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Is she a fraud or what? Elizabeth Warren claimed Native-American ancestry & turned out to be a fraud. Is Ocasio-Cortez doing the same using some sketchy Jewish ancestry tall tale?

WATCH! The European Union (EU) deploying armored vehicles to fight protesters against globalist Macron in France. (The EU flag coming up at 0:12)

Next, anti-globalist Italy 50,000 strong rally in support of Prime Minister Salvini.

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CNN anchor Don Lemon says white men “the biggest terrorist threat” for America. White CNN colleague Cuomo looking humiliated.

Time to start podcasting proper. So there it is, "Episode 1" of an actual podcast meant for our listening audience :) Expect great guests and definitely expect controversial, third rail type of segments that you won't hear on mainstream media!

So let's get started! You can listen or you can read the gist of it below, it's entirely up to you!

A lot of us complain about how nasty are Twitter and Facebook. I'm one of them.

We know about "activist" judges. We know about the activist mainstream "fake news" media.

Enter the activist businesses" such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter. Microsoft probably not too different, except they aren't too involved with the social media arena and their colors have been showing too much.

What these activist businesses are doing is bad for freedom of speech, it's bad for America, it's bad for us, but it's also bad for them and bad for business. These companies (Facebook and Twitter are only two big players but we can list here Apple, Google, PayPal, GoDaddy and a host of other anti-liberty players) believe they are "too big to fail" and they can afford to treat conservatives like the enemy.

They deplatformed Alex Jones. He was too extreme, they said. Hm? Really? Did he go out and club people on the head? Antifa did but Antifa is still on Social Media. Did he try to break into someone's home while their wife was home alone like Antifa did with Carlson Tucker? No, but Antifa did and Antifa is still on social media, right?

So who's "extreme now"?

But Alex Jones used "hate speech", they say...

Hate speech? As defined by who? I think it's hate speech when Louis Farrakhan calls the Jews "termites". But he's still on social media, right?

I can give so many other examples...

Did they stop with Alex Jones? Nope. They only started with him (Milo was deplatformed even before him).

Then they came for Laura Loomer. She had over 265,000 followers on Twitter. She #Loomered the whos-who of all the familiar SWAMP creatures fake news ..

‪MSNBC’s Gadi Schwartz just exposed the false sob story caravan narrative, including MSNBC itself: “From we’ve seen the majority are actually men!” Poor guy might even get fired for it!

Source: Arizona Customs & Border Patrol, 11/26/18

An ICE agent is assaulted by the son of an illegal immigrant who was arrested in North Carolina.

Several other rowdy protesters were also arrested after they disobeyed local law enforcement and detained a DHS van containing the illegal immigrant.

Source: Kyle Morris

More caravan invaders breach through the wall on Mexico’s side, gather by the border on the US side.

BORDER PENETRATION: Caravan invaders attempting to penetrate the border and enter into the US.

With few exceptions, the mainstream media in the US suppressed the report of the November 9/18 terrorist attack in Melbourne, Australia.

A Somali immigrant inspired by ISIS crashed a car full of gas cylinders before stabbing three people in a terror attack. He has been identified as Hassan Khalif Shire Ali.

Sisto Malaspina, aged 74, was one of the three victims of the Somali jihadist. He was killed when the perpetrator stabbed him above his collar bone. Eyewitnesses said it appeared Malaspina was walking over to the car after it burst into flames to offer assistance, when he was stabbed.

Stop and think for a minute! This elderly man who was a co-owner of a nearby coffee shop, walked up to the car that had just burst into flames, thinking this was an accident, and tired to offer assistance! Out comes the Somali jihadist and stabs him above his collar bone, killing him!!

A total monster!

The other two stabbing victims have survived.

The video shows the confrontation with the police and how they take the jihadi down.

Finally, an Australian citizen loses it after a mainstream media reporter doesn’t report the incident as an Islamic terrorist attack!

You can’t make this stuff up, folks! Political correctness is literary costing the lives of innocent people in counties considered until recently “the free world”, and the media is covering it up.

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The Muslims DO NOT ALLOW non-Muslims in their events!

This is happening today (Sat. Nov 24) at the Minneapolis Convention Center. You will NOT be allowed in an event like this if you don’t LOOK Muslim!

I tired to get in and a guard stopped me at the door, telling me this is only for Muslims! He only let me when I shot back at him “How do you know I’m not a Muslim?”

No-go zones; NO-GO conventions....

Yes, I can see how much these people have intention on being transparent and to integrate.

These are supposed to be the “new Americans”? Not!

Once again Somali teens are causing a situation at a restaurant, this time at McDonald's in Eden Prairie, MN. Somalis are known for their arrogance and for wanting free food and refusing to pay.

Watch Tom Lyden insult citizens while on the job, covering the GOP midterms election night gathering.

This is the same guy who broke into someone’s car few years back, stole personal property in pursuit of a “story”, and was charged with motor vehicle tampering, theft, and temporary theft, which are misdemeanors that carry a maximum penalty of a $700 fine and 90 days in jail.

The Minnesota chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists disputed Lyden's claim that the action was justified as "agressive newsgathering," and said he acted unethically.

"Professional journalists cannot and will not condone these types of actions in pursuit of this story," the state chapter said in a press release.

Lyden is the same hack today as he always was. His managers are the same hacks, too. They didn’t do anything back then when he broke into someone’s car. They won’t do anything now either.

That’s the state of today’s fourth estate. And they wonder why we despise them and call them fake news media. Tom Lyden and his management are the perfect example!

The cultural conditioning is in full gear in Germany.

Minneapolis Police Union president Lt. Bob Kroll and other law enforcement officers held a press conference in St. Paul on Friday, November 2nd. They discussed Keith Ellison's radical past and his support of cop killers and other criminals.

The Minneapolis Police Union continued their support and endorsement of Doug Wardlow for Minnesota Attorney General, to Make Minnesota Fair and Safe!

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UNCOVERED: A Jihadi Imam From Egypt Is Behind Keith Ellison's Campaign!

Keith Ellison openly admits he owes the Somalis his 12 years in US Congress. Now he is running to them for help to crown him Attorney General of Minnesota. This video puts the pieces together.

Waleed Al-Meneese, the Jihadi imam from Egypt who leads the mosque in Bloomington openly teaches Sharia and openly supports Keith Ellison and Ilhan Omar. This 8-minute video is a MUST SEE for all Minnesota voters regardless of party affiliation. This is about national security not about political preferences!

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Trevor Loudon speaks in Minnesota about the infiltration of the American political system by globalists, Communists and Muslims united in a single agenda - moving American towards a one-party system controlled by enemies of the US Constitution.

Jim Newberger Explains The Amy Klobuchar-Obamacare Disaster

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MN Rep. Jim Newberger exposes fully Democrat Amy Klobuchar and her anti-Israel stance. She is a disgrace to Minnesota and must be replaced!

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Jim Newberger (@NewbergerJim): I will vote to lower your taxes. Klobuchar is a do-nothing senator!

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Jim's website:

Jim Newberger gives us the cure for our increasing problems with refugee resettlement in 1 minute. Something Amy Klobuchar hasn't been able to give us in years.

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Jim Newberger: Amy Klobuchar Wants To Saddle Us With $32 TRILLION of debt!

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As per his own admission, Keith Ellison credits the Somalis in his district for his career in US Congress. If that's the case, who does Keith Ellison represented in Congress and who is Keith Ellison beholden to?


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