered android app Dragon Drum Machine. All synthesized drums.
Download the patch at

Download Dragon:
Free (audio record and preset saving disabled) :

Paid (2 USD or equivalent):

Playing the preset Mjolnir on the upcoming motion modulated android synth Fang. Coming in the next week or so.

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