Flat earth is the key to understand our physical, mental, educational, scientific, financial and spiritual enslavement.

Mainstream Media often proclaim that Flat Earthers are just stupid or uneducated and holding onto the unproven antiquated beliefs. But in reality many flat earthers are well educated and hold advanced degrees in formal education. They're Engineers, PhDs, Pilots, Military professionals, Surveyors, Professors & Teachers.

Surprisingly every Flat Earther knows more about the heliocentric model than a typical Globe or Ball earther. Hence for beginners to understand the Flat Earth reality, they must know what's the official heliocentric model is, and how ridiculous it is when put to a logical test. Taboo Conspiracy explain this in detail.

Experts in optics and weather have concluded that "the atmosphere really does act like a lens." What type of lens? A convex lens. What does a convex lens do? It magnifies.

This experiment show how cities or boats can be obscured at a distance due to magnification and refraction of the light over a large body of water.

Obviously, the more moisture that is in the air, the larger the potential magnification would be. Likewise, when there is less moisture in the atmosphere, you would observe the less obscuration, Sun and Moon get smaller as they set.

A brilliant and frightening compilation video that serves as a reminder of the lies, hypocrisy and brainwashing that came from health officials, politcal figures and MSM alike during the last three years of the COVID-1984 plandemic.

Apollo 11 astronauts faked a distant view of the Earth by darkening the cabin and placing a crescent insert in the window

(6:54) The fakery exposed


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Truth is only found when you question what you was told to believe. Shattering the holographic illusion of reality.