Small update to the puredata and libgdx powered drum machine for Android. Added a few new parameters and presets. These are crushed hornet, 807, grid grime, and Dinon

Download Dragon:

Demo (saving and recording disabled:)

Formant filters, generative melodies and other things in this pd patch. All synthesized in vanilla

Algorithmic interactive visuals controlled by touch and accelerometer I'm finishing up called Munagi: Cloud

Coded with libgdx

Pure Data controlled by mouse and probability. Everything synthesized, no samples. Download 320 mp3:

Jamming with drum synthesizers I programmed in Pure Data. All one shots, no loops

Coded in puredata. Quick jam of a dnb-ish rhythm. All synthesized, all one shots.

More pd drums:

Built a pd patch with a bunch of synths and some effects routing, and triggered the synths on the padkontrol without using any loops or samples.

Another puredata controlled midi jam, threeheat:

Playing some home made drum synthesizers in Pure Data with the Korg padkontrol

Fang synth, the motion modulated Pure Data powered synth, is now available. Here is a presentation of a few presets. Download:

Audio synthesized in puredata vanilla. Unaltered performance:
Video edit I:

Audio synthesized in puredata vanilla. Everything triggered, no loops. Unaltered performance:
Video edit II:

Making music from scratch using the libpd powered android app Dragon Drum Machine. All synthesized drums.
Download the patch at

Download Dragon:
Free (audio record and preset saving disabled) :

Paid (2 USD or equivalent):

Playing the preset Mjolnir on the upcoming motion modulated android synth Fang. Coming in the next week or so.

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